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The Cougarmania craze swept through the town in the mid-90s and crowd attendances increased to over 5,000. The head coach steered the club to promotion into the top flight but due to another re-structure within the leagues the Cougars were denied promotion (despite, some would argue, being an influential force in the creation of the Super League).

In 2003, the club won promotion into Division 1, now the Kingstone Press Championship, but with poor attendances struggled to survive and the following season fell back into Division 2, now the Kingstone Press Championship 1.

The last few years have been a time to rebuild and structure the club so that it can run as a successful and profitable business. We believe that a measured and financially stable climb up the league ladder is the most effective way to progress.

The Cougars have a strong diverse board, who have the energy and drive to enable a consolidation in the current league and a target of Super League in 2020 starting with promotion to the Championship this season!

Watch the Cougarmania video from the ’90s here…