Workington Town v Keighley Cougars – Live Match Blog

FULL TIME – Workington Town 25-18 Keighley Cougars.

80 min – Jamie Thackray attempts to go over in the corner but is forced into touch by a mass of green shirts.

80 min – Penalty to Town following a ball steal by Jode Sheriffe.

80 min – Sneaky move in the scrum by Scott Law to steal the ball goes unnoticed by the official.

79 min – Scrum to the Town as Scott Law loses the ball following a challenge by Peter Lupton.

79 min – Scrum to the Cougars as Mr. T Crashley rules that Craig Moss didn’t get advantage from the free play.

78 min – Some quick and nimble play by the Cougars as they try to get back in with a chance of winning.

77 min – COUGARS CONVERSION – Scott Leatherbarrow adds the extras with ease. Town 25-18 Cougars.

77 min – COUGARS TRY – Buster is over under the sticks for Cougars but the referee rules he is held out but the touch judge awards it. Town 25-16 Cougars.

77 min – Danny Jones is lucky to escape another forward pass decision. The Cougars need any points they can get now for a bonus point.

75 min – Penalty to Workington as Andy Shickell is penalised for being offside from the scrum.

75 min – Keighley blow a chance to get back into the game following a forward pass by Danny Jones.

Yorkshire Times Man of the Match – Oliver Pursglove

74 min – A Cougars scrum following a knock on by Jamie Thackray.

73 min – Shaun Briscoe collects a Leatherbarrow kick fantastically well before racing the ball back.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (10/10) – Sean Kelly leaves the field to be replaced by Scott Law.

72 min – COUGARS CONVERSION – Excellent conversion by Scott Leatherbarrow shaves the inside off the post before going through the sticks. Town 25-12 Cougars.

71 min – COUGARS TRY – A long ball out the centre by Craig Moss finds it’s way to Gavin Duffy who crosses in the corner. Town 25-10 Cougars.

71 min – Slightly baffled, Gavin Duffy attempts to copy Shaun Briscoe’s attempt before the referee pulls play back for a Cougars scrum.

70 min – Play is halted yet again as Danny Jones is forced to retake the restart.

70 min – TOWN CONVERSION – Brett Carter adds the extras with ease. Town 25-6 Cougars.

68 min – TOWN TRY – Shaun Briscoe tries his hand at football, kicking the ball over the line through three Cougars defenders to touch down. Town 23-6 Cougars.

68 min – Play is halted again by the official as Jamie Thackray and Danny Jones remain down following a tackle.

68 min – Town now on the Cougars line again with the defence tiring.

67 min – Jarrad Stack breaks down the wing before Mark Calderwood is caught by the chasing back Gavin Duffy.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (9/10) – Sean Hesketh is back to replace Scott Law.

66 min – Graeme Mattinson’s cheeky chip comes off the referee and sees the Cougars escape… Just.

66 min – Town held out a metre short off the line.

65 min – Play is halted with Jason Mossop and Oliver Pursglove both treated with blood injuries.

64 min – TOWN DROP GOAL – Peter Lupton opts to take the one pointer. Stepho would be proud! Town 19-6 Cougars.

62 min – Goal line dropout by the Cougars to Town after Scott Leatherbarrow opts to kick into touch with the ball spilling all over the place.

61 min – Ironic jeers fill the ground as the referee is sent tumbling by the backstepping Oliver Pursglove.

61 min – An error by Scott Leatherbarrow presents Town with the ball once again.

60 min – A very good kick by Scott Leatherbarrow sees Andy Shickell and Danny Jones both unlucky not to touch down due to some excellent goal line defence by Shaun Briscoe.

59 min – Jamie Thackray is penalised for pinning down Andy Shickell. Scott Leatherbarrow opts to kick to touch.

58 min – Oliver Pursglove is now sporting number 26 due to a blood injury.

58 min – The clock is stopped due to a blood injury to Callum Phillips. Jamie Thackray is complaining to the official off a special elbow facial by Andy Shickell.

58 min – Peter Lupton opts to kick to touch with Town being held out just short by the Cougars before a knock on by Jamie Thackray.

57 min – A high tackle by Brendon Rawlins leaves Jarrad Stack out flat on his back.

56 min – The Cougars are held out on the Town line before Gavin Duffy proves unlucky not to touch down a Scott Leatherbarrow kick into goal.

21:09 – For those interested in events at Wembley Stadium, Kenny Miller has just put Scotland 2-1 up against England.

55 min – A knock on by Daniel Rooney presents the Cougars with a scrum.

54 min – Brett Carter collects well from a Scott Leatherbarrow kick.

53 min – Bomb in the air by Peter Lupton is well collected by Craig Moss.

