Survival and now we prepare for next season

The 2013 season has had its very difficult moments but the team has come through the challenges and achieved something that the club last achieved 16 years ago – staying in the 2nd tier for 2 seasons on the trot. For our club this is a significant achievement and provides the platform for next season which is the most important season for Keighley Cougars since 1995. Our final league placings in 2014 are absolutely critical and will provide our club with the opportunity to rub shoulders with the big clubs, of which I believe we are one of them and we will prove this in the years to come.

Survival this season was absolutely critical for this exciting journey to commence and Paul March and his team have done the job despite us having a very bad start to this season’s campaign. We won’t be wanting to repeat the same thing next year! Sunday 1st September was so important that I decided to stand with our fans on the terraces win, lose or draw. We had to experience the emotional ride together and the overriding objective was to survive. A bonus point would have been sufficient whatever else happened that day so that was the minimum target for the team to achieve. I know there have been a few comments on Facebook saying that I just wanted a bonus point and didn’t want to win the match. This is untrue. I did say that a bonus point would be enough to achieve the overriding objective of survival which was more important than winning the game. Of course I’d like to win every game – it makes the job of Chairman easier if that happens – believe me!

The club has moved on significantly since the dark days of administration in December 2009. All associated with the club have worked hard over the last 4 years to strengthen the club on and off the field and we will get stronger. Despite the difficulties at the beginning of the season with dual registration creating some bizarre results Paul March and his team delivered something which hasn’t been achieved for 16 years. Next season the goal must be the play offs and Paul is strengthening the team to provide us with the best chance of achieving that goal. For example, the signing of Paul Handforth is a statement of our intent. The journey will never be a straight line, it will be an exciting one, but we will keep building with the determination to be a top 8 club by 2018. Something I sincerely hope is delivered for our well deserving fans!

Gary Fawcett

3 thoughts on “Survival and now we prepare for next season

  1. having seen third division to second winning both and the final against huddersfield it brought tears to my eyes it was the first time since i was 11 i had seen them win anything to mean owt we got promotion in the begining of the 70s hunslet won the second division that year so i do hope that we will achive something in the coming years i wish the team and the support staff including yourself good luck in the future i will continue to support the team as long as i am able to do all the best

  2. This is clearly a positive spin on a rather disappointing season. It’s one thing saying we don’t want to repeat it, but let the analysis into the cause(s) begin and then work towards the solution whatever that may be.

    Here’s looking forward to the exciting 2014 season and hope lessons can be learned.

  3. Last season was hit and miss, however we have another bash and with the players we have can defiantly make the play-offs, hope the club, players, and supporters get what is so deserved. Good luck and see you all down at cougar park soon for next season.

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