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Tiger and Jonesy sign

Tiger and Jonesy have shown their commitment to the club today by signing for next season.  Despite having to take a hit in the pocket to do so they have pledged themselves to next year’s campaign.

See you next season guys!

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5 Responses

  1. John Bailey says:

    Sorry? Who is tiger.

  2. Phil Edwards says:

    Paul Handforth

  3. David Pickles says:

    Thank you guys, from the stands these two stalwarts deserve our utmost respect and full support and the fact that they are the first in line after the two Pauls to get behind the Club confirms we can get an unstoppable squad together for next season – we have been cheated yet again by the RFL but ultimately fair play will prevail; please support them by signing up to the Petition without delay.

  4. John short says:

    I am pleasantly surprised to hear this; great news

  5. john french says:

    This brill news thanks lads loyalty is some thing that i respect i hope with all my heart others follow thanks a million

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