Sheffield Eagles v Keighley Cougars – Live Match Blog

FULL TIME – Sheffield Eagles 34-10 Keighley Cougars

80 min – Paul March is unlucky not to score as the ball just gets into touch.

21:06 – Yorkshire Times Cougars MOTM is Sean Hesketh.

21:05 – Attendance here at the DVS is 710.

78 min – EAGLES CONVERSION – Dom Brambani adds the extras for the hosts. Eagles 34-10 Cougars.

77 min – EAGLES TRY – A kick by Dom Brambani bounces off the upright with QLT collecting and scoring. Eagles 32-10 Cougars.

74 min – COUGARS CONVERSION – Danny Jones conversion hits the upright, this time going the way off two points. Eagles 28-10 Cougars.

74 min – COUGARS TRY – The Cougars are over again! This time Elliott Cosgrove fights his way over the line. Eagles 28-8 Cougars.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (10/10) – Olly Pursglove leaves the field to be replaced by Matthew Bailey.

72 min – The Cougars win a penalty as Daley Williams is taken off the field to change his blood covered shirt.

71 min – A knock on-athon ensues with Daley Williams down injured in play.

70 min – Danny Jones conversion bounces back off the upright. Eagles 28-4 Cougars.

69 min – COUGARS TRY – A Danny Jones grubber kick is collected and scored by Daley Williams. Eagles 28-4 Cougars.

69 min – Olly Pursglove is held short off the Eagles line.

67 min – The Cougars attack the Eagles line but are stopped after Tom Armstrong collects a Danny Jones kick from the air.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (9/10) – Judge is back to replace the Shicky Monster.

64 min – The Eagles win a penalty as Andy Shickell is judged to have interfered with the play the ball.

62 min – The Eagles are back for more with Michael Knowles stopped just short before the Eagles win a scrum from a Cougars knock on.

61 min – The Eagles break with Scott Turner but the wings blind pass is collected by Craig Moss.

59 min – QLT breaks the line and offloads to Tom Armstrong but the centre knocks on.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (8/10) – Matthew Bailey and Scott Leatherbarrow depart with James Feather and Brendon Rawlins coming on to replace them.

57 min – EAGLES CONVERSION – Dominic Brambani with the extras once again. Eagles 28-0 Cougars.

56 min – EAGLES TRY – A Pat Walker kick is failed to be picked out the air by Ben Sagar, allowing Misi Taulapapa to cross the line. Eagles 26-0 Cougars.

55 min – The Eagles are on fire now, leaving the Cougars out on their feet defensively.

54 min – The Cougars are over! But, Scott Leatherbarrow knocks on.

53 min – Eagles knock on. Cougars scrum.

52 min – Another Cougars penalty is awarded by the referee.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (6/10) – Sean Hesketh replaces Scott Law.

51 min – A knock on goes unpunished before Craig Moss wins a penalty from a Menzie Yere challenge.

50 min – QLT breaks for the Eagles before Menzie Yere goes over in the corner… The referee pulls play back however and awards a scrum to the Cougars.

48 min – Three quick knock ons in succession sees the Cougars win the scrum from the original knock on.

48 min – The Sheffield penalty reaches touch despite the best efforts of Craig Moss.

47 min – The Cougars currently are having their first real attack on the Eagles line since midway through the first half.

45 min – Scrum to the Cougars as the Eagles knock on after a big hit by Scott Law.

45 min – The Eagles are awarded a penalty as Joe Chandler is penalised for leading with his elbow.

44 min – The Cougars win a penalty as Menzie Yere is judged to be offisde from a Pat Walker kick.

43 min – Eagles penalty as Elliott Cosgrove is penalised for a high shot on Dominic Brambani.

43 min – Tom Armstrong is held up over the line by the Cougars defence.

41 min – Craig Moss is trapped in goal. Dropout from the sticks to come.

KICK OFF – The Second Half is underway here at Don Valley.

20:25 – The Sides return to the field for the second half.

HALF TIME – Sheffield Eagles 22-0 Keighley Cougars.

40 min – There is a punch up in the middle of the field as the Half Time hooter sounds.

39 min – Menzie Yere somehow knocks on from a Michael Knowles pass when it seemed impossible not to score.

38 min – Scott Turner collects the ball with Paul March punching the ball from the wingers hands before Quentin Laulau-Togagae kicks the ball into touch. The referee awards the Eagles the scrum.

37 min – A huge hit by Scott Law forces an error from Menzie Yere to win the Cougars back possession off the ball.

35 min – Michael Knowles breaks before offloading to Scott Turner as the Winger is stopped short by the Cougars defence.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (5/10) – Andy Shickell returns to the field to take the place of Brendon Rawlins.

31 min – EAGLES CONVERSION – Another easy conversion for Dominic Brambani. Eagles 22-0 Cougars.

