Don’t Miss The Biggest Game at Cougar Park for 20 Years.

Sunday 7th September sees the biggest game at Cougar Park for 20 years. Cougars will be fighting for their right to play in next season's hugely re-structured league system and mouth watering derby games against Bradford Bulls. However, with 5 teams being relegated on Sunday as part of the re-structure, the Cougars are only 1 point above the drop zone and themselves, Batley, Whitehaven and Workington are trying to avoid being in the final relegation place. 

The Cougars match on Sunday is against Featherstone who are fighting their own battle for a 2nd place finish. Although they are favourites to finish 2nd Doncaster could steal the spot from them if they beat Batley and Cougars beat Featherstone. The cash difference between 2nd and 3rd place next season is £250k so both teams will be highly incentivised to defeat their opponents and, on the flip side, Batley and Cougars will be desperate to avoid the drop.

All of this makes 3pm at Cougar Park next Sunday the biggest game in 20 years. I am sure Featherstone will be bringing a huge following given what's at stake for them and I am sure that the Keighley Cougars supporters will turn out in force for what is going to be a thrilling nail biting afternoon. All Chairmen of sports clubs hope it's not going to be quite in this way as they seek a nice safe spot away from relegation trouble. Unfortunately we haven't got that at the moment!

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