Widnes Vikings 56-6 COUGARS – Live Match Blog

Widnes Vikings v Keighley Cougars Live Match Blog by Joshua Chapman (@Chapalar) in association with A1 Stairlifts.

FULL TIME – Widnes Vikings 56-6 Keighley Cougars.

80 min – Cougars win a scrum to end the game.

79 min – As Radio Leeds behind me have pointed out

79 min – Nearly time for full time. Massive pats on the back to the lads in red and green despite the scoreline!

77 min – Olly might have had man of the match, but what an effort by Jesse Sheriffe this evening. Outstanding effort from the young full back.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (10/10) – Judge replaced by Rhino in the Cougars final interchange this evening.

75 min – The Cougars have done no discredit to themselves this evening, the Vikings have just been far stronger.

VIKINGS INTERCHANGE (9/10) – Danny Galea replaced by Ben Kavanagh.

74 min – The game is dead now, has been since about the nineteenth minute though to be honest.



72 min – Break by the Vikings, situation is well defused by Daley Williams.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (9/10) – Charlie Ecc returns to end the return of Oliver Pursglove.

70 min – VIKINGS CONVERSION – Owens converts. Vikings 56-6 Cougars.

VIKINGS INTERCHANGE (8/10) – Leuluai returns to replace Willie Isa.

69 min – VIKINGS TRY – Tom Gilmore grabs himself a second of the evening following an Hanbury break. Vikings 54-6 Cougars.

68 min – Widnes have a scrum on there own ten metre as Steady’s kick reaches touch.

66 min – I think another try would be enough for the Cougars tonight in my opinion.

66 min – Scott Law and Luke Haigh both get our congratulations as they make there 150th career appearances.

64 min – Tonight has really brought out a more better standard of play in some of the lads, especially Ben Stead. Looks right at home depsite the scoreline.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (8/10) – Haighy and Chezza are replaced by Jack Lee and Sags.

64 min – Jesse Sheriffe has his first problems with the astro this evening but wins the Cougars a scrum.

63 min – Vikings hit the half century, but the Cougars have been far more solid this half.

62 min – VIKINGS CONVERSION – Owens adds the two. Vikings 50-6 Cougars.

61 min – VIKINGS TRY – Great solo effort there to get over by Danny Craven. Vikings 48-6 Cougars.

VIKINGS INTERCHANGE (7/10) – Leuluai and Kavanagh replaced by Clough and Gerrard.

60 min – Good refereeing by Mr Child there, calm the situation down and pull in both captains. Widnes penalty.

59 min – Danny Craven breaks is caught by a flailing arm by Josh Lynam. And all twenty six men on the field are involved in some fisticuffs.

58 min – Back to back penalties for the Cougars sees them make a solid seventy metres down the astro.

57 min – And the try is disallowed as it is ruled out for offside.

57 min – Stefan Marsh is over and Mr Child refers to the screen.

56 min – The introduction of Josh Lynam has really helped push the Cougars on. His & Pursglove’s partnership has really blossomed this evening.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (6/10) – Ross Peltier replaces Ryan Patchett.

55 min – Dave Allen is caught and turn inside out by Jesse Sheriffe.

54 min – VIKINGS CONVERSION – Easy that for Owens. Vikings 44-6 Cougars.

VIKINGS INTERCHANGE (5/10) – Llyod White returns to replace Kevin Brown.

54 min – VIKINGS TRY – Clever kick over the top is collected and touched down by Dec Hulme. Vikings 42-6 Cougars.

52 min – Right idea there by Jesse Sheriffe, but Widnes take the ball from the kick.

50 min – Cougars have been phenomenal this second half since the try and force the error.

49 min – Cougars on the front foot, but Steady’s kick to the wing sees Danny Lawton brought into the touch for the turnover.

48 min – Cougars are a bit more comfortable following the try and Steady kicks a 40/20 to win a scrum.

47 min – COUGARS CONVERSION – Steady adds the extras. Vikings 38-6 Cougars.

47 min – COUGARS TRY – Daley Williams is over for the Cougars first points of the evening. Vikings 38-4 Cougars.

