Halifax RL 38-6 COUGARS – Live Match Blog

Halifax RL v Keighley Cougars Live Match Blog by Joshua Chapman (@Chapalar) in association with A1 Stairlifts.

FULL TIME – Halifax RL 38-6 Keighley Cougars.

80 min – Into the final minute, and Fax kick to touch. Cougars scrum.

78 min – Paul White’s grubber goes to touch. Fax restart on the twenty.

77 min – Absolute horror show this second half, be glad to here the hooter now!


75 min – Missed conversion by Mennell.

74 min – FAX TRY – Great grubber by Munnell is touched down in the corner by Tommy Saxton. Fax 38-6 Cougars.


73 min – Fax back to one after Paul White tries a quick breakaway and spills the ball.

FAX INTERCHANGE (10/10) – Fax’s final interchanges sees Sam Brooks replace Tony Tonks.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (9/10) – Paddy replaced by Jode Sheriffe.

72 min – Tiger’s kick is knocked on in the air by Danny Lawton. Fax’s ball on the turnover.

71 min – Fax break and Ambler is unlucky not to have his second of the evening.

70 min – Late challenge on Mennell by Rawlo following a kick. Lucky to get away with that one.

HALIFAX INTERCHANGE (9/10) – Adam Robinson replaced by Jack Spencer.

70 min – Is time to go home yet? Unfortunately not, ten minutes to go yet.

69 min – FAX CONVERSION – Easy conversion for Mennell. Fax 34-6 Cougars.

68 min – FAX TRY – Too easy for Halifax now. Ross Divorty through a bus sized gap and scores next to the posts. Fax 32-6 Cougars.

68 min – Fax tap ten metres from the line for a forward pass.

68 min – Daley Williams spills a Johnston kick and is nearly punished by Robinson.

67 min – Tiger and Whitey try to work some magic, just isn’t happening at all for the Cougars.

66 min – Cougars win a scrum ten metres out from there own line.

HALIFAX INTERCHANGE (8/10) – Keith Holden replaced by Ben Kaye.

65 min – Reckless by Josh Lynam on Ryan Fieldhouse. Incident placed on report.

64 min – Another Cougars penalty. Now twenty metres from the Fax line.

62 min – Cougars are awarded probably only there second penalty of the half.

HALIFAX INTERCHANGE (7/10) – Scott Murrell replaced by Andy Bracek.

60 min – FAX CONVERSION – Murrell converts his own try. Fax 28-6 Cougars.

60 min – FAX TRY – Murrell over after a poor defensive error by Ash Lindsay. Fax 26-6 Cougars.

58 min – Getting a tad embarassing now as Murrell kicks a 40/20. Fax scrum.

57 min – FAX CONVERSION – Easy conversion for Murrell. Fax 22-6 Cougars.

56 min – FAX TRY – Luke Ambler under the posts at full stretch. Fax 20-6 Cougars.

55 min – Sloppy by Rawlo, he loses his temper and gifts Halifax a penalty.

55 min – Awful conversion attempt by Murrell.

COUGARS INTERCHAGE (8/10) – Ash, Paddy and Rawlo replace Sags, Shick and Jode.

53 min – FAX TRY – Daley Williams leaves a gap in the corner, from which Adam Robinson scores in. Fax 16-6 Cougars.

53 min – Fax were on the Cougars line but was forced back but Scott Murrell is held short.

52 min – Fax penalty for an offside against Andy Shickell. Great kick to touch by Murrell.

51 min – Fax spill, Daley tries to offload and Haley knocks on, Murrell then pounces in the play the ball and gives Cougars a penalty it is then spilled by Paul White. All action here at The Shay!

50 min – FAX CONVERSION – Murrell adds the two. Fax 12-6 Cougars.

49 min – FAX TRY – Repeat sets was always going to be costly, especially on the line as Tony Tonks finds a gap and crosses the line. Fax 10-6 Cougars.

48 min – Fax penalty as Cougars penalised for offside.

48 min – Great passing game by Halifax nearly sends Luke Ambler over.

48 min – Ryan Fieldhouse breaks through the Cougars line but is halted by an Olly Pursglove ankle tap.

46 min – Richie Barnett catches yet another poor kick down his throat by Murrell.

FAX INTERCHANGES (6/10) – Luke Ambler and Tony Tonks return to replace Sam Brooks and Jack Spencer.

45 min – Fax awarded a scrum for a knock on in the tackle by Jode Sheriffe.

45 min – Cougas awarded a penalty for an infringement in the tackle. Tiger kicks to touch and makes a good twenty five metres.

43 min – COUGARS PENALTY – Danny Lawton adds the two. Fax 6-6 Cougars.

