Keighley Cougars v Dewsbury Rams – Live Match Blog

Barrow Raiders 28-26 Hunslet Hawks
Batley Bulldogs 12-26 Doncaster RL
Featherstone Rovers POSTPONED Sheffield Eagles – Postponed due to the Eagles NRC Involvement.
Keighley Cougars 28-32 Dewsbury Rams
Leigh Centurions POSTPONED Halifax RL – Postponed due to the Centurions NRC Involvement.
Workington Town 44-20 Swinton Lions
York City Knights 4-20 Whitehaven

FULL TIME – Keighley Cougars 28-32 Dewsbury Rams.

78 mins: The Cougars are denied short before losing possession to a knock on by Scott Leatherbarrow.

16:35 – Man of the Match
Sponsors MOTM – Andy Shickell
Yorkshire Times MOTM – Andy Shickell

16:35 – Attendance here at Cougar Park is 937.

76 mins – COUGARS CONVERSION – Scott Leatherbarrow adds the extras! Cougars 28-32 Rams.

76 mins – COUGARS TRY – Sean Hesketh powers over the line! Cougars 26-32 Rams.

75 mins – Cougars penalty following a high shot on Ben Sagar.

74 mins – Danny Jones grubber kick is pushed out of play by Gregg Scott as Joe Chandler rushes in.

73 mins – The Cougars are awarded a penalty following a high shot on Scott Law.

71 mins – Ben Sagar collects the ball from the air well under pressure.

70 mins – Paul White is dragged into touch by the Rams defence.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (9/10): Scott Law is back on the field to replace Paul March.

69 mins – Rams scrum as a Danny Jones kick finds it’s way into touch.

63 mins – Scott Leatherbarrow attempts to grubber kick to Ben Sagar but the makeshift winger is caught out by the Rams defence.

62 mins – Danny Jones kicks a fantastic 40/20 to win the Cougars a scrum on the Rams line.

60 mins – BOOM! Makali Aizue and Oliver Pursglove make acquaintances on the field.

58 mins – Sean Hesketh is penalised for a knock on at the play the ball when Lucas Walshaw looks guilty off stealing.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (8/10): Buster returns to take the place off James Haley who was injured in the art of scoring.

55 mins – COUGARS CONVERSION – Scott Leatherbarrow with a successful conversion! Cougars 22-32 Rams.

55 mins – COUGARS TRY – James Haley races thirty metres seeing off numerous Rams defenders to score following a Danny Jones kick! Cougars 20-32 Rams.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (7/10): Andy Shickell is back to take the place off Scott Law.

53 mins – James Haley makes an handling error to give the Rams possession back.

53 mins – The Cougars win only their second penalty off the afternoon.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (6/10): Sean Hesketh returns to replace Matthew Bailey.

51 mins – What a superb offload by Craig Moss! Keeps the ball in touch as he is dragged out of the field.

50 mins – Fantastic kick and chase by the Cougars giving Dewsbury something to think about before Bobbie Goulding Jnr breaks.

49 mins – COUGARS CONVERSION – Scott Leatherbarrow kicks the two. Cougars 16-32 Rams.

49 mins – COUGARS TRY – Scott ‘The Judge’ Law fights his way over the line! Cougars 14-32 Rams.

48 mins – Penalty and Scrum to the Cougars as Dewsbury are penalised for feeding.

47 mins – Paul White races down the wing but is put into touch by James Craven and Dale Morton.

45 mins – Dewsbury regain possession following a handling error by Craig Moss.

43 mins – Scott Leatherbarrow is unsuccessful with the conversion attempt. Cougars 10-32 Rams.

43 mins – COUGARS TRY – James Haley goes through the Rams defence to just get the ball over the line following a pass by Craig Moss after some lovely Danny Jones play. Cougars 10-32 Rams.

42 mins – The Cougars are awarded a scrum following a knock on by Brad Watkinson.

41 mins – The Rams are awarded a scrum following a knock on by Elliott Cosgrove.

KICK OFF – The Second Half is underway here at Cougars Park.

15:54 – The Cougars and Rams return to the field for the second half. Cougars trail 32-6.

15:48 – We would like to thank the Bradford Belles Zumba Group for presenting our half time entertainment at Cougar Park this afternoon!

HALF TIME – Keighley Cougars 6-32 Dewsbury Rams.

39 mins: RAMS CONVERSION – Bobbie Goulding Jnr adds the extras with ease. Cougars 6-32 Rams.

39 mins – RAMS TRY – Tommy Gallagher crosses underneath the posts following a poor error from Danny Jones. Cougars 6-30 Rams.

COUGARS INTERCHANGES (5/10): Daley Williams leaves the field with a bloodied nose to be replaced by Brendon Rawlins.

36 mins – A wild pass by Daley Williams is knocked on by Danny Jones. Scrum to Dewsbury.

35 mins – Some good Cougars defence forces a knock on by Karl Pryce.

