Featherstone Rovers v Keighley Cougars – U20’s Match Live Blog

FULL TIME – Featherstone Rovers 44-26 Keighley Cougars.

79 mins – COUGARS CONVERSION – Ben Stead adds the extras. Cougars 26-44 Rovers.

79 mins – COUGARS TRY – Ethan Hawksworth fights over the Rovers line. Cougars 24-44 Rovers.

73 mins – Tom Hodson is unsuccessful with the conversion. Cougars 20-44 Rovers.

73 mins – ROVERS TRY – A Brad Knowles-Hogg steal allows Ben Helliwell to link up with Joe Turton to send the winger in the corner. Cougars 20-44 Rovers.

71 mins – Play is stopped as Kurtis Jackson goes down with a suspected neck injury.

69 mins – Ben Stead is unsuccessful with the conversion. Cougars 20-40 Rovers.

69 mins – COUGARS TRY – Cougars steal the ball through Jordan Aitchison before he sends Rob Hawthorne crashing over for his second off the evening. Cougars 20-40 Rovers.

67 mins – Play is stopped for a short period as Duane McRea is left down injured in back play.

61 mins – ROVERS CONVERSION – Tom Hodson adds the two once again. Cougars 16-40 Rovers.

60 mins – ROVERS TRY – Kurtis Jackson marks his first touch of the ball with a try. Cougars 16-38 Rovers.

21:15 – Full Time from this evening’s Kingstone Press Championship fixture is York City Knights 24-36 Barrow Raiders.

56 mins – ROVERS CONVERSION – Tom Hodson adds the extras with another fantastic kick. Cougars 16-34 Rovers.

55 mins – ROVERS TRY – Ben Helliwell races down the field of play, making light work of any Cougars defenders. Cougars 16-32 Rovers.

53 mins – Jordan Aitchsion races down the left wing but is knocked into play by Ben Helliwell just he is about to cross in the corner.

52 mins – ROVERS CONVERSION – Tom Hodson adds the extras. Cougars 16-28 Rovers.

51 mins – ROVERS TRY – A knock on by the Rovers goes unpunished before Jack Beddis races underneath the sticks. Cougars 16-26 Rovers.

46 mins – ROVERS CONVERSION – Tom Hodson adds the extras just right off the post. Cougars 16-22 Rovers.

45 mins – ROVERS TRY – The referee rules that Nathan Harper has crossed for the Rovers as the Cougars defence think he has been kept short. Cougars 16-20 Rovers.

44 mins – Joe Turton nearly crosses in the corner for the Rovers but is held just short as the Cougars

42 mins – Rovers try by Danny Holmes ruled out after the referee judges that Sam Wright knocks on in the previous tackle.

41 mins – Kyle Akrigg knocks on from the Jack Pickerill restart. Scrum to the Rovers.

KICK OFF – The Second Half gets underway here at Featherstone with two sides tied at 16 apiece.

20:55 – The sides return to the Big Fellas Stadium as the second half is about to get underway.

20:47 – The Latest in this evening’s Kingstone Press Championship is York City Knights 24-24 Barrow Raiders.

HALF TIME – Featherstone Rovers 16-16 Keighley Cougars.

40 mins – COUGARS CONVERSION – Ben Stead adds the extras with ease. Cougars 16-16 Rovers.

39 mins – COUGARS TRY – A Liam Mackay kick comes off Rob Hawthorne before the centre offloads to Jordan Aitchison who races seventy metres to cross underneath the Rovers posts. Cougars 14-16 Rovers.

38 mins – A Jack Pickerill grubber kick just has too much and reaches touch before Brad Knowles-Tagg has the opportunity to extend the Rovers lead.

38 mins – Tom Hodson breaks the Cougars line before being fantastically halted by a Craig Moss tackle.

37 mins – COUGARS CONVERSION – Ben Stead adds the extras with ease. Cougars 10-16 Rovers.

36 mins – COUGARS TRY – We believe the try is scored by Rob Hawthorne following the attack from the scrum. Cougars 8-16 Rovers.

