Keighley Cougars v Hunslet Hawks – Live Match Blog

Doncaster RL 30-36 Leigh Centurions
Featherstone Rovers 18-12 Batley Bulldogs
Halifax RL 50-18 Whitehaven
Keighley Cougars 28-20 Hunslet Hawks
Workington Town 22-6 Dewsbury Rams

FULL TIME – Keighley Cougars 28-20 Hunslet Hawks

79 mins – Fisticuffs restart as Scott Law is hit hard by the Hawks defence before James Watson is placed in the sin bin by the match official.

79 mins – Referee Warren Turley places the incident on report.

79 mins – Play is halted as all twenty six players take part in a mass brawl

79 mins – The tired Hawks side surrender possession easily to the Cougars before the Hawks take some rough treatment of Andy Shickell a little too far.

78 mins – James Watson steals the ball to regain the visitors possession.

77 mins – Andy Shickell and Matthew Tebb exchange blows on half way.

Sponsors Man Of The Match – Scott Leatherbarrow
Yorkshire Times Man Of The Match – Scott Law

75 mins – COUGARS CONVERSION – Scott Leatherbarrow adds the extras. Cougars 28-20 Hawks.

74 mins – COUGARS TRY – James ‘Buster’ Feather breaks the Hawks line and runs thirty metres to cross the line. Cougars 26-20 Hawks.

72 mins – The Hawks spill the ball allowing Andy Shickell to break for the Cougars.

70 mins – Play is stopped as James Haley remains down after being gouged in eye during a tackle.

66 mins – The Hawks are awarded a scrum from a Danny Jones knock on.

64 mins – Scott Leatherbarrow puts the conversion agonizingly narrowly wide off the posts. Cougars 22-20 Hawks.

63 mins – COUGARS TRY – Some lovely attacking passing play by the Cougars comes off as Elliott Cosgrove crosses in the corner. Cougars 22-20 Hawks.

61 mins – Paul and David March showing some brotherly love once again following a knock on against the Hawks.

60 mins – The Cougars are penalised for obstruction by Andy Shickell.

58 mins – The Hawks are forced to kick early as the Cougars defence gets rough and tough.

57 mins – The Hawks win a scrum as James Feather knocks on at the play the ball.

56 mins – Cougars awarded a penalty on half way as David March’s restart finds it’s way out onto the full.

55 mins – COUGARS CONVERSION – Scott Leatherbarrow adds the extras. Two point game once again. Cougars 18-20 Hawks.

55 mins – COUGARS TRY – The referee awards James Haley the try. Cougars 16-20 Hawks.

55 mins – James Haley touches down but Warren Turley refers to his linesman after the Hawks complain of a suspected knock on by Danny Jones.

53 mins – HAWKS PENALTY – David March kicks the two. Cougars 12-20 Hawks.

52 mins – The Hawks awarded a penalty following dissent by Danny Jones, David March to take yet another two pointer.

50 mins – The Hawks win the ball back as Buster knocks on just a metre from the line with James Watson taking a quick tap from the twenty.

49 mins – The Cougars are awarded a penalty as Waine Pryce is judged to have challenged Paul White unfairly in the air.

48 mins – The Cougars win a penalty following a forward pass by Liam Welham.

47 mins – HAWKS PENALTY – David March opts to kick another two and does so successfully. Cougars 12-18 Hawks.

46 mins – The Hawks are awarded a penalty as Sean Kelly is judged to have stolen the ball from Luke Menzies.

46 mins – The Hawks win a scrum twenty metres from the Cougars line after Thomas Coyle kicks a 40/20 for the Hawks.

45 mins – HAWKS PENALTY – David March opts to take the two from a Scott Law penalty for offside and does so successfully. Cougars 12-16 Hawks.

42 mins – Sean Kelly is held up over the line by the Hawks defence on the last.

KICK OFF – The Second Half is underway here at Cougar Park.

HALF TIME – Keighley Cougars 12-14 Hunslet Hawks.

36 mins – Scott Leatherbarrow nearly takes advantage off his own kick but Thomas Coyle beats him and Danny Jones to the ball.

33 mins – James Coyle breaks the Cougars line and offloads to John Oakes who passes on to Thomas Coyle who knocks on.

