Swinton Lions v Keighley Cougars – Live Match Blog

Barrow Raiders 22-34 Leigh Centurions
Dewsbury Rams 20-16 York City Knights
Doncaster RL 30-26 Hunslet Hawks
Sheffield Eagles POSTPONED Workington Town – Postponed due to the Eagles Challenge Cup involvement.
Swinton Lions 16-36 Keighley Cougars
Whitehaven 36-30 Batley Bulldogs

FULL TIME: Swinton Lions 16-36 Keighley Cougars.

79 mins: Danny Jones breaks but is halted by the Swinton defence.

78 mins: Scott Leatherbarrow fails to add the extras. Lions 16-36 Cougars.

78 mins: COUGARS TRY – The new set of six isn’t even needed as a kick by Paul March is collected and touched down Daley Williams. Lions 16-36 Cougars.

78 mins: A Scott Leatherbarrow kick over the top is well chased by the Cougars and collected by Joe Chandler.

75 mins: The Cougars win a scrum after some sloppy play by the now defeated Lions is knocked on.

Yorkshire Times Man of the Match – Craig Moss

16:37 – Attendance here at the Leigh Sports Village this afternoon is 518.

71 mins: COUGARS CONVERSION – Scotty adds the two! Lions 16-32 Cougars.

70 mins: COUGARS TRY – Scott Leathebarrow breaks the Swinton line before offloading to Craig Moss who completes a hat trick on his return. Lions 16-30 Cougars.

66 mins: The Cougars are awarded a penalty on half way as the Swinton restart makes it’s way out onto the full.

65 mins: Scott Leatherbarrow fails to add the extras yet again. Lions 16-26 Cougars.

65 mins: COUGARS TRY – Paul White fights his way over in the corner with the try awarded despite the best efforts of the Swinton players to persuade him otherwise. Lions 16-26 Cougars.

62 mins: Scott Leatherbarrow fails to add the extras. Cougars lead by six now at the LSV. Lions 16-22 Cougars.

62 mins: COUGARS TRY – From the resulting penalty, a clever pass by Paul March sees Craig Moss make his way through the Swinton defence to cross for his second off the afternoon. Lions 16-22 Cougars.

61 mins: SIN BIN – Brendon Rawlins is left down hurt following a challenge which sees Samir Tahraoui sin binned by the match official.

58 mins: The Lions do well to hold out Paul March before a Craig Moss pass has too much for Daley Williams and makes it’s way into touch.

57 mins: The referee halts play as Scott Law remains down injured following a tackle.

56 mins: Paul White collects an Ian Watson kick before racing forty metres and offloading to Joe Chandler who wins a penalty following becoming a victim off a high shot by James Laithwaite.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (9/10): Andy Shickell, still clearly feeling the effects off the Tyrone McCarthy shot in the first half, is replaced by Scott Law.

54 mins: A Lions kick is well collected by Elliott Cosgrove before the centre is manhandled by Darren Hawkyard.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (8/10): Brendon Rawlins returns to the field to replace Josh Lynam.

51 mins: The Lions lose possession as a wild pass is collected by Scott Leatherbarrow.

49 mins – The Lions are awarded a penalty as Paul White is judged to have pushed Gene Ormsby in the air.

48 mins – COUGARS CONVERSION – Scott Leatherbarrow adds the extras. Cougars now lead the Lions 18-16.

48 mins – COUGARS TRY – The Cougars break the Lions line with Daley Williams and Scott Leatherbarrow linking up to send Craig Moss over on his return underneath the posts. Cougars 16-16 Lions.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (7/10): Ryan Patchett limps his way off the field of play to be replaced by Andy Shickell.

46 mins: The Cougars give away a penalty as Sean Hesketh is penalised for a high shot on Kevin Penny.

46 mins: A fantastic kick and chase by the Cougars sees Jordon Burke well caught by Paul White.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (6/10): Oliver Pursglove, now wearing 30 comes on to replace Scott Law.

44 mins: The Cougars win the ball back following a forward pass by Martin Ainscough.

44 mins: A quiet start to the second half sees it’s first real action as the Lions win a scrum for a knock on.

KICK OFF – The Second Half is underway here at LSV. Cougars trail Swinton 16-12.

16:00 – We have a change off official here at LSV as M. Thomason has withdrawn through injury.

16:00 – The Lions now return to the field along with the match officials for the start off the second half.

15:58 – The Cougars return to the field for the Second Half.

HALF TIME – Swinton Lions 16-12 Keighley Cougars.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (5/10): Sean Hesketh returns to replace Brendon Rawlins.

39 mins: The Lions win a dropout as they trap Joe Chandler in goal.

38 mins: The Lions win a penalty following holding down by Scott Leatherbarrow.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (4/10): Buster departs to be replaced by Player-Coach Paul March.

37 mins: The Cougars are starting to panic the Lions and this shows as Ryan Patchett and Brendon Rawlins tough tackling forces a wild offload and an error from the Lions.

34 mins: COUGARS CONVERSION – Scott Leatherbarrow adds the extras once again. Cougars 12-16 Lions.

34 mins: The atmosphere is starting to get hostile and intensify here at LSV.

33 mins: COUGARS TRY – Some clever passing play by the Cougars from the restart sees Danny Jones go over the line. Cougars 10-16 Lions.