46 min – Cougars back to zero on the Widnes line. Can we get over?

45 min – Vikings have a scrum on there own thirty metre line but the ball is stolen by Daley Williams.

43 min – At least the Cougars started that set off with something better than a knock on.

42 min – VIKINGS CONVERSION – Owens converts with relative ease. Vikings 38-0 Cougars.

41 min – VIKINGS TRY – And from the scrum, Willie Isa is over next to the posts. Vikings 36-0 Cougars.

41 min – Ben Stead knocks on from the kick off. Widnes scrum.

KICK OFF – Widnes get us back underway here at the Select Security Stadium.

20:59 – BIG BIG SHOUTOUT to the group of North Wales Crusaders supporters who in attendance supporting the Cougars this evening.

20:59 – The sides are back out for the second half here at Cougar Park! C’mon Cougars!

HALF TIME – Widnes Vikings 32-0 Keighley Cougars.

40 min – Another great take by Jesse Sheriffe there.

39 min – Great kick and chase by the Cougars there as we enter the halves final minute.

37 min – Jesse Sheriffe handles the unpredictability of the 4G pitch extremely well yet again.

36 min – VIKINGS CONVERSION – Owens registers his first two pointer of the night. Vikings 32-0 Cougars.

VIKINGS INTERCHANGE (4/10) – Craven replaces White.

35 min – VIKINGS TRY – Break by Dec Hulme and he sends over Stefan Marsh despite the best efforts of Lewis Graham to halt the centre. Vikings 30-0 Cougars.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (5/10) – Judge returns to replace Sags.

34 min – Vikings defence is ridiculously overpowering ours. To be expected given the gulf in class though.

33 min – Wild pass out is missed by Dean and nearly spilled by Gilmore. Cougars get the ball from the kick on the last.

33 min – Dec Hulme now looks to make a break down the wing and is halted by Gavin Duffy.

32 min – Absolutely ridiculous pass out to Rhys Hanbury there by Jack Owens, luckily the full back is greeted by Ryan Patchett.

32 min – Credit where it is due to Jesse Sheriffe, he’s handling this 4G pitch very well this evening.

31 min – Jack Owens misses the conversion of his own try. Remains at Vikings 26-0 Cougars.

30 min – VIKINGS TRY – Ganson & Roby award the try. Vikings 26-0 Cougars.

30 min – Jack Owens has touched down after a wonderfully collected kick but Mr Child is checking that he hasn’t put a body part into touch I believe.

28 min – Ball just thrown away there by the Cougars. Widnes twenty out with a fresh set of six.

27 min – Gavin Duffy puts the ball out into touch. Goalline dropout.

26 min – Cougars have toughened up defensively, seems those harsh errors learned early on are coming to fruition.

25 min – Gav Duffy comes close with the interception but knocks on for a Vikings scrum. Think he needs to lose the fake tan as well!

24 min – Oliver Pursglove looks like he’s never been away. Doing everything that’s asked of him both ways.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (4/10) – Charlie Ecc is replaced by Josh Lynam.

24 min – Cougars win a penalty, Ben Stead kicks for touch. Cougars now just short half way.

VIKINGS INTERCHANGE (3/10) – Allen and Isa replace Tickle and Clough.

22 min – The scrum and the set disappear in a blink yet again. Cougars have another scrum, ten from there own line.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (3/10) – Jack Lee replaced by Luke Haigh.

21 min – A quiet two minute spell threatens to be broken by a fifth Widnes try, but Jack Owens spills the ball into touch. Cougars scrum.

VIKINGS INTERCHANGE (1/10) – Ben Kavanagh repalces Alex Gerrard.

19 min – Kick reaches touch. Cougars to restart on the twenty.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (2/10) – Judge and Peltier are replaced by Chezza and Patchett.

18 min – VIKINGS CONVERSION – Tickle adds the two. Vikings 22-0 Cougars.

17 min – VIKINGS TRY – Kevin Brown breaks and runs with freedom to score. Vikings 20-0 Cougars.

16 min – Kick by Steady is comfortable for the Widnes taker.

15 min – Lewis Graham unlucky to lose out in the air.