43 min – Fax being forced to defend on the line and make an error. Cougars penalty. Tiger opts for two.

42 min – Cougars restart from the Fax forty, looking to get the first score of the second half.

41 min – Good opening set defensively for the Cougars. Fax unable to make forty metres and Murrell’s kick reaches touch.

KICK OFF – Tiger restarts the game here in Calderdale.

20:55 – The sides are back for the second half. IT’S COUGARTIME! PART TWO!

HALF TIME – Halifax RL 6-4 Keighley Cougars.

40 min – Josh Lynam is nearly caught there! Gets out of goal though.

39 min – Halifax penalty, Murrell kicks to touch.

38 min – Great kick and chase by the Cougars yet again! Saxton has no room to move as Barnett hits him early.

37 min – Worth a try by Fax that! But unfortunately, the pass to Fieldhouse is a mile forward. Cougars scrum.

37 min – Fax kick goes to touch, Cougars restart on the twenty and kick early. Fax now back in possession.

36 min – Looks like Haighy has suffered an injury to his ankle. The icepack has been applied.

35 min – HALIFAX CONVERSION – Murrell adds the extras with ease. Fax 6-4 Cougars.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (5/10) – The injured Haighy is replaced by Buster.

34 min – The clock is stopped however as Luke Haigh is down injured following the try, requiring medical attention.

34 min – HALIFAX TRY – And the lack of numbers is costly as Jack Spencer is through to score underneath the posts. Fax 4-4 Cougars.

34 min – Adam Robisnson is a big lad to have at centre and the Cougars need four to take him down.

33 min – Ryan Fieldhouse given the freedom of Halifax from the Tiger kick, he’s halted on half way by a great shot at the legs by Olly Pursglove.

32 min – But, Fax have wind in there sails now and the crowd are getting louder.

32 min – Richie and Cravo are catching everything put at them by the Fax kicking game this evening, brilliant to watch.

31 min – Remember what I said earlier about Josh Lynam? He’s done it again, this time to shake the boots of Tommy Saxton.

30 min – Great play by Peter Fox to break but the Cougars do fantastically well to halt it and then keep Ross Divorty short of the line.

HALIFAX INTERCHANGE (4/10) – Luke Ambler and Ben Kaye replaced by Keith Holden and Sam Brooks.

28 min – Bouncing kick is well collected by Danny Lawton amongst a crowd of players.

27 min – Another great kick and chase by the Cougars sees Haley and Williams absolutely smash Peter Fox.

26 min – Another poor kick by Murrell, this time it goes straight to Richie Barnett.

HALIFAX INTERCHANGE (2/10) – Andy Bracek replaced by Ben Johnston.

26 min – Cougars keeping Fax at bay on a ground where they tend to lose by a try or two. Good stuff so far!

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (4/10) – Sags and Haighy replace Lindsay and Buster.

24 min – Daley Williams nearly caught out by the Murrell kick. Cougars win the ball on the turnover.

23 min – Another penalty, this time for a late shot by Andy Shickell on Jack Spencer.

23 min – Fax penalty for a Jode Sheriffe facial. Poor kick to touch by Scott Murrell.

22 min – Knock on by the Cougars. Fax scrum.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (2/10) – Shick and Jode Sheriffe replace Paddy and Rawlo.

21 min – Poor kick, straight down the throat of James Craven.

20 min – The blood and thunder attitude still in full swing, all though some of the sting has been taken out by Buster’s try.

FAX INTERCHANGE (1/10) – Jack Spencer replaces Tony Tonks.

18 min – Great effort by the Cougars to force Scott Murrell back over the line, but they just fall short.

18 min – Paul White looking good as acting half back tonight, but Daley is held up short off the line.

17 min – Cougars break and Cravo tries to be clever but the offload is knocked out of play by a Fax hand. Cougars scrum.

15 min – What an awful conversion attempt that is by Tiger!

14 min – COUGARS TRY – Buster takes the ball out of the tackle and crosses with a great angled run! Fax 0-4 Cougars.

14 min – Cougars awarded a penalty for holding down after the held call. Tiger opts to tap and play.

13 min – Tiger grubber is captured by Callum Casey but the centre is trapped in goal by Olly Pursglove. Fax to dropout.

12 min – Fax like Cougars earlier looking good in defence on the line.

12 min – Tommy Saxton and Ross Divorty get away with one there and a great hit by Rawlo forces an error. Cougars in possession.

10 min – Cracking start to the game here at The Shay. Both sides going blood and thunder since kick off.

10 min – Quick by Tiger goes straight into touch behind the sticks. Fax restart on the twenty.

9 min – Bit of leanway being given by the referee so far, both sides getting away with 50/50 calls.

8 min – Adam Robinson breaks, great tackle by James Craven to stop it quick.

