Paul March Suspended

Keighley Cougars player-coach Paul March has been suspended for four matches after an RFL Disciplinary Tribunal found him guilty of the Grade C offence of questioning the integrity of a match official in the Kingstone Press Championship fixture with Doncaster on Sunday February 23.

March, who pleaded not guilty, was also fined £100.

3 thoughts on “Paul March Suspended

  1. its a let down but he wont want reminding of it but i think clubs should get together and get the standard of reffereing improved because its very inconcistant and the the man in the middle at doncaster should take a good long look at himself and RFL should look into the reason why he had to question poor inconcistant decisions

  2. So a Hull KR player headbutts an opponent right in front of ref and doesn’t even get a yellow card, but Paul gets a 4 match ban and fine for descent? Sort it out.

  3. The whole ethos of rugby is not to question the ref?? The man in the middle is the official and you have to play to yours and the opposing teams strengths and the refs, does he play offside etc. Lets not go down the road of football where there seems to be no respect for the officials at all.

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