14 min – Cougars somehow manage to get the ball from a forced error. Great defensive play by Jack Lee.

13 min – Jack Lee kicks on the last. And in the blink of an eye, Cougars third set disappears.

12 min – What a try saver from Daley Williams there! The last gasp ankle tap forces a Hanbury knock on. Cougars scrum.

11 min – VIKINGS CONVERSION – Tickle adds the two. Vikings 16-0 Cougars.

10 min – VIKINGS TRY – And from dummy half, over goes Kevin Brown. Vikings 14-0 Cougars.

9 min – The Cougars defence is working overtime here. The difference in the professional and semi-professional is obvious.

8 min – Scott Law is penalised for interference in the tackle.

7 min – VIKINGS CONVERSION – Danny Tickle succussefully converts. Vikings 10-0 Cougars.

7 min – VIKINGS TRY – Charlie Eccleston misses a tackle on Alex Gerrard and the prop sends over Tom Gilmore. Vikings 8-0 Cougars.

6 min – Sean Kelly’s kick on the last reaches touch. Vikings scrum forty metres out.

5 min – Kevin Brown bomb is well taken by Jesse Sheriffe. He’s met by the onrushing Rhys Hanbury though.

4 min – The clock is stopped as James Child has his microphone re-arranged. Steady restarts the game.

3 min – Danny Tickle misses the conversion. Vikings 4-0 Cougars.

2 min – VIKINGS TRY – Declan Hulme is over in the corner after the break and offload by Stefan Marsh. Vikings 4-0 Cougars.

2 min – Great kick there by Steady, good chase and tackle by Olly Pursglove.

1 min – Jesse Sheriffe collects the kick early in the count as is meeted by a wall of Widnes defenders.

KICK OFF – Ben Stead gets us underway here at the Select Security Stadium. C’MON KEIGHLEY!


19:56 – The Tetley’s Challenge Cup is on display. It’s what all eight sides this weekend want to be lifting come full time at Wembley Stadium in August.

19:55 – The Cougars have headed back into the sheds ahead of kick off. It’s nearly that time…

19:51 – Tonight will mark Scott Law and Luke Haigh’s 150th career appearances.

19:51 – Even Freddie Cougars is out this evening! It’s a big one, that’s for sure!

19:50 – The Cougar faithful are in fine voice this evening and greet Mr C Leatherbarrow with a loud chorus of booing.

19:24 – MATCH OFFICIALS: Referee – Mr J Child; Touch Judges – Mr G Stokes & Mr W Turley; Reserve Official – Mr C Leatherbarrow; Video Referees – Mr T Roby & Mr S Ganson; Match Commissioner – Mr D Campbell; Timekeeper – Mr S Williams

19:20 – TEAM NEWS:

The Cougars, as expected, make a grand total of twelve changes from the Halifax RL defeat. This sees a return to action for Oliver Pursglove and a senior debut for Charlie Eccleston.

21 – Jesse Sheriffe
19 – Danny Lawton
22 – Daley Williams
25 – Lewis Graham
20 – Gavin Duffy
23 – Sean Kelly
28 – Ben Stead
15 – Scott Law
27 – Jack Lee
32 – Ross Peltier
29 – Charlie Eccleston (D)
33 – Oliver Pursglove
17 – Ben Sagar (C)

11 – Josh Lynam
18 – Neil Cherryholme
26 – Ryan Patchett
34 – Luke Haigh

1 – Rhys Hanbury
2 – Jack Owens
14 – Chris Dean
4 – Stefan Marsh
29 – Declan Hulme
6 – Kevin Brown (C)
27 – Tom Gilmore
35 – Paul Clough
15 – Llyod White
25 – Alex Gerrard
12 – Danny Tickle
17 – Danny Galea
24 – Macgraff Leuluai

10 – Ben Kavanagh
11 – Dave Allen
16 – Willie Isa
21 – Danny Craven

DENOTES: (C) – Captain, (D) Debut.

19:18 – Good evening and welcome to the Select Security Stadium for this evenings Tetley’s Challenge Cup Quarter Final between the Cougars and the Widnes Vikings.

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