Wheelchair Side Bravely Defeated By Dundee

Keighley Cougars WRL 0-36 Dundee Dragons WRL Match Report by Mathew Micklethwaite

Following on from the snow causing cancellations across many of the opening weekend of wheelchair RL fixtures, including our scheduled season opener versus Hull during March it then led to Dundee becoming our first league game of 2018. A Home fixture that last saw the Cougars leaving with an embarrassing 96 point loss.

With that in mind we have really knuckled down and focused on our defensive structure and discipline as well as protecting and retaining the ball on attack.

From the kick off we hit the intensity level we needed and really came out firing on all cylinders, closing down Dundee with some strong defensive efforts and really holding the ball well in attack.

Dundee, who had 5 Scotland internationals within their ranks on the day countered this well and drove back at us with matching intensity and focus. This led to Dundee getting on the scoreboard and by half time the visitor’s led 32-0.

The Cougars where in high spirits at half-time despite the score line, having really hit the required intensity level and put some solid pressure onto Dundee on both sides of the ball.

We played through the second half with just the same passion for the club and became a solid unit on the defensive front, only allowing Dundee one try throughout the second half.

Our attack also saw much improvement as our attacking lines and pace on the ball upped a level with a good retention of the ball, completing sets and driving hard at the Dundee line.

The game finished in a 36-0 loss for the Cougars, and looking back this is a huge step forwards and a massive positive for us as a team. We looked great on both sides of the ball, and despite having key areas of development we are very happy with the game and our performance.

Moving forwards our aim heading into our next game will be our defence out on the wings as we got caught out in this area on may occasions.

As always it was a pleasure to face the Dundee squad and they are a great team that offered some fantastic feedback and praise towards our development.

Our team on the day was Mathew Micklethwaite (player-coach), Gavin Dobson, James Kaye, Jemima Croft, Samuel Stebbings, Becky Chapman and Alan Ackroyd.

Our next game will be on the 21st April as we face tough opposition in premier league side Mersey Storm in a plate cup game again at the University Academy Keighley.

Wheelchair Rugby league is an all inclusive sport and we welcome new players wishing to try out this great sport. For more information contact head coach Mathew on 07740585531 or email mathewmwrl@hotmail.com. Please also take the time to like and share our Facebook page – Keighley Cougars Wheelchair Rugby League

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