Keighley Cougars v Batley Bulldogs – Live Match Blog

Barrow Raiders 26-12 Halifax RL
Dewsbury Rams 20-16 Hunslet Hawks
Doncaster RL 46-4 Whitehaven
Keighley Cougars 6-46 Batley Bulldogs
Leigh Centurions 32-22 Swinton Lions
Workington Town 6-62 Featherstone Rovers
York City Knights 16-42 Sheffield Eagles

FULL TIME – Keighley Cougars 6-46 Batley Bulldogs.

79 min – Johnny Campbell races the full length off the pitch on the hooter before knocking on just a metre from the line under pressure from Gavin Duffy.

79 min – Alex Bretherton crosses the Bulldogs line but the try is ruled out for a knock on after Mr Alibert consults his linesman.

78 min – Gavin Duffy is nearly in at the corner but the ball beats him and goes into touch.

77 min – Monster of a hit on Sean Hesketh halts the Cougars progress in an attempt to score for some salvation and pride.

16:28 – Attendance is 716 at Cougar Park this afternoon.

75 min – BULLDOGS CONVERSION – Hemingway adds the extras. Cougars 6-46 Bulldogs.

75 min – BULLDOGS TRY – Miles Greenwood crosses for the Bulldogs after a solo effort. Cougars 6-44 Bulldogs.

16:26 – Man of the Match
Sponsors MOTM – Danny Jones
Yorkshire Times MOTM – Joe Chandler

73 min – The Bulldogs break with Johnny Campbell after a kick from Scott Leatherbarrow prior to regaining possession and losing it again after giving away a sloppy penalty for obstruction.

70 min – Cougars penalty after Buster is obstructed but the Bulldogs win a scrum as Scott Leatherbarrow knocks on.

68 min – Scrum to the Bulldogs as Alibert rules the Cougars have knocked on as Craig Moss breaks free.

67 min – Johnny Campbell collects the Leatherbarrow kick and offloads to Tom Hemingway but the stand off knocks on.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (9/10) – Jode Sheriffe and Oliver Pursglove depart to be replaced by Matthew Bailey and Josh Lynam.

64 min – BULLDOGS CONVERSION – Tom Hemingway adds the extras from out on the wing. Cougars 6-40 Bulldogs.

64 min – BULLDOGS TRY – An attempted chip over the top finds its way into the hands of Gareth Potts who races sixty metres to cross in the corner. Cougars 6-38 Bulldogs.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (7/10) – Buster returns to replace Paul March.

61 min – Scrum on the ten metre line to the Cougars as Paul March fails to take advantage from the free play.

60 min – Scott Leatherbarrow’s attempt at a short kick off doesn’t even make ten metres. Penalty to the Bulldogs on half way.

59 min – BULLDOGS CONVERSION – Tom Hemingway kicks fantastically to add the extras. Cougars 6-34 Bulldogs.

58 min – BULLDOGS TRY – George Flangan breaks the Cougars line to cross. Cougars 6-32 Bulldogs.

55 min – A fantastic tackle by Jode Sheriffe holds Danny Maun up over the line.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (6/10) – Scott Law is back on the sidelines as he is replaced by Brendon Rawlins.

52 min – BULLDOGS CONVERSION – Hemingway adds the extras. Cougars 6-28 Bulldogs.

52 min – BULLDOGS TRY – Jason Walton touches down as Craig Moss spills a Gareth Moore kick. Cougars 6-26 Bulldogs.

48 min – BULLDOGS CONVERSION – Tom Hemingway adds the extras. Cougars 6-22 Bulldogs.

48 min – BULLDOGS TRY – Ashley Lindsay touches down after Miles Greenwood flicks back a Gareth Moore kick. Cougars 6-20 Bulldogs.

46 min – Scrum to the Bulldogs following a knock on by Scott Law.

44 min – COUGARS CONVERSION – Fantastic conversion by Scott Leatherbarrow! Cougars 6-16 Bulldogs.

44 min – COUGARS TRY – Joe Chandler touches down from a Paul March kick. Cougars 4-16 Bulldogs.

42 min – Joe Chandler is held up over the line by the Batley defence.

KICK OFF – The Second Half is underway here at Cougar Park.


HALF TIME – Keighley Cougars 0-16 Batley Bulldogs.

35 min – BULLODGS CONVERSION – Tom Hemingway adds the extras with ease. Cougars 0-16 Bulldogs.

34 min – BULLDOGS TRY – Gareth Moore races eighty metres to score for the Bulldogs after Leatherbarrow’s kick takes a wicked deflection of Miles Greenwood. Cougars 0-14 Bulldogs.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (5/10) – Sean Hesketh returns to take the place off Brendon Rawlins.

32 min – Johnny Campbell touches down but is ruled to be in touch by the linesman.