53 min – Andy Shickell is lucky to escape unpunished following a high shot on Daniel Rooney.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (8/10) – Jode Sheriffe replaces Sean Hesketh.

51 min – The Cougars are struggling to handle Brett Phillips this evening here at Derwent Park.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (7/10) – Matthew Bailey departs to be replaced by Andy Shickell.

21:03 – An attendance of 607 is inside Derwent Park this evening. Cougars still trail 18-6.

48 min – Tap on the twenty for the Cougars after Scott Leatherbarrow requests a change off ball. More problems caused by these Rhino balls it seems.

47 min – A miscommunication between Shaun Briscoe and Mark Calderwood nearly proves costly but Danny Jones is too slow and they get off the hook.

46 min – Gavin Duffy collects from a Peter Lupton kick with the Stand Off smashing the winger with a huge tackle.

45 min – A poor pass sees an error from Sean Kelly. Possession back in the hands off Workington.

45 min – Brett Phillips loses the ball to allow Sean Hesketh to collect the ball and hit on the counter.

44 min – TOWN CONVERSION – Brett Carter with a super touchline conversion to add the extras to his own try. Town 18-6 Cougars.

43 min – TOWN TRY – A lovely kick by Shaun Briscoe sees Brett Carter pick the ball up with ease to cross in the corner. Town 16-6 Cougars.

42 min – 40/20 by Peter Lupton presents the hosts with a scrum early on in the second half.

KICK OFF – The second half is underway here at Derwent Park. Cougars trail their hosts 12-6.

20:53 – Both sides return to the field here at Derwent Park ahead off the second half. Cougars trail Workington 12-6.

20:47 – Both James Haley and Danny Lawton have had to go to hospital. Danny has left the ground on the crutches.

HALF TIME – Workington Town 12-6 Keighley Cougars.

40 min – Wild pass by Shaun Briscoe to Mark Calderwood sees the hosts lose metres with Calderwood knocking on in the corner.

39 min – Scrum to Workington following a knock on by Scott Law.

39 min – Brett Phillips breaks through the Cougars line and offloads to Shaun Briscoe who knocks on when it seemed easier to score.

38 min – Penalty for Town after Sean Kelly is penalised for a high tackle.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (6/10) – Buster is back to take the place off the injured Danny Lawton.

37 min – TOWN CONVERSION – Brett Carter adds the extras. Town 12-6 Cougars.

36 min – TOWN TRY – Brett Phillips powers over to score for the hosts, taking three Cougars defenders with him. Town 10-6 Cougars.

34 min – Scrum to Town as Oliver Pursglove knocks on in an attempt to intercept a Declan Hulme pass.

33 min – The ball is beginning to prove a real problem in the wet conditions.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (5/10) – James Haley departs injured to be replaced by the returning Brendon Rawlins. Under 20’s Captain Sean Kelly is on in the place of Buster also.

32 min – TOWN CONVERSION – Brett Carter adds the extras for the hosts. Town 6-6 Cougars.

32 min – TOWN TRY – Shaun Briscoe finds a gap in the defensive line and crosses the line. Town 4-6 Cougars.

31 min – James Haley is down injured in back play.

30 min – Cougars do well to hold out Jason Mossop, now under extreme pressure on the line from the Town attack.

29 min – Clever grubber kick by Scott Leatherbarrow sees Shaun Briscoe collect the ball on the ground before Danny Jones is penalised for being offside. Town opt to kick to touch.

26 min – Shaun Briscoe is nearly caught out by a Leatherbarrow kick but he weaves his way round Matthew Bailey before Cougars are penalised for a high shot.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (3/10) – Matthew Bailey takes to the field to replace Brendon Rawlins.

25 min – Workington have some real pressure on the Cougars line, Mattinson leads the charge but a sloppy kick by Phillips is collected by Danny Lawton.

24 min – Cheeky little chip by Scott Leatherbarrow goes into touch as Gavin Duffy oh so nearly gets the ball to race into the corner.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (2/10) – Sean Hesketh takes to the field in place off Jode Sheriffe.

22 min – Huge kick by Danny Jones is nearly spilled by Mark Calderwood but the former Great Britain winger does well to keep hold off the ball.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (1/10) – Scott Law is on to replace the try scorer, Andy Shickell.

21 min – CONVERSION – Scott Leatherbarrow adds the extras. Town 0-6 Cougars.

20 min – COUGARS TRY – Andy Shickell powers over the line to score. Town 0-4 Cougars.

19 min – Brendon Rawlins is held up on the line.

19 min – Possession is regained by Oliver Pursglove before Scott Leatherbarrow wins a penalty.

18 min – Another handling error, this time by Danny Lawton gives Workington Town a scrum.

