Update regarding the ineligible player saga

Currently, we are awaiting one club to agree a slight re-wording of the resolution we put forward to the RFL (who questioned it).  Hopefully this will be done next week and we can get a firm date for the EGM from the RFL.  The most sensible date for this would be immediately after or before the AGM which is to be held on 11th December.  Hopefully the RFL will cooperate with this as this issue needs to be put to bed for the good of our sport.

In terms of legal costs (as I’ve noted some people were questioning on Facebook what had happened to all the donated money) the amount donated was less than £1,000 (I thank all the people who chose to donate to help the club) and the total legal costs to date for us is almost £5,000.

I will continue to press forward this matter (and the right to arbitration) through the administrative hurdles.


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