29 min – Scrum to the Bulldogs as Scott Law knocks on in the tackle.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (4/10) – Scott Leatherbarrow takes to the field to replace James Feather.

28 min – Gavin Duffy dodges and weaves through Bulldogs defenders and evades being caught in goal for a dropout.

27 min – Bulldogs penalty for a foul by Paul March.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (3/10) – Jode Sheriffe is on to replace Matthew Bailey.

25 min – Fisticuffs are exchanged as Buster greets George Flanagan with a forearm to the face.

23 min – Confusion reigns following a difference opinion by Thierry Alibert and his linesman with Gareth Potts racing down the field.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (2/10) – Josh Lynam departs to be replaced by Ben Sagar.

21 min – Gareth Potts is trapped in goal but gets out of trouble by getting an offload away to Tom Hemingway.

21 min – Matthew Bailey crosses the line but is held up by the Bulldogs defence.

20 min – Paul March is held short off the line once again.

20 min – Tom Hemingway is penalised for a high tackle on Craig Moss.

18 min – Danny Jones grubber kick is collected by Miles Greenwood before the Cougars defence hauls into touch. Another dropout under the posts.

18 min – Paul March is held short off the line by the Bulldogs defence.

17 min – Gareth Moore’s foot goes on the touch line. Dropout underneath the posts.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (1/10) – Scott Law is on to replace Sean Hesketh.

15 min – BULLDOGS CONVERSION – Tom Hemingway adds the extras. Cougars 0-10 Bulldogs.

14 min – BULLDOGS TRY – Ashley Lindsay touches down a Tom Hemingway kick into goal but the referee consults with his linesman before awarding the try much to the dismay off Paul March.

13 min – Anthony Mullally breaks the Cougars line and is only halted short off the line by a fantastic Craig Moss tackle.

12 min – The Cougars are penalised for a forward pass by the match official. Scrum to the Bulldogs.

11 min – A Bulldogs kick into goal reaches touch. Possession to the Cougars on the twenty.

9 min – Tom Hemingway embarrassingly slices the conversion from his own try to the right off the posts. Cougars 0-4 Bulldogs.

9 min – BULLDOGS TRY – A fantastic passing move by the Bulldogs sees Gareth Potts breaking before offlaoding to Tom Hemingway who crosses for the try. Cougars 0-4 Bulldogs.

8 min – A fantastic kick and chase by the Cougars traps the Bulldogs in their own half.

7 min – Miles Greenwood breaks the Cougars line and offloads to Johnny Campbell who knocks on as he crosses in the corner.

6 min – The Bulldogs are awarded a penalty for interference in the tackle.

5 min – The Cougars are awarded a penalty for offside.

5 min – The Bulldogs are held up on the line by some tough Cougars defence.

1 min – The Bulldogs are awarded the penalty for offside from the kick on the last.

1 min – A fantastic break and offload by Paul March gains the Cougars metres down the hill.

KICK OFF – The Bulldogs gets us underway here at Cougar Park!


14:58 – 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

14:58 – The Bulldogs enter the field of play here at Cougar Park this afternoon for the game.

14:57 – The Cougars will be attacking downhill towards the North Stand in the first half, the Bulldogs attacking uphill towards the South Stand.

14:49 – We would like to wish Craig Moss a happy 28th Birthday today!

14:48 – Thierry Alibert (France) is our Match Official at Cougar Park this afternoon.

14:48 – TEAM NEWS:

The Cougars make three changes from the squad that lost at the Sheffield Eagles last Friday night. Paul White and Andy Shickell both miss out through injury with Gavin Duffy returning and Matthew Bailey stepping up from the interchanges to take their places in the team. Daley Williams, who is dropped from the seventeen, also misses out with Josh Lynam returning to take a place in the second row with Joe Chandler moving into the centres. Jode Sheriffe returns from injury to take a place amongst the interchanges.

1 – Craig Moss
2 – Gavin Duffy
28 – Elliott Cosgrove
25 – Joe Chandler
3 – Richie Barnett
6 – Danny Jones (C)
13 – Paul March
24 – Matthew Bailey
9 – James Feather
10 – Sean Hesketh
11 – Oliver Pursglove
30 – Josh Lynam
12 – Brendon Rawlins

7 – Scott Leatherbarrow
15 – Scott Law
16 – Jode Sheriffe
17 – Ben Sagar

For our visitors, the Batley Bulldogs:
1 – Miles Greenwood
2 – Gareth Potts
3 – Jason Walton
4 – Danny Maun
5 – Johnny Campbell
23 – Tom Hemingway
7 – Gareth Moore
19 – Alex Rowe
14 – George Flanagan
30 – Anthony Mullally (DR)
11 – Alex Bretherton
16 – John Davies
13 – Ashley Lindsay (C)

15 – Keegan Hirst
20 – Ayden Faal
25 – Jay Leary
26 – Alister Leek

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