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Swinton Lions v Keighley Cougars Live Match Blog by Joshua Chapman (@Chapalar) in association with A1 Stairlifts.

Tetley’s Challenge Cup Fifth Round Results:
Leeds Rhinos 32-12 St Helens
Swinton Lions 20-33 Keighley Cougars

FULL TIME – Swinton Lions 20-33 Keighley Cougars.

80 min – Swinton penalty but they keep the ball alive after the hooter. Cravo wraps it up!

79 min – Cougars penalty. Ball steal.

79 min – Cougars have killed the game speed fantastically in the last five to wrap up the Quarter Final spot.

78 min – Cougars win the ball back, some afters between Williams and Joe Worthington.

77 min – Ross Peltier lucky to escape the high tackle call there.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (10/10) – Marchy is replaced by Ben Sagar.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (9/10) – Lynam is replaced by Rolo.


75 min – Cougars have this game won now. Swinton seem tired out.

74 min – COUGARS DROP GOAL – Tiger takes the one. Lions 20-33 Cougarmania.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (8/10) – Judge and Paddy off. Peltier and Jode Sheriffe on.

72 min – The Lions are well held out. Much to Jezza’s delight on my right!

LIONS INTERCHANGE (9/10) – James Brown replaced by Mike Morrison.

71 min – Scott Law penalised as he collects a Tiger forward pass.

69 min – I hate to be the bearer of bad news to this woman on my left but you can’t knock on facing your own posts.

68 min – COUGARS CONVERSION – DJ adds the two. Lions 20-32 Cougars.

67 min – COUGARS TRY – Williams collects a Jones kick and fights his way over. Lions 20-30 Cougars.

66 min – Swinton look like there in from a spill in the tackle but Tim Roby pulls play back and gives Cougars a scrum.

LIONS INTERCHANGE (8/10) – Mike Morrison replaced by Zach Johnson.

64 min – Morrison looks badly hurt for Swinton. Stretcher required. This well break the Lions momentum.

64 min – Swinton are well and truly back into this game. Cougars have been put into shock.

62 min – LIONS TRY – Craven caught napping from a Watson kick. Touched down by Lewis. Peet misses the conversion. Lion 20-26 Cougars.

61 min – Swinton have some wind in there sails. Apporpiate given the weather.

60 min – LIONS CONVERSION – Quick kick by Peet to add the two. Lion 16-26 Cougars.

60 min – LIONS TRY – Well worked stuff sends Anthony Bowman in for his hat-trick. Lions 14-26 Cougars.

58 min – Whitey is put into touch. Lions scrum.

57 min – Cougars penalty for inteference in the tackle.

56 min – Lovely 40/20 by Danny Jones! Cougars scrum.

55 min – COUGARS TRY – Richie Barnett outjumps Ben Warrilow to score. Jones fails to convert. Lions 10-26 Cougars.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (6/10) – Rolo is replaced by Lewis Graham.

53 min – Clock stopped, Cougars scrum for the restart of play.

53 min – It’s getting tastier by the minute. Haigh down injured, Williams takes a kick to the rib cage.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (5/10) – Peltier and Jode Sheriffe are off, Judge and Paddy return.

51 min – Great kick and chase by the Lions but Cougars hold out strong to return.

LIONS INTERCHANGE (7/10) – Andy Ackers and Steve Lewis replace Joe Philbin and Lewis Hulme.

50 min – Josh Lynam avoids an obstruction goal but Swinton get the ball back on the turnover.

50 min – Ross Peltier held up over the Swinton line.

49 min – Cougars penalty as Daley Williams and Ritchie Hawkyard returns.

49 min – Great shot by the Swinton media bloke, catches the match comissionner on the nogin.

49 min – It’s gone a tad quiet here at LSV.

LIONS INTERCHANGE (5/10) – Johnson and Watson depart, Menzies and Morrison return.

46 min – COUGARS CONVERSION – Danny Jones adds the two for his 500th career goal. Lions 10-22 Cougars.

45 min – COUGARS TRY – James Craven is over with ease from the scrum. Lions 10-20 Cougars.

45 min – Chris Atkin pats the ball forward and breaks, penalised for a knock on. Cougars scrum.

44 min – Ross Peltier held out short before Lions are penalised for offside.

43 min – Cougars collect the kick well and are back on the attack.

41 min – Cougars penalised as Ross Peltier collects a Luke Haigh forward pass.

KICK OFF – The second half is underway here at Leigh Sports Village.

HALF TIME – Swinton Lions 10-16 Keighley Cougars.

40 min – PENALTY – Danny Jones takes the two. Lions 10-16 Cougars.

40 min – SIN BIN – Daley Williams and Ritchie Hawkyard are off for ten. Cougars penalty, DJ opts for two.

39 min – Daley Wiliams breaks the line and the handbags I promised? They’ve come on the pitch!

39 min – Knock on by the Swinton man as he attempts to intercept. Cougars scrum.

38 min – You’d feel like you was at a local derby here in LSV! Could be handbags at dawn soon here in the terraces!

38 min – The referee rules a forward pass by Joe Philbin after Richie Barnett knocks it into touch.