8 min – Great stuff by Paddy to halt an attempted Peter Fox break.

8 min – Another great kick and chase by the Cougars, this time Tommy Saxton is greeted early by Danny Lawton.

7 min – Kick on the last by Murrell goes out of play, Cougars to restart on the twenty metre line.

7 min – Josh Lynam needs to be careful, he’s flying in to challenges with his arms suspectedly high.

6 min – Great interception by Ross Divorty, luckily Rawlo is there to halt any sort of break from the Welsh international.

5 min – Rawlo lucky to escape a high tackle call. The Fax support certainly thinks so!

5 min – Not the best of kicks there from Tiger, easy catch for the Fax fullback.

4 min – Scott Murrell tries a 40/20 from the kick, well kept in by Cravo though.

3 min – Great kick and chase by the Cougars, James Haley giving Ryan Fieldhouse no chance to make a quick getaway.

2 min – Cougars looking strong in defence in Fax’s first set, Daley takes a kick in goal. Cougars to restart from the twenty.

1 min – Good start… Ash Lindsay knocks on in the tackle. Fax scrum.

KICK OFF – Scott Murrell gets us underway here at The Shay. C’MON COUGARS!

19:59 – Here come our two sides for this evening’s game… IT’S COUGARTIME! PART ONE!

19:57 – Quick shoutout to the Under 7’s & Under 9’s of Keighley Albion who took on there counterparts from Siddal and Elland in tonight’s pre-match entertainment.

19:54 – Seven former Halifax lads appear for the Cougars this evening. And a bit of family pride at stake as well as our Jode and Jesse’s big brother Rikki is a member of the Fax first team squad.

19:52 – The match officials and two teams are making there way back into the sheds! It’s nearly time!

19:50 – The Cougars singing section have just appeared, expecting plenty of noise lads!

19:48 – Even Freddie Cougars has made an appearance at The Shay! It is the big one after all!

19:44 – When the two sides met in early June, a destructive final fifteen minutes by Halifax allowed them to run out 28-14 victors and deny the Cougars the bonus point with a Paul Mennell try on the final hooter.

19:42 – For those who missed the announcement earlier today, from 2015 the Championship will have it’s own Magic Weekend, labelled ‘The Summer Bash’ which will take place over the second May bank holiday weekend at Bloomfield Road in Blackpool.

19:40 – The sides have emerged for the pre-match warm ups, the Cougars will be playing in there home strip this season, as will the home side.

19:34 – For those wondering, how come we’re playing on Thursday? It’s something to do with a bike race passing through the region this weekend. The name eludes me though!

19:31 – Just spotted Doncaster Player-Coach Paul Cooke emerge from the director’s suite here at The Shay, Donny take on the Cougars later this month and Fax during August.

19:29 – Tonight marks the tenth and final game of Paul March’s stadium ban, the ban comes to an end on Tuesday and Marchy is expected to play next Thursday for the Under 20’s down at Cougar Park, against Fax!

19:25 – It’s a lovely summer evening here in Halifax, the sun is still shining for now and the crowd is gradually building. As to be expected, plenty of Cougars in attendance!

19:22 – MATCH OFFICIALS: Referee – Mr C Kendall; Touch Judges – Mr T Grant & Mr P Graham; Reserve – Mr A Pullein; Match Commissioner – Mr C Hodgson.

19:20 – TEAM NEWS:

The Cougars make two changes from Sunday’s 48-6 mauling of the Rochdale Hornets. Paul White moves into the halves in place of injured Danny Jones with Daley Williams returning onto the wing, the other change sees Andy Shickell take the place of Neil Cherryholme amongst the interchanges.

1 – James Craven
2 – Richie Barnett
19 – Danny Lawton
4 – James Haley
22 – Daley Williams
5 – Paul White
7 – Paul Handforth
12 – Brendon Rawlins
9 – James Feather
10 – Sean Hesketh
11 – Josh Lynam
33 – Oliver Pursglove
13 – Ash Lindsay

8 – Andy Shickell
16 – Jode Sheriffe
17 – Ben Sagar
34 – Luke Haigh

1 – Ryan Fieldhouse
26 – Peter Fox
15 – Adam Robinson
23 – Callum Casey
21 – Tommy Saxton
6 – Scott Murrell
14 – Paul Mennell
8 – Tony Tonks
9 – Ben Kaye
10 – Luke Ambler
13 – Luke Adamson
27 – Ross Divorty
12 – Andy Bracek

18 – Ben Johnston
19 – Keith Holden
24 – Sam Brooks
28 – Jack Spencer

19:15 – Good evening, and a warm welcome to The Shay for this evening’s Kingstone Press Championship top six derby as the Cougars take on Halifax RL.

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