The case for arbitration in our sport

The reader may remember that a few weeks ago I stated that I felt Keighley Cougars had been badly done by, through the RFL disciplinary process, on three occasions during the 2014 season and I explained the reasons why.  Now that we have launched the new KeighleyCougarsMedia account on YouTube we can share videos with our  community.  To launch this I want to share the video of the exact moment when Paul March, our Head Coach, was accused of abusing the referee immediately after the final whistle in our Round 2 game against Doncaster RLFC of the 2014 season.  The cameras kept rolling and shows some interesting footage.

I’d like the reader to make up their own minds about whether our Head Coach was guilty or not.  However, you need to know some facts before you view the video.

– Paul was off the pitch and comes onto the pitch as number 13 in the Keighley Cougars away kit bottom middle of the video

– the referee (2nd official leaving the field) said Paul abused him as he came onto the pitch

– the first official leaving the pitch was a linesman who said Paul abused the referee as he came onto the pitch

Question: do you think these 2 officials are aware that Paul was on the pitch at all?

The video can be found at

My personal opinion is that this incident supports the requirement for independent arbitration for our sport.  Paul was found guilty and banned for 4 matches and the rest of the story is, as they say, history.





3 thoughts on “The case for arbitration in our sport

  1. Was this video presented at the initial Hearing? Y/No? If not, was it presented at the Appeal Hearing? Y/No? If not, why not?

    1. Hi David – the video was presented at both the initial hearing and the Appeal hearing. The panels actually said it proved Paul March was guilty of the charge.


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