Sheffield Eagles 16-29 COUGARS – Live Match Blog

Sheffield Eagles v Keighley Cougars Live Match Blog by Joshua Chapman (@Chapalar) in association with A1 Stairlifts.

FULL TIME – Sheffield Eagles 16-29 Keighley Cougars.

80 min – Dropout under the posts by the Eagles.


79 min – Cory Aston breaks but is halted by Danny Jones.


76 min – DROP GOAL – One pointer for DJ. Eagles 16-29 Cougars.

74 min – Cougars defence has got to hold strong for the next two minutes or so.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (10/10) – Sags & Chezza replace Lindsay and Hesketh.

73 min – EAGLES CONVERSION – Quick conversion by Walker. Eagles 16-28 Cougars.

73 min – EAGLES TRY – Brambani’s lovely kick is collected and touched down by Knowles. Eagles 14-28 Cougars.

72 min – The ball is all over the shop and the Eagles tackle count is back to zero.

71 min – Penalty to the Eagles after silly play by Josh Lynam.

69 min – DJ fails with the drop goal attempt. We’re taking the micky a little now aren’t we?

68 min – COUGARS PENALTY – DJ adds the extras from halfway. Eagles 10-28 Cougars.

EAGLES INTERCHANGE (10/10) – Green returns to replace Lillycrop.

67 min – The restart goes straight into touch. Cougars penalty.

65 min – COUGARS CONVERSION – Easy as it comes for DJ! Eagles 10-26 Cougars.

65 min – COUGARS TRY – Sean Hesketh powers over from a Tiger pass next to the posts. Eagles 10-24 Cougars.

64 min – 40/20 by Tiger. Cougars scrum. The halves and Richie Barnett have controlled this from start to finish.

63 min – QLT breaks and is fantastically brought down by a Cravo ankle tap.

62 min – Great kick and chase by the Cougars. Sheffield look anything but Champions right now.

EAGLES INTERCHANGE (9/10) – Henderson & Battye replace Owen & Green.

60 min – Error by James Craven gives Sheffield a scrum.

60 min – Cougars look like scoring everytime there in attack. It’s great stuff to watch.

59 min – Infringment in the tackle on Josh Lynam. Cougars penalty. Tiger kicks to touch.

58 min – Cougars scrum after a sloppy Eagles error.

57 min – Great stuff by the Cougars from the restart and they force the Eagles to start from there own line.

56 min – COUGARS CONVERSION – No problem for DJ! Eagles 10-20 Cougars.

54 min – COUGARS TRY – WOW! Cougars somehow manage to steal the ball in the scrum and DJ offloads to James Craven who takes on the entire Eagles side bar two to score. Eagles 10-18 Cougars.

EAGLES INTERCHANGE (7/10) – Battye replaced by Lillycrop.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (8/10) – Lindsay replaces Olly Pursglove.

53 min – Good kick by Brambani but reaches touch. Cougars to restart on the twenty.

52 min – Michael Knowles is putting a great shift in for Sheffield, and a big hit on Sean Hesketh.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (7/10) – Buster and Rawlo replaces Haigh and Cherryholme.

50 min – Great kick into the corner by DJ on the last but Daley Williams knocks on in the tackle. Eagles scrum.

49 min – Great take and return by Barnett from a Walker kick. Cougars now back in possession.

48 min – Danny Lawton’s wild offload forces Barnett to take the tackle. Turnover to the Eagles.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (5/10) – Jode Sherrife is replaced by Paddy.

47 min – Penalty for a high tackle. Tiger kicks to touch.

47 min – Cougars force a sloppy error and Craven intercepts.

EAGLES INTERCHANGE (6/10) – Lillycrop replaces Gonzales-Trique

46 min – Back to back penalties now for the Eagles, allows them to be ten out from the Cougars line.

45 min – Tiger avoids a late shot by Michael Knowles as Richie Barnett chases the kick down fantsatically to stop QLT.

