North Wales Crusaders 14-16 COUGARS – Live Match Blog

North Wales Crusaders v Keighley Cougars Live Match Blog by Joshua Chapman (@Chapalar) in Association with A1 Stairlifts.

FULL TIME – North Wales Crusaders 14-16 Keighley Cougars.

RED CARD – Seb Martins sent off for dissent post the whistle.

79 min – Tommy Johnson adds the two. Oh my this could get tense. Crusaders 14-16 Cougars.

78 min – CRUSADERS TRY – Roets is over. Nail biting time. Crusaders 12-16 Cougars.

76 min – Danny Lawton is wise to the short kick off and gets the ball for the Cougars.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (9/10) – Cherryholme replaces Paddy.

74 min – COUGARS TRY – And as I write that, Sean Hekseth powers over to wrap the game up. Crusaders 8-16 Cougars.

74 min – Crusaders with great defence to stop Cougars wrapping this tight affair up.

73 min – YORKSHIRE TIMES MAN OF THE MATCH – Brendon Rawlins.

73 min – Cougars scrum ten out from the Crusaders line.

73 min – Cougars get away with a knock on this time. Crusaders supporters are fuming.

71 min – Ben Sagar gets away with murder and wins a scrum. Lucky Sags.

70 min – Cougars penalty as Roets grabs Jode’s ankle at the play the ball.

69 min – Crusaders now intercept and give away a penalty.

68 min – Lewis Graham fantastically catches and intercepts.

67 min – 811 is the attendance here in Wrexham.

66 min – Crusaders penalty, but they lose the ball and James Haley is off.

COGARS INTERCHANGES (8/10) – Jode and Haigh replace Shick and Buster.

65 min – Paul White knocks on from a Jesse offload.

63 min – Cougars penalty. Crusaders under immense defensive

61 min – Linesman rules the knock on is by Crusaders. Cougars Scrum.

60 min – Jesse Sheriffe trapped in goal after a howler from the kick.

59 min – Crusaders penalised for obstruction.

COUGARS INTERCHANGES (6/10) – Shick and Paddy replace Jode and Chezza.

58 min – Crusaders now on the front foot. Cougars being made to work.

56 min – CRUSADERS TRY – Craig Ashall powers over. Shocker of a conversion. Crusaders 8-12 Cougars.

CRUSADERS INTERCHANGES (8/10) – Smith and Griffiths replaced by Walker and Craigh Ashall.

54 min – From which Mr Stkoes pulls play back. Crusaders scrum.

54 min – Great kick by DJ, Graham restarts with the tap. But Crusaders force a silly error.

52 min – Fisticuffs between Middlehurst and Tiger. Cougars penalty.

51 min – Cougars scrum after a failed 40/20 attempt.

CRUSADERS INTERCHANGES (6/10) – Hudson and Offerdahl return in place of Martins and Adamson.

49 min – Tigers kick is caught rather warily by Jamie Dallimore.

49 min – Error forced and a penalty won. Cougars back on the attack. Great second half showing so far.

47 min – Jono Smith makes fantastic metres for the home side there. Graham with a great catch from the bombing kick.

46 min – Another set of six for the Cougars. Jesse Sheriffe is over but has the effort ruled out for obstruction.

45 min – Buster and Sagar both held out short.

44 min – Cougars force a knock on under the posts. Scrum just ten out from the line!

42 min – DJ converts with help from the post! Crusaders 4-12 Cougars.

42 min – COUGARS TRY – Brendon Rawlins powers over the line. Crusaders 4-10 Cougars.

42 min – The referee gives Cougars another set of six.

41 min – Cougars force a knock on in the second tackle of the half. Scrum thirty metres out.

KICK OFF – Danny Jones gets the second half underway.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (4/10) – Half Time change, Lindsay is replaced by Ben Sagar.

HALF TIME – North Wales Crusaders 4-6 Keighley Cougars.

40 min – Cougars force a knock on, on the line. Scrum and set of six to finish the half.

39 min – Crusaders win a penalty and kick to touch. Twenty out from the Cougar line.

37 min – Buster is held up. Crusaders take the ball on the turnover.

36 min – Jode Sheriffe wins a scrum for the Cougars, twenty out from the line.

35 min – Jesse Sheriffe lets the ball bounce out. Tap on the twenty for the Cougars.

CRUSADRS INTERCHANGE (4/10) – Toby Adamson replaces Craig Ashall.

34 min – It’s getting tasty on the pitch now. Very hard fought game, being made harder by the heat.

34 min – Sloppy and Silly by Jesse Sheriffe and James Haley. Crusaders scrum.

