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Due to the playing of ineligible players in the Kingstone Press Championship in the 2014 season, and the non-enforcement of the eligibility rules by the RFL, the Cougars were wrongly relegated into League 1.

Please click on the link and sign the petition to reinstate the Cougars into the Championship for 2015.

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4 Responses

  1. nick bell says:

    good luck with the fight you were denied promotion in 1995 through maurice lindsay and this injustice is another case of RL poor management wishing you a successful outcome.

  2. richard storton says:

    good luck you’ll need it against this lot

  3. Paul Raven says:

    It was a travesty of injustice and I hope that the RFL come to their senses and see justice done. But with some of their decisions they have made recently you will need a lot of good backing.
    Hope they surprise everybody and do what is right

  4. Aaron Wright says:

    UPER LEAGUE FINAL RFL biggest event. handout newcasle united style a4 pieces of paper with reinstate our points with the cougars and eagles badges on it.

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