32 mins – RAMS CONVERSION – Successful conversion by Bobbie Goulding Jnr. Cougars 6-26 Rams.

31 mins: RAMS TRY – James Craven collects a Jonathan Schofield kick to cross once again. Cougars 6-24 Rams.

31 mins: Adam O’Brien is well held up on the line by the Cougars defence.

29 mins: Jonathan Schofield successfully kicks a 40-20 to get the Rams a set of six on the Cougars line.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (4/10): Paul March comes onto the field in the place of James Feather.

26 mins: Scott Leatherbarrow’s kick is too strong for Paul White and goes into touch.

25 mins: Ironic applause as Cougars are awarded their first penalty this afternoon.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (3/10): Ben Sagar and Matthew Bailey take to the field to replace Sean Hesketh and Brendon Rawlins.

22 mins – Bobbie Goulding Jnr is unsuccessful with the conversion attempt. Cougars 6-20 Rams.

21 mins – RAMS TRY – An error by Scott Leatherbarrow allows Brad Watkinson to offload to James Craven who crosses in the corner. Cougars 6-20 Rams.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (1/10): Scott Law comes on to replace Andy Shickell.

18 mins – Greg Scott crosses in the corner but the try is ruled out for a forward pass in the build up.

17 mins – Elliott Cosgrove spills the ball from the restart. Scrum to Dewsbury.

16 mins – COUGARS CONVERSION – Scott Leatherbarrow ‘Kicks It’ as the music goes! Cougars 6-16 Rams.

16 mins – COUGARS TRY – Joe Chandler races over following a fantastic offload by Danny Jones. Cougars 4-16 Rams.

14 mins – RAMS CONVERSION – Bobbie Goulding Jnr. converts from near the touchline. Cougars 0-16 Rams.

13 mins – RAMS TRY – A try what shouldn’t have been has been awarded by the referee. Gregg Scott knocks on before Brad Watkinson touches down. The Cougars support is in uproar. Cougars 0-14 Rams.

12 mins – A Scott Leatherbarrow grubber kick is well collected by Dale Morton.

11 mins – Greg Scott nearly crosses in the corner but is halted by some scrappy Cougars defence.

10 mins – Dewsbury are awarded a scrum as Scott Leatherbarrow knocks on in the tackle.

9 mins – The Cougars win a dropout as a fantastic Danny Jones kick forces Dale Morton to collect and race into touch to escape the on rushing Paul White.

8 mins – The Cougars win a scrum as Josh Tonks knocks on following a break by Brad Watkinson.

6 mins – RAMS CONVERSION – Bobbie Goulding Jnr adds the two with ease. Cougars 0-10 Rams.

6 mins – RAMS TRY – Karl Pryce collects the ball as Sean Hesketh throws a wild pass to Brendon Rawlins before racing thirty metres to score underneath the posts. Cougars 0-8 Rams.

5 mins – The Cougars are awarded a penalty as the referee changes his mind following some assistance from the Touch Judge.

4 mins – Bobbie Goulding Jnr. is unsuccessful with the conversion. Cougars 0-4 Rams.

3 mins – RAMS TRY – Karl Pryce fantastically collects a Jonathan Schofield kick to touch down. Cougars 0-4 Rams.

2 mins – The Rams win a scrum following a knock on by Buster.

KICK OFF – We’re underway here at Cougar Park!


14:59 – Dewsbury Rams enter the pitch ahead of this afternoons  fixture here at Cougar Park!

14:57 – We have some Pre-Match entertainment here at Cougar Park this afternoon! Two local singers have come to grace us with their talents.

14:46 – TEAM NEWS:

The Cougars make just two changes from the victorious side at Swinton Lions last week. Josh Lynam drops out of the seventeen along with Ryan Patchett who has failed a fitness test so misses out through injury. They are replaced by James Haley and Matthew Bailey, his first appearance for the first team since breaking his leg in pre-season. Joe Chandler moves into the second row to accommodate Haley in the centres.

1 – Craig Moss
22 – Daley Williams
30 – Elliott Cosgrove
29 – James Haley
5 – Paul White
6 – Danny Jones (C)
7 – Scott Leatherbarrow
8 – Andy Shickell
9 – James Feather
10 – Sean Hesketh
11 – Oliver Pursglove
25 – Joe Chandler
12 – Brendon Rawlins

13 – Paul March
15 – Scott Law
17 – Ben Sagar
24 – Matthew Bailey

For the Opposition this afternoon, Dewsbury Rams:
2 – Dale Morton
1 – James Craven
26 – Karl Pryce
30 – Brad Watkinson
4 – Gregg Scott
17 – Jonathan Schofield
27 – Bobbie Goulding
25 – Stephen Nash
35 – Kane Bentley
16 – Ryan Hepworth (C)
28 – Lucas Walshaw
3 – Scott Hale
12 – Josh Tonks

11 – Rob Spicer
13 – Tommy Gallagher
24 – Adam O’Brien
32 – Makali Aizue

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