30 min – EAGLES TRY – The serious overuse of Gangnam Style is becoming irritable after Joe Hirst fights his way over the line. Eagles 20-0 Cougars.

28 min – Danny Jones kick is too strong for Marchy and makes it’s way into touch.

27 min – Scrum to the Cougars following a knock on by Andrew Henderson.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (4/10) – Player/Coach Paul March is on to replace Buster.

25 min – Scrum to the Eagles as Elliott Cosgrove knocks on.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (3/10) – Matthew Bailey and Scott Law enter the field to replace Andy Shickell and Sean Hesketh.

24 min – The Cougars have a penalty and opt to kick. Now twenty from the line.

22 min – EAGLES CONVERSION – Dominic Brambani doesn’t miss those very often. Eagles 16-0 Cougars.

21 min – EAGLES TRY – A clever play by Scott Turner sees him break and link with Laulu-Togagae to send Tom Armstrong over the line. Eagles 14-0 Cougars.

20 min – EAGLES CONVERSION – Dominic Brambani adds the extras. Eagles 10-0 Cougars.

19 min – EAGLES TRY – Quentin Laulu-Togagae goes into touch but this is missed by the linesman as he proceeds to send Pat Walker over the line. Eagles 8-0 Cougars.

18 min – The Eagles are awarded a scrum as Scott Leatherbarrow’s kick reaches touch.

17 min – Richie Barnett is halted by some tough kick chasing Eagles defence.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (1/10) – Paul White departs to be replaced by Ben Sagar.

17 min – Dominic Brambani misses the conversion. Eagles 4-0 Cougars.

16 min – EAGLES TRY – A Dominic Brambani pass out to the wing is collected by Menzie Yere who has the freedom of Sheffield as he races over to cross. Eagles 4-0 Cougars.

15 min – Scrum to the Eagles after a knock on by Joe Chandler.

14 min – The Eagles knock on after some tough tackling by Daley Williams and Andy Shickell.

14 min – Matt Garside is held up over the line.

13 min – The Cougars are penalised after Elliott Cosgrove holds down in the tackle.

13 min – The Cougars are forced to drop out from under the posts after Craig Moss is kept behind the whitewash.

12 min – Cougars lose possession after Paul White is put into touch by the hosts defence.

10 min – Dominic Brambani breaks the Cougars line but the visitors are awarded a penalty for obstruction.

9 min – Craig Moss loses the ball from a Menzie Yere shot allowing Matt Garside to break.

8 min – Craig Moss breaks the line but is stopped on the twenty by Tom Armstrong.

7 min – The Cougars are doing well defensively and win a scrum from an Eagles handling error.

5 min – Scott Leatherbarrow’s kick reaches touch, the Eagles opt to take a quick tap on the twenty.

4 min – Richie Barnett does well under pressure to collect a Dominic Brambani kick into the air.

3 min – Tom Armstrong pinches the ball from Elliott Cosgrove before being greeted by Sean Hesketh.

2 min – Scott Turner knocks on from a Scott Leatherbarrow kick. Presenting the Cougars another set of six.

1 min – The Cougars win another set of six as Danny Jones collects the ball after his kick comes off Pat Walker.

1 min – Scott Leatherbarrow nearly spills the ball from the kick off.

KICK OFF – We’re underway here at the Don Valley Stadium!

19:31 – And here come the Eagles to rapturous applause and Depeche Mode’s Just Can’t Get Enough!

19:30 – The Match Officials enter the pitch here at Don Valley! Still waiting on the Eagles.


19:27 – It’s almost time for kick off here at the Don Valley Stadium!

19:09 – The lads are out and warming up ahead off this evening’s fixture in the Don Valley Sunset.

18:53 – TEAM NEWS:

The Cougars just make the one change from last Sunday’s defeat to the Dewsbury Rams as Richie Barnett returns to take the place of James Haley, who dislocated his shoulder last week in the act of try scoring.

1 – Craig Moss
3 – Richie Barnett
22 – Daley Williams
28 – Elliott Cosgrove
5 – Paul White
6 – Danny Jones (C)
7 – Scott Leatherbarrow
8 – Andy Shickell
9 – James Feather
10 – Sean Hesketh
11 – Oliver Pursglove
25 – Joe Chandler
12 – Brendon Rawlins

13 – Paul March
15 – Scott Law
17 – Ben Sagar
24 – Matthew Bailey

And for the Eagles:
1 – Quentin Laulu-Togagae
2 – Scott Tunrer
3 – Menzie Yere
4 – Tom Armstrong
5 – Misi Taulapapa
6 – Pat Walker
7 – Dominic Brambani
17 – Liam Higgins
9 – Andrew Henderson
10 – Mitchell Stringer (C)
21 – Matt Garside
16 – Duane Straugheir
13 – Joe Hirst

11 – Michael Knowles
12 – Peter Green
14 – James Davey
15 – Alex Szostak

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