44 min – Craven takes a quick tap on the twenty and it takes three men to take down the resurgent Daley Williams.

43 min – Good kick and chase by the Cougars. Forces Sheffield to take the first tackle.

42 min – Good kick by Brambani, put Cravo collects and makes a good fifteen metres.

41 min – Solid first set by the Cougars in the second half, and a fantastic kick by DJ allows Barnett to trap Matt Garside on the try line.

KICK OFF – Dom Brambani restarts the game here at Owlerton Stadium. Cougars lead the Eagles 14-10.

14:55 – The sides return for the second half… IT’S COUGARTIME! PART TWO!

HALF TIME – Sheffield Eagles 10-14 Keighley Cougars.

40 min – Brambani opts to kick out the scrum and reaches touch. Cougars scrum.

39 min – Eagles scrum after a knock on by Jode Sheriffe. Eagles scrum.

39 min – Dom Brambani goes for glory and throws the ball away. Cougars scrum.

38 min – Neil Cherryholme knocks on as he attempts to intercept a Cory Aston pass. Eagles scrum.

38 min – Cougars attempt to play the ball but the Eagles get it back and the tackle count is wiped to zero.

EAGLES INTERCHANGE (5/10) – Stringer returns to replace Battye.

36 min – Another silly use of the obstruction rule. Eagles penalty.

35 min – Knowles knocks on as he attempts to intercept the ball. Cougars scrum ten metres out.

34 min – Danny Jones breaks the line and Tigers kick on the last sees Lynam force Garside into touch for a dropout.

34 min – Obstruction by the Eagles there. Cougars pnealty.

33 min – Cougars with a silly attempted steal in the tackle. Eagles penalty and they kick to touch.

EAGLES INTERCHANGE (4/10) – Gareth Owen replaces Andrew Henderson.

32 min – Eagles scrum after the short width of the pitch catches Danny Jones out yet again.

31 min – Another intercept and break by Richie Barnett. Eagles right flank is there for the taking for the Rocketman.

30 min – Cougars looking the stronger of the two sides so far, but knowing Sheffield, it could change at any moment.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (4/10) – Buster & Lindsay replaced by Luke Haigh & Ben Sagar.

28 min – Cory Aston with a shocking pass to give the Cougars the turnover to the ball.

26 min – Pursglove somehow manages to head DJ’s pass ten metres. Eagles have possession.

25 min – Knock on by the Eagles, Cougars have the scrum forty metres out from the line.

EAGLES INTERCHANGE (3/10) – Scott Turner replaced by Theo Gonzales-Trique.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (2/10) – Sean Hesketh & Brendon Rawlins replaced by Jode Sheriffe & Neil Cherryholme.

22 min – EAGLES TRY – Henderson offload to Straugheir sees the former Bulls man just squeeze over. Walker slices the conversion. Eagles 10-14 Cougars.

21 min – Poor DJ kick on the last. Eagles scrum.

20 min – COUGARS CONVERSION – Three from three now for Danny this afternoon. Eagles 6-14 Cougars.

19 min – COUGARS TRY – Lovely play by DJ and Tiger on the last allows Josh Lynam to go through a weak line to score. Eagles 6-12 Cougars.

18 min – Richie Barnett intercepts and breaks to make thrity metres. Cougars now fifteen out from the Sheffield line.

17 min – Knock on by Brendon Rawlins, looks like a ball steal by Matt Garside in the tackle.

EAGLES INTERCHANGE (2/10) – Peter Green replaces Mitchell Stringer.

16 min – COUGARS PENALTY – Danny Jones succussefully converts. Eagles 6-8 Cougars.

15 min – Penalty for an offence against Ash Lindsay. DJ opts for the two pointer.

14 min – Cougars penalty. Tiger reaches touch.

EAGLES INTERCHANGE (1/10) – Eddie Battye replaces Tom Lillycrop.

13 min – COUGARS CONVERSION – DJ adds the two with a great kick. Eagles 6-6 Cougars.