37 min – Cougars break but after a late challenge on Marchy, Whitey spills and Swinton have the ball back.

36 min – James Brown just held out by the Cougars defence.

35 min – Ross Peltier knocks on behind the posts from the restart. Goalline dropout.

33 min – COUGARS TRY – The Rocketman Richie Barnett is over in the corner. DJ fails to add the two. Lions 10-14 Cougars.

33 min – Ritchie Hawkyard knocks on in the tackle. Cougars scrum.

32 min – Cougars penalised, Swinton penalty.

31 min – Must say how excellent the Cougars kick and chase game has been this afternoon at a sunny LSV.

30 min – No advantage taken by James Craven from the spill. Cougars scrum.

29 min – Josh Lynam penalised for offside. Swinton get the ball back.

28 min – Richie Barnett has an absolute shocker but recovers. To return a Bowman kick on the last.

LIONS INTERCHANGE (3/10) – Andy Ackers replaced by Lewis Hulme.

26 min – COUGARS CONVERSION – DJ adds the two. Lions 10-10 Cougars.

25 min – COUGARS TRY – Jode Sheriffe is over next to the posts. Lions 10-8 Cougars.

24 min – Cougars win a goal line dropout. Ross Peltier leads the charge.

23 min – Penalty in favour of Ross Peltier and Cougars. Yep, the big man is here.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (3/10) – Ross Peltier and Jode Sheriffe replace Scott Law and Sean Hesketh.

22 min – Swinton getting nasty but Cougars are holding cool as they regain possession.

LIONS INTERCHANGE (2/10) – Zach Johnson and Mark Thomas replace Mike Morrison and Luke Menzies.

21 min – Play brought back for the original knock on. Lions scrum.

20 min – Cougars making there way up field here but the ball comes loose and there is no advantage from the free play.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (1/10) – Ben Sagar replaced by Luke Haigh.

20 min – Tim Roby misses a blatant hight tackle. But then gives away a penalty.

18 min – Marchy’s kick is too strong for Lawton and Barnett and reaches touch.

17 min – Swinton hitting tackles hard and give away a penalty.

16 min – Good work from the Cougars pack forces an early kick.

14 min – LIONS TRY – Bowman is over in the corner from the resulting penalty. Peet fails to convert. Lions 10-6 Cougars.

14 min – Richie Barnett wrongly penalised for a ball steal and reacts angry to the attentions of Jacque Peet.

13 min – Craven does fantastic to prevent a 40/20 but gives away a goal line dropout instead.

11 min – Last tackle on the Cougars line, Swinton do well.

11 min – Scott Law and James Craven both well tackled by the Lions defence.

9 min – Kick by Watson reaches touch. Barnett restarts the game on the twenty.

8 min – LIONS CONVERSION – Jacque Peet converts. Lions 6-4 Cougars.

7 min – LIONS TRY – Very bizzare try. Craven caught out by the post, Whitey knocks on and Bowman scores. Lions 4-4 Cougars.

6 min – Swinton wise to the Cougars cross field move and hold out well.

5 min – Great hit in the tackle sees the ball come free and into the arms of Danny Lawton.

4 min – Tiger kick reaches touch. Swinton have a tap on the twenty.

2 min – COUGARS TRY – Craven broke through the line and offloads to Danny Lawton to score. Danny Jones fails to convert.Lions 0-4 Cougars.

1 min – The kick off goes straight out into touch. Swinton to drop out from under the posts.

15:02 – The teams are out onto the pitch! IT’S COUGARTIME!

14:48 – Your match official this afternoon at LSV is Tim Roby.

14:40 – TEAM NEWS

The Cougars have changes a plenty ahead of this cup tie. James Craven (Groin) returns from injury to take the place of Jesse Sheriffe with Paul March coming in at hooker in place of Luke Haigh with Ben Sagar returning from injury after a lengthy lay off. James Haley (Back) is replaced by Daley Williams and Elliot Cosgrove (Fractured Eye Socket) drops off the interchanges with last weeks Man of the Match, Jack Lee. Lewis Graham and Ross Peltier take there places.

1 – James Craven
2 – Richie Barnett
19 – Danny Lawton
22 – Daley Williams
5 – Paul White
6 – Danny Jones
7 – Paul Handforth (C)
15 – Scott Law
14 – Paul March
10 – Sean Hesketh
11 – Josh Lynam
12 – Brendon Rawlins
17 – Ben Sagar

16 – Jode Sheriffe
25 – Lewis Graham
32 – Ross Peltier
34 – Luke Haigh

1 – Ritchie Hawkyard
21 – Joe Worthington
6 – Anthony Bowman
19 – Jacque Peet
2 – Ben Warrilow
28 – Chris Atkin
7 – Ian Watson
16 – Mike Morrsion
9 – Andy Ackers
8 – Luke Menzies
24 – Joe Philbin
12 – Darren Hawkyard
13 – James Brown

17 – Zach Johnson
20 – Mark Thomas
27 – Lewis Hulme
BLANK – Steve Lewis

14:38 – Good Afternoon, and welcome to the Leigh Sports Village for this afternoon’s Tetley’s Challenge Cup Fifth Round between the Cougars and Swinton Lions.

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