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KC logo_pride smallCougars Club Chairman Gary Fawcett and CEO Neil Cullen will ┬áthis afternoon meet with the Club’s Solicitor to discuss the Clubs intial moves in their fight to keep the Club in the Championship .

Further updates to follow

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  1. ido hope there will be something good come out of this the one concern to me if we have the loyalty of the squad that they stick by the club and get the contracts sign for next season and also the loyal fans that go and buy season tickets go and buy them if we still remain relegated by defualt there looks alot of interesting teams that we have not seen ie hemel stags coventry bears if the R.F.L. get there fingers out and promote this division i hat this moment in time refuse to go to any games ie super league iternationals because of the ruling made

  2. I really hope the Club contest the ruling on Batley’s use of ineligible players.
    I don’t think the RFL have a leg to stand on.

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