Time to move forward to the 2015 season

Even given the immense efforts by our fans and management team we couldn’t achieve reinstatement back into the Championship despite the playing of ineligible players last season by some team.  Pursuing the issue legally was very risky and costly so it wasn’t viable and an EGM very problematic due to conflicting agendas, or lack of interest, from most of the clubs.  Our fans brought great pressure to bear on the RFL directly and via MPs.

This pressure culminated in an apology from the RFL, at the RFL AGM, in the middle of December and a promise to reform the disciplinary process and policy so that this kind of issue will never happen again.

It’s time to move on and look forward to next season which is rapidly approaching.  We can only fight a past issue for so long before it starts to have a detrimentary effect on the coming season.  This year the primary objective is promotion to the Championship.  We are the bookies favourite but it means nothing if we fail to achieve that goal.  A secondary objective is to win the League Cup in May.  These 2 objectives will underpin our 2016 objective of a finish that is no lower than 3rd in the bottom Super 8.

To commence the process of achieving the 2015 season objectives we have organised 5 friendlies of which the first 2 are away at Barrow Raiders and then Leigh Centurions.  Both matches will teach us something about ourselves so they are an important building block for our 2015 journey.

We’d like as many fans to be at both matches so we want to check what the demand for coaches at both games is.  You are able to order your coach seat (plus optional breakfast) for both games at the online shop on our website at https://keighleycougars.com/product-category/coach-travel/ or call Wendy on 07779 696511 or email her on info@keighleycougars.com.  Details for the coaches are:

– Barrow 2pm kick off on 25th January 2015 – coach sets off at 10.3oam with breakfast served from 9.45am.  Price for a seat is £12 with breakfast being £5

– Leigh 3pm kick off on 1st February 2015 – coach sets off at 11am with breakfast served from 10.15am.  Price for a seat is £10 with breakfast being £5



2 thoughts on “Time to move forward to the 2015 season

  1. I’ve booked my seat, via the online shop, for both matches. I hope many have done the same. The positive thing about the coming season is we will be visiting different venues, and hopefully we will be winning a lot more games than we have done in the past season.
    I, for one, am really looking forward to this season, and I hope that there are a lot more fans who think the same.
    So let’s all get behind the players and have a celebratory

  2. Gary can you confirm that the rumour there was a financial settlement from the RFL is incorrect or was it subject to a confidentiality agreement?

    Trust you had a good time in New York at Christmas

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