35 mins – The Cougars win a scrum after a Ben Stead bomb is spilled into play by Joe Turton.

34 mins – Gavin Duffy collects the ball from the bounce off a Ben Stead kick before dropping it backwards with the Referee wiping the tackle count.

32 mins – Tom Hodson misses the conversion. Cougars 4-16 Rovers.

31 mins – ROVERS TRY – The Cougars are punished for the sloppy penalty with Liam Mackay scoring from the play the ball off a tackle on Tom Hodson. Cougars 4-16 Rovers.

30 mins – The Cougars give away a sloppy penalty with Jack Pickerill opting for the kick into touch.

28 mins – ROVERS CONVERSION – Tom Hodson puts a fantastic conversion from the wing between the sticks. Cougars 4-12 Rovers.

27 mins – ROVERS TRY – A pass over the head of Ethan Hawksworth finds it’s way into the hands off Danny Holmes who crosses in the corner. Cougars 4-10 Rovers.

24 mins – The referee’s decision to pull back play as Jack Pickerill breaks down the field proves an extremely unpopular one with the Featherstone Rovers support.

23 mins – Richie Barnett nearly crosses in the corner but knocks on after a challenge by Joe Turton.

22 mins – A Ben Stead grubber kick just beats Kyle Akrigg as Danny Holmes pushes the ball into touch.

18 mins – Ben Stead puts the conversion just wide off the posts. Cougars 4-6 Rovers.

17 mins – COUGARS TRY – The Cougars pressure finally pays off as reigning Player of the Year, Craig Moss, finds his way over the Rovers line. Cougars 4-6 Rovers.

14 mins – A Ben Stead kick is too strong for Richie Barnett and finds his way into touch.

13 mins – Gavin Duffy escapes a tackle to break and give the Cougars some valuable metres in their search to bring the game back level.

10 mins – Cougars regain possession after some hard hitting defence drags centre Ben Helliwell into touch.

9 mins – A Ben Stead kick is well caught in goal by Brad Knowles-Tagg with the winger opting for a quick tap on the twenty.

8 mins – The Cougars win a penalty on their own line, Jordan Aitchison opts to kick into touch.

6 mins – ROVERS CONVERSION – Tom Hodson adds the extras. Cougars 0-6 Rovers.

6 mins – ROVERS TRY – The first real attack on the Cougars line sees Ben Helliwell link up with Nathan Harper, sending the latter crashing over the line. Cougars 0-4 Rovers.

3 mins – The Cougars have a shout for a penalty after a Rovers player comes from a closely offside position to halt the progress of Ben Stead.

KICK OFF – Jordan Aitchison gets us under way here at the Big Fellas Stadium!

20:02- Both Featherstone and Keighley make their way out onto the Big Fellas Stadium pitch ahead of this Championship Under 20’s clash.

19:54 – TEAM NEWS

Ten members of the Cougars First Team feature for the Under 20’s this evening here at The Big Fellas Stadium. Paul March’s currently settled first team means that Dean Muir has Craig Moss, Gavin Duffy, Rob Hawthorne, Richie Barnett, Ben Stead, Lewis Reed, Joe Parkinson, Ryan Patchett, Ben Sagar and Matt Bailey to call upon here at the Big Fellas Stadium.

1 – Craig Moss
2 – Gavin Duffy
3 – Kyle Akrigg
4 – Rob Hawthorne
5 – Richie Barnett
6 – Jordan Aitchison
7 – Ben Stead
8 – Lewis Reed
9 – Joe Parkinson
10 – Ryan Patchett
11 – Charlie Eccleston
12 – Chris Watson
13 – Ben Sagar

14 – Joe Lumb
15 – Ethan Hawksworth
16 – Tom Courtney
BLANK – Matt Bailey

Hodson, Knowles-Tagg, Holmes, Helliwell, Turton, Mackay, Pickerill, Humphries, Teasdale, Harper, Ormonroyd, McRea, Beddis. Interchanges: Jackson, Wick, Wright, Crowther.

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