IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT – Parking Enforcement on Sunday 11th March

For our clash against Bradford Bulls on Sunday 11th March all fans are reminded that there should be NO parking on any double yellow lines along Royd Ings Avenue nor any parking across and around entrances to the police station, businesses and industrial estates surrounding the ground.

Fans are allowed to park on the single yellow lines along Royd Ings Avenue as parking restrictions do not apply on a Sunday for single yellow lines only.

Bradford Met Parking Enforcement Officers will be in attendance at the game and any illegal parking will lead to a parking fine.

All fans need to be aware that the industrial estates are working areas on a Sunday and parking at entrances to these blocks lorry access which will not be tolerated by the enforcement officers.

The club has two very large car parks at the fans disposal in Stells & Co on Royd Ings Avenue and Keighley Cricket Club on Hard Ings Road. Further, there are other large car parks surrounding the ground so there should be plenty of parking for all on the day.

All fans are urged to arrive as early as possible at the ground to avoid congestion and to make sure they get a parking space.  The Cougar Park bars are open from 12pm that day.

5 thoughts on “IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT – Parking Enforcement on Sunday 11th March

  1. What happened to the agreement that it would be ok to park on the yellow lines on match day? Why did they paint them there in the first place?Surely they should be encouraging the club x

  2. I would not condone any business’s entrance being blocked , however the thought of parking officers skulking around outside while the match is in progress is a joke.
    This will be one of the biggest crowds at Cougar Park for years and the Council should be encouraging fans to attend not alienating them , why not suspend the parking restrictions for the afternoon.
    If they are looking for parking issues I would suggest they take a tour of certain areas in Bradford and Keighley , everybody parks on the pavements !

  3. Paid for tickets on Cougars website when my mate went to collect Tickets he was told just turn up at main gate and your name will be on a list

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