Sign the Petition – Reinstate Keighley Cougars to the RL Championship

A petition has been started online (see here) by Nigel Hall to help us gain justice for the RFL’s failure to punish Batley and Doncaster for fielding ineligable players which in turn has seen Keighley Cougars relegated to Championship One.

As Gary stated: I spoke to the RFL straight after the match expressing that we are feeling very hard done to. Simply put, our Head Coach was found guilty of transgressing one of the rules of the game (although I looked at and analysed the video footage from one of the allegations against Marchy and could find no evidence that he was guilty) and he was punished with a 4 match ban followed by a 2 month stadium ban. On the other side it is agreed that Doncaster and Batley broke the rules and fielded ineligible players one of which, Jacob Fairbank, scored the winning try for Batley during the game in which he was ineligible.

For breaching this rule Batley and Doncaster were found guilty and deducted 3 points by a disciplinary panel which were somehow, miraculously, reinstated the following week and, as far as we know, neither club has been punished at all. There is no publicly available information informing us why the points were re-instated. May I remind the reader that, when the same thing happened in football earlier this year, the team in question were thrown out of the competition!
Currently, we are seeking legal advice regarding this problem.
Gary Fawcett

While we’re still in discussions with our legal advisor and waiting on important information, we’d appreciate your support in signing this petition. And would like to thank all of those that have already participated.


7 thoughts on “Sign the Petition – Reinstate Keighley Cougars to the RL Championship

  1. Both Batley and Doncaster were deducted points for playing ineligible players, but the points were then given back without any explanation. One cannot help wondering whether money has changed hands in this business, it looks like corruption and is certainly no way to regulate the game. The two offending teams should each lose the three points and the disciplinary panel and the reinstatement of the deducted points should be examined by a neutral body. The RFL has treated Keighley shabbily.

  2. Cougars done by Rugby league yet again.Talk about fair play for all when rules are twisted and bent to suit the rugby league.
    Lead the way to fairer play. Cougars lost points and so should the other teams who have brken the rules.

  3. There has to be consistency and openness.If other teams had their points reinstated we need to know why.Good luck to Cougars in their fight for fair play.

  4. Come on guys, get behind this Petition, it will only gain momentum if numbers sign up to it, if you have net yet one so please get on board now, time to put the RFL’s secret agenda on the spot – our players who are suffering considerable earnings cuts NEED YOUR SUPPORT, don’t delay sign up to it NOW.

  5. I agree. The MP Kris Hopkins is now involved as respondents have reached numbers he can’t ignore. More signatures = more pressure = more influence

  6. Keighley Cougars play by the rules, but get relegated by teams that break them. Rugby league you have done to us before, and now you are up to you,re old tricks.

  7. Not a Cougar fan but a fan of fair play.
    If this as to go to the High Court I know many like minded fans who will put in a few quid.

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