33 min – Knock-on-a-thon. Cougars scrum.

32 min – Jono Smith is the Ross Peltier of Wales. I’m convinced.

32 min – Knock on by Danny Lawton. Crusaders ball.

CRUSADERS INTERCHANGE (3/10) – Owain Griffiths replaces Lee Hudson.

30 min – Kick is out behind the goal line. Cougars tap on the twenty.

29 min – Crusaders look more threatening with each attack. Cougars looking worried.

28 min – Crusaders scrum to be retaken as it collapses and Lindsay ends up with the ball.

27 min – Wild offload and Josh Lynam comes away with ball.

CRUSADERS INTERCHANGE (2/10) – Jono Smith and Sebastien Martins replace Mark Offerdahl and Jonny Walker.

25 min – Crusaders penalty. They kick to touch.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (3/10) – Luke Haigh is replaced by Buster.

24 min – Kick goes into touch. Cougars tap on the twenty.

22 min – Paul White is over in the corner but the touch judge rules it out for a forward pass.

21 min – Josh Lynam skips through a gap and is caught illegally. Cougars penalty.

21 min – Rawlo held up over the Crusaders line. Cougars pushed back ten.

COUGARS INTERCHANGES (2/10) – Jode Sheriffe and Cherryholme replace Shick and Paddy.

20 min – Cougars scrum. Got lucky as the ball actually went backwards.

20 min – Tiger’s kick reaches touch. Crusaders tap on twenty.

18 min – Crusaders halted on half way by a resolute Cougars defence.

16 min – CRUSADERS TRY – Stephen Wild breaks through a bus sized gap to race forty metres to cross. Tommy Johnson slices the conversion. Crusaders 4-6 Cougars.

15 min – Sloppy by the Cougars. Going to be punished.

13 min – BOOM! Big hit on the far side forces a spill. Cougars scrum.

12 min – Great stuff by the Cougars to keep the Crusaders out there.

11 min – Tingle is down in back play holding his leg, is okay to continue by the looks of it.

10 min – Great kicks by DJ and Dallimore are turning this into a literal end to end affair.

8 min – Forget bend it like Beckham, bend it like Jones! Crusaders 0-6 Cougars.

7 min – COUGARS TRY – And from the play that follows, Rawlo offloads into space and James Haley is over. North Wales 0-4 Cougars.

6 min – Paddy is held up over the line.

6 min – Another set on the North Wales line for the Cougars.

5 min – North Wales doing well to hold out a Cougars onslaught on the line.

4 min – Cougars set back to one as ball is knocked from the grasps of Danny JOnes.

3 min – Knock on by Stuart Reardon. Cougars Scrum.

2 min – Dallimore kick well caught and taken out of goal by Paul White.

1 min – Knock on by Sean Hesketh. North Wales scrum.

KICK OFF – And the Crusaders get us under way here in North Wales.

14:34 – Here are the home side to a very loud cheer.

14:33 – Here are the Cougars! IT’S COUGARTIME!

14:26 – Match Officials: Referee – G Stokes, TJ’s – J Callaghan and T Owen, Reserve – J McMullen, Commissioner – T Brown.

14:23 – TEAM NEWS:

Cougars see James Craven (Groin), Richie Barnett (Car Accident), Scott Law (Shoulder), Daley Williams, Jack Lee and Ross Peltier drop out from the Swinton defeat. Jesse Sheriffe, Lewis Graham, James Haley, Andy Shickell, Ash Lindsay and Ben Sagar return to the seventeen.

21 – Jesse Sheriffe
25 – Lewis Graham
19 – Danny Lawton
4 – James Haley
5 – Paul White
6 – Danny Jones
7 – Paul Handforth (C)
8 – Andy Shickell
34 – Luke Haigh
10 – Sean Hesketh
11 – Josh Lynam
12 – Brendon Rawlins
13 – Ash Lindsay

9 – James Feather
16 – Jode Sheriffe
17 – Ben Sagar
18 – Neil Cherryholme

1 – Tommy Johnson
17 – Stuart Reardon
29 – Stephen Bannister
3 – Christian Roets
5 – Rob Massam
7 – Jamie Dallimore
19 – Karl Ashall
8 – Jonny Walker
24 – Lee Hudson
10 – Mark Offerdahl
12 – Gary Middlehurst
14 – Stephen Wild
9 – Craig Ashall

11 – Toby Adamson
13 – Jono Smith
25 – Owain Griffiths
30 – Sebastian Martins

14:22 – Good Afternoon and welcome to a very hot and sunny Glyndwr University Racecourse Stadium for the Round Eleven Kingstone Press Championship clash between the Cougars and the Crusaders.

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