12 min – COUGARS TRY – Another spill by Turner sees the Cougars awarded a free play and Haley crosses from a long distance Pursglove pass. Eagles 6-4 Cougars.

11 min – Daley Williams is down injured in back play.

10 min – Tiger’s kick on the last is out behind the posts. Eagles tap on the twenty.

10 min – Cougars have a free play after Scott Turner spills a Jones kick.

9 min – Penalty to the Cougars. Danny Jones kicks to touch. Cougars to start just short of half way.

8 min – Eagles make some great metres after Mitch Stringer breaks through a Rawlo challenge.

7 min – Grubber by Cory Aston knocked into touch by Richie Barnett. Cougars to dropout from under the posts.

6 min – Daley Williams knocks on behind the line under the challenge of Taulapapa. Eagles scrum.

5 min – First penalty off the afternoon is in favour of the Eagles. They find themselves twenty out from the Cougars line.

4 min – Cougars first set ends with a Danny Jones kick going out behind the posts. Sheffield restart on the twenty.

2 min – EAGLES CONVERSION – Walker adds the two points. Eagles 6-0 Cougars.

1 min – EAGLES TRY – 29 seconds played and Yere sends QLT racing thirty metres to touch down. Eagles 4-0 Cougars.

KICK OFF – Danny Jones gets us underway here in sunny South Yorkshire.

14:01 – Here come the sides… IT’S COUGARTIME!

13:59 – A decent away following from the Cougars this afternoon. Thank you once again to all the supporters!

13:58 – Journalist’s dream at Owlerton. The game is on the television on a fifteen second delay.

13:53 – The Eagles and match officials have just headed back into the dressing rooms, the Cougars set to head back to the dressi… Portakabin shortly.

13:46 – The Cougars will be hoping to avoid the same fate as the Under 20’s yesterday against the Eagles, Dean Muir’s boys lost 64-6.

13:37 – Just a reminder, the Cougars next Kingstone Press Championship games is at Cougar Park next Sunday (29th June) against the Rochdale Hornets. 3pm kick off.

13:30 – MATCH OFFICIALS: Referee – Mr J Cobb, TJ’s – Mr C Dean & Mr P Parker, Reserve – Mr N Bennett, Match Commissioner – Mr D Milburn.

13:30 – TEAM NEWS:

Cougars make three changes to last week’s starting thirteen. The absence of Paul White sees Daley Williams move out to the wing and Danny Lawton come in at right centre. The absence of Andy Shickell sees Brendon Rawlins move into prop with Josh Lynam returning to be partenered by Oliver Pursglove who takes the place of Lewis Graham. A further two changes on the interchanges sees Jack Lee and Ross Peltier replaced by Neil Cherryholme and Ben Sagar.

1 – James Craven
2 – Richie Barnett
19 – Danny Lawton
4 – James Haley
22 – Daley Williams
6 – Danny Jones
7 – Paul Handforth
12 – Brendon Rawlins
9 – James Feather
10 – Sean Hesketh
11 – Josh Lynam
33 – Oliver Pursglove
13 – Ashley Lindsay

16 – Jode Sheriffe
17 – Ben Sagar
18 – Neil Cherryholme
34 – Luke Haigh

1 – Quentin Laulu-Togagae
2 – Scott Turner
3 – Menzie Yere
15 – Matt Garside
5 – Misi Taulapapa
19 – Cory Aston
7 – Dominic Brambani
18 – Tom Lillycrop
9 – Andrew Henderson
10 – Mitchell Stringer
11 – Michael Knowles
16 – Duane Straugheir
6 – Pat Walker

8 – Eddie Battye
12 – Peter Green
24 – Gareth Owen
31 – Theo Gonzales-Trique

13:30 – Good Afternoon and welcome to a warm Owlerton Stadium, as the Cougars take on the defending back-to-back Champions of the Championship, Sheffield Eagles.

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