17 min – 40/20 by Scott Leatherbarrow. Scrum to the Cougars.

16 min – Craig Moss collects a big kick from Peter Lupton and is nearly trapped in goal by a pressurizing Town defence.

16 min – Lazy tackling by Jode Sheriffe allows Shaun Briscoe to break but the veteran full back is halted by James Feather and Oliver Pursglove.

15 min – Scrum to Town following a sloppy knock on by Craig Moss.

15 min – Scrum to the Cougars, Andy Shickell is hit hard by the Town defenders.

14 min – Mark Calderwood collects from a Danny Jones kick and is met by the welcoming committee of James Feather and Jode Sheriffe which forces a knock on from the experienced winger.

13 min – Kick on the last by Peter Lupton is collected by Gavin Duffy but the winger is trapped by the Town defence on the line.

12 min – Scrum to Workington as Oliver Pursglove knocks on in the tackle.

11 min – Chip over top by Callum Phillips sees a scramble in the goalmouth before Richie Barnett collects the ball and bundles into touch, the referee awards the Cougars a tap on the twenty.

10 min – Penalty to Workington after Buster is penalised for a challenge on Graeme Mattinson, Town opt to kick into touch.

10 min – Poor kick by Danny Jones is far too deep and presents Town with a scrum on their own twenty metre line.

9 min – Kick by Peter Lupton finds its way straight into the arms of Gavin Duffy with the winger cutting in field before being met by the on rushing Jamie Acton.

8 min – Cougars work their way into the Town half but Danny Jones kick on the last beats Richie Barnett and finds touch.

7 min – Penalty to the Cougars for interference in the tackle.

6 min – Cougars are tackling hard to keep Workington out on the line and forces an error from Graeme Mattinson.

6 min – Penalty to Town after Scott Leatherbarrow is penalised for being offside from the scrum.

5 min – Scrum to Town following a knock on in the tackle by Buster.

5 min – A poor kick by Callum Phillips under pressure from James Haley presents the Cougars with the ball.

4 min – A handling error by the Cougars sees Jamie Acton break but is halted by Danny Jones last gasp ankle tap.

4 min – Quick hands by Craig Moss and Danny Lawton sees the ball out wide but Gavin Duffy is trapped by the Town defenders.

3 min – Turnover on the last tackle, possession to Cougars thirty metres from the Town line.

2 min – Brett Carter survives a horrible bounce from a Scott Leatherbarrow kick and escapes the goalmouth.

1 min – Strong first set by Town with Peter Lupton opting to kick early.

KICK OFF – We’re underway here at Derwent Park, with the BBC Radio Cumbria commentator providing us with a laugh as he calls us Castleford.

19:59 – Workington Town enter the field here at Derwent Park.


19:52 – A torrential downpour has just arrived here in Cumbria, and with a strong wind to boot should make the kicking game very interesting.

19:49 – IMAGE – The view from the Press Box this evening here at Derwent Park.

Derwent Park









19:43 – We would like to take this time here at Keighley Cougars to wish all the luck in the world to those who are currently doing A walk for Estelle in aid of reverse rett on the Leeds-Liverpool Canal. Hope to bring you some good news from Derwent Park this evening!

19:37 – The referee this evening is Mr. T Crashley (Castleford)

19:28 – TEAM NEWS:

With the short amount of time between games, Paul March has made changes ahead off the game at Derwent Park. With Paul himself out with a dead leg, this sees a return to the side for Scott Leatherbarrow, with James Haley returning from a dislocated shoulder to take the place of Daley Williams in the other change in the backs. There is two changes in the pack with Josh Lynam and Joe Chandler dropping out for the returning pair of Oliver Pursglove and Ben Sagar.

1 – Craig Moss
2 – Gavin Duffy
30 – James Haley
4 – Danny Lawton
3 – Richie Barnett
6 – Danny Jones (c)
7 – Scott Leatherbarrow
8 – Andy Shickell
9 – James Feather
16 – Jode Sheriffe
11 – Oliver Pursglove
17 – Ben Sagar
12 – Brendon Rawlins

10 – Sean Hesketh
15 – Scott Law
24 – Matthew Bailey
27 – Sean Kelly

25 – Shaun Briscoe
1 – Brett Carter
3 – Jason Mossop
31 – Declan Hulme
5 – Mark Calderwood
13 – Peter Lupton
21 – Callum Phillips
14 – Kris Coward
9 – Graeme Mattinson
15 – Jamie Acton
11 – Brett Phillips
12 – Jarrad Stack
16 – Karl Olstrum

4 – Andy Morris
10 – Jamie Thackray
18 – Daniel Rooney
24 – Kayle Connor

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