33 mins: The Cougars win a penalty following interference in the tackle by Brad Dwyer, with the young hooker down injured.

32 mins: The Cougars do fantastically well to hold Martin Ainscough up over the line.

29 mins: COUGARS CONVERSION – Scott Leatherbarrow adds the extras. Cougars 6-16 Lions.

28 mins: COUGARS TRY – Elliott Cosgrove fights his way over the line despite the best efforts off the Lions defensive line. Cougars 4-16 Lions.

26 mins: The Cougars win a scrum after Mick Nanyn spills an attempted grubber kick by Scott Leatherbarrow.

25 mins: The Cougars are awarded a penalty after Samir Tahraoui is judged to have fouled Brendon Rawlins in the tackle.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (3/10): Ryan Patchett takes to the field to replace Andy Shickell who is clearly shaken following the shot by Tyrone McCarthy.

24 mins – The Cougars defence holds strong to keep Swinton out on the line.

23 mins – ON REPORT – Tyrone McCarthy is placed on report for a suspected shoulder charge as his shot on Andy Shickell knocks the Prop clean out.

22 mins – The Linesman takes to the field after Elliott Cosgrove is judged to have fouled Ian Watson in the tackle.

COUGARS INTERCHANGES (2/10): Scott Law and Ben Sagar take to the field to replace Sean Hesketh and the now bloodied Oliver Pursglove.

21 mins – The Lions are awarded the scrum after Elliott Cosgrove drops the ball following a suspect high shot. The referee halts play though as Oliver Pursglove receives more treatment on the field after he goes down in back play.

18 mins – The Cougars have a rare attacking set from which Scott Leatherbarrow breaks but fails to get the Cougars onto the scoreboard.

16 mins – Play is halted following a clash of heads in the tackle between Mark Smith and Oliver Pursglove.

15 mins – The Cougars give Swinton something to think about following a fantastic kick and chase.

12 mins – Mick Nanyn is shockingly inaccurate and slices the conversion. Swinton remain 16-0 in front.

12 mins – LIONS TRY – Another shocking defensive display by the Cougars allows another Swinton break with another James Mendeika try the outcome following a team passing effort down the pitch. Cougars 0-16 Lions.

10 mins – LIONS CONVERSION – Mick Nanyn adds the extras in front off the posts once again. Cougars 0-12 Lions.

9 mins – LIONS TRY – Gene Ormsby breaks down the right wing before offloading to James Mendeika. Cougars 0-10 Lions.

6 mins – LIONS CONVERSION – The point scoring centre converts his own try with ease. Cougars 0-6 Lions.

5 mins – LIONS TRY – Kevin Penny breaks the Cougars line and beats Craig Moss before offloading to Mick Nanyn who crosses underneath the posts. Cougars 0-4 Lions.

4 mins – The Cougars win a tap on the twenty as Ian Watson’s kick on the last goes into touch behind the posts.

2 mins – The Lions attack is cut short as Ian Watson cross field kick to Kevin Penny finds it’s way into touch on the right hand side of the pitch.

1 min – Danny Jones intercepts and runs fifty meters before losing possession as Kevin Penny gets a hand to a sloppy offload to Paul White.

1 min – Swinton Lions win a penalty for holding down in the tackle by Scott Leatherbarrow.

KICK OFF – Referee M.Thomason gets us underway here at the Leigh Sports Village as the Keighley Cougars take on the Swinton Lions.

15:03 – The Lions enter LSV to somewhat a cauldron of noise.

15:01 – The Cougars enter LSV ahead of this afternoon’s Kingstone Press Championship fixture.

14:48 – TEAM NEWS:

Paul March has made several changes to the Cougars side that defeated Hunslet Hawks in a dramatic game last week at Cougar Park this afternoon at the Leigh Sports Village. Welsh international Craig Moss returns to the outfit in place of Paul March, who drops to the interchanges, a move which sees Danny Jones go to Stand Off. Joe Chandler moves from the interchanges to come into centre with James Haley missing from the seventeen. The other change for the Cougars sees Ben Sagar coming into the interchanges in the place of Sean Kelly.

1 – Craig Moss
22 – Daley Williams
28 – Elliott Cosgrove
25 – Joe Chandler
5 – Paul White
6 – Danny Jones (C)
7 – Scott Leatherbarrow
8 – Andy Shickell
9 – James Feather
10 – Sean Hesketh
11 – Oliver Pursglove
27 – Josh Lynam
12 – Brendon Rawlins

13 – Paul March
15 – Scott Law
17 – Ben Sagar
29 – Ryan Patchett

The Swinton Lions line up as follows:
23 – Jordon Burke
22 – Gene Ormsby
19 – James Mendeika (DR)
29 – Mick Nanyn
5 – Kevin Penny
3 – Martin Ainscough
7 – Ian Watson
28 – Tyrone McCarthy (DR)
9 – Mark Smith (C)
30 – Samir Tahraoui
27 – James Laithwaite (DR)
12 – Darren Hawkyard
20 – Ben Harrison (DR)

8 – David Mills
11 – James Brown
18 – Jack Morrison
26 – Brad Dwyer (DR)

KEY: (C) – Captain, (DR) – Dual Registration.

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