31 mins – HAWKS CONVERSION – David March adds the extras from bang in front off the posts. Cougars 12-14 Hawks.

30 mins – HAWKS TRY – Thomas Coyle breaks the line before offloading to James Watson who crosses for the Hawks second off the afternoon. Cougars 12-12 Hawks.

28 mins – The Cougars make their way down the field with Ryan Patchett leading the charge after coming from the interchanges bench.

26 mins – The Cougars prove unlucky not to cross again as Liam Welham steals the ball from Daley Williams in a one on one challenge on the try line.

22 mins – COUGARS CONVERSION – Scott Leatherbarrow adds the extras once again. Cougars 12-8 Hawks.

22 mins – COUGARS TRY – Brendon Rawlins is held short of the line before Scott Law fights his way over from Paul March’s play the ball. Cougars 10-8 Hawks.

21 mins – Andy Shickell is penalised for leading with his elbow before winning the ball back with a fantastic steal allowing Daley Williams to break down the line.

19 mins – COUGARS CONVERSION – Scott Leatherbarrow adds the extras. Cougars 6-8 Hawks.

19 mins – COUGARS TRY – Scott Leatherbarrow grubber kick is collected and touched down by Brendon Rawlins. Cougars 4-8 Hawks.

19 mins – Sean Hesketh is held up on the line by the Hawks defence.

18 mins – The Cougars win another scrum this time from a Lee Brickwood spill.

18 mins – Liam Welham knocks on from the restart presenting the Cougars with a scrum.

17 mins – HAWKS PENALTY – David March successfully adds the two. Cougars 0-8 Hawks.

17 mins – Sean Hesketh is penalised for a high shot on Michael Haley. Hawks penalty, David March opts to take the two bang in front of the posts.

16 mins – The Cougars present the Hawks with a new set of six on the line as Paul White knocks on from a James Coyle bomb.

15 mins – Some fantastic Cougars defence wins them a goal line dropout as Waine Pryce is trapped in goal.

13 mins – The Cougars kick from behind the posts presenting the Hawks with a golden opportunity to score but Stuart Kain knocks on.

11 mins – Waine Pryce nearly crosses but the referee pulls the play back for a knock on.

7 mins – Liam Welham knocks on from a David March offload.

6 mins – HAWKS CONVERSION – David March, twin brother of Cougars Player-Coach Paul adds the extras. Cougars 0-6 Hawks.

6 mins – HAWKS TRY – The Visitors take the lead as Andrew Yates crosses following a wild pass by Tommy Haughey. Cougars 0-4 Hawks.

4 mins – The referee halts play as Tommy Haughey goes down injured.

4 mins – Danny Jones kick on the last is well collected by Thomas Coyle before Scott Leatherbarrow gives away a needless penalty.

2 mins – Lee Brickwood is held short of the line before Paul March steals the ball in a one on one challenge.

KICK OFF – The Game is underway here at Cougar Park!

14:43 – TEAM NEWS

Keighley Cougars make three changes from the side that defeated Doncaster RL last time out. James Feather returns to take the place of Joe Parkinson, Buster goes into the thirteen with Sean Kelly dropping down to the interchanges. Joe Chandler returns from illness to take the place of Danny Lawton amongst the interchanges. Ryan Patchett comes in for an ill Jode Sheriffe in the other change from the Doncaster victory.

So, The Cougars team in full is as follows:

6 – Danny Jones
22 – Daley Williams
30 – Elliott Cosgrove
28 – James Haley
5 – Paul White
13 – Paul March
7 – Scott Leatherbarrow
8 – Andy Shickell
9 – James Feather (C)
10 – Sean Hesketh
11 – Oliver Pursglove
29 – Josh Lynam
12 – Brendon Rawlins

15 – Scott Law
20 – Sean Kelly
25 – Joe Chandler
27 – Ryan Patchett

For the visitors, the Hunslet Hawks:

31 – James Watson
2 – Waine Pryce
5 – Lee Brickwood
4 – Liam Welham
1 – Stuart Kain
38 – Thomas Coyle
35 – James Coyle
8 – Andrew Yates
37 – Liam Hood
34 – Michael Haley
12 – John Oakes
16 – Tom Haughey
13 – David March

9 – Luke Haigh
10 – Luke Menzies
22 – Lee Mapals
39 – Matthew Tebb

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