Doncaster RL 30-12 COUGARS – Live Match Blog

Barrow Raiders 8-52 Leigh Centurions
Batley Bulldogs 36-16 Workington Town
Doncaster RL 30-12 Keighley Cougars
Featherstone Rovers 22-20 Halifax RL
Rochdale Hornets 12-42 Dewsbury Rams
Swinton Lions 16-30 Sheffield Eagles
Whitehaven P-P North Wales Crusaders (Due to Waterlogged Pitch)

FULL TIME – Doncaster RL 30-12 Keighley Cougars.

79 min – DONCASTER TRY – And the bonus point is gone as Nev Morrison touches down for the Dons. Sanderson converts. 30-12 to the Dons.

79 min – The Cougars being forced to defend frantically on the line to keep the bonus point.

77 min – Cougars scrum just twenty out from there own line.

75 min – Paul March is back in the sin bin for the second time this afternoon following dissent towards the match official.

16:32 – YORKSHIRE TIMES MAN OF THE MATCH – This afternoon’s Yorkshire Times Cougars MOTM is Andy Shickell.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (9/10) – Ross Peltier is back for the last seven minutes replacing Sean Hesketh.

16:30 – Today’s official attendance at the Keepmoat Stadium is 647.

72 min – The referee is turning this into a shambles now.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (8/10) – Jode Sheriffe is back to replace Lewis Graham.

70 min – Lovely offload by Jack Lee allows Marchy to break. Handforth’s kick is narrowly long of Cosgrove’s fingertips.

69 min – Drop goal attempt by Paul Cooke… Misses by a mile.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (7/10) – Josh Lynam is off, Brendan Rawlins returns to the field.

67 min – Quick tap is taken by the Dons from the twenty, Andy Shickell is penalised for two high shots on Dave Scott. The touch judge is onto the field.

67 min – Worrying scenes as Jack Lee is left down in backplay, back on his feet now though and okay to carry on.

DONCASTER INTERCHANGE (8/10) – Craig Robinson is back in place off Mick Kelly.

65 min – Andy Shickell powers through the Doncaster line, Tiger is forced to kick however as it is the last tackle.

63 min – The referee rules that a Cougars player, I believe Elliot Cosgrove threw an elbow in there. Dons penalty.

DONCASTER INTERCHANGE (7/10) – Double for the Dons. Kesik replaces Spaven, Spiers replaces Carbutt.

61 min – COUGARS TRY – Paul White catches a kick on the last and races the full length off the pitch to score. Handforth fails to add the extras. Doncaster 24-12 Cougars.

59 min – Ill discipline by the Cougars is now costing them more dearly thean ever, can’t see it being long til’ another sin binning.

59 min – And as I right that, Sean Hesketh knocks on. Scrum to Doncaster.

58 min – Two quick back to back penalties for the Cougars sees them twenty out from the Donny line.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (6/10) – Brendon Rawlins departs to be replaced by Sean Hesketh.

57 min – Paul White takes a quick tap on the twenty and is order to retake by the match official.

55 min – Penalty to Doncaster, Lewis Graham is getting a stern talking too by Mr Hewer.

DONCASTER INTERCHANGE (5/10) – Jay Pitts returns to take the place of Mark Castle.

54 min – Paul White is having none of it though and absolutely powers through Nev Morrison.

54 min – This is getting beyond ridiculous by the Cougars as another silly error grants the hosts a scrum.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (5/10) – Andy Shickell is back onto the field to replace Jode Sheriffe.

51 min – DONCASTER TRY – Wow Ash, just wow. Missed tackle by the debutant sees Liam Welham get in. Sanderson converts. Doncaster 24-8 Cougars.

49 min – Stupid by Richie Barnett on Mark Castle there. Dons now have a set of six twenty from the Cougars line.

48 min – Paul March and Dean Hadley are back onto the field from the sin bin.

47 min – Handforth’s kick on the last is too strong for Paul White and heads into touch.

47 min – Paul White has Nev Morrison hanging off his neck. How is the referee missing this?

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (4/10) – Lewis Graham is on for his Cougars debut, replacing Ross Peltier.

44 min – DONCASTER TRY – Lovely offload by Mick Kelly is touched down in the corner by Stewart Sanderson. The winger fails to convert though in the swirling winds. Doncaster 18-8 Cougars.

42 min – Nothing to report just yet, solid opening sets to the half from both sides.

KICK OFF – Paul Handforth gets the second half underway here in windy Doncaster.

15:55 – The sides are back out for the second half here at the Keepmoat Stadium. Cougars trail the Dons 14-8.

HALF TIME – Doncaster RL 14-8 Keighley Cougars.

38 min – COUGARS TRY – Paul White is in for the Cougars. Tiger fails to convert. Doncaster 14-8 Cougars.

38 min – Two Yellow cards are shown. Paul March and Dean Hadley.

38 min – AND BOOM! THERE WE GO! James Craven and a Donny player I can’t make out come to blows resulting in all 26 men getting involved. The officials need to discuss this thoroughly.

38 min – Fisticuffs at dawn sees the Touch Judges roll in from the sidelines. Doncaster have a penalty but following a discussion the decision is reversed. Cougars penalty.

37 min – Ross Peltier knocks on in the tackle, scrum to the Dons.

36 min – Only god knows what just happened by the goalline dropout somehow makes it eighty metres down the field.

35 min – Fantastic grubber by Tiger sees Mick Butterfield forced to kick the ball out into touch under pressure from Jode Sheriffe.

34 min – Daley Williams breaks, gaining seventy metres before being tackled by Mick Butterfield.

34 min – Paul White allows a kick to bounce before James Craven knocks the ball into touch under pressure from Dave Scott. Cougars get possession back from the goalline dropout.

DONCASTER INTERCHANGE (4/10) – Dean Hadley is onto the field for the hosts, replacing Craig Robinson.

32 min – Error in the tackle by Cougars forces a knock on, Doncaster scrum.

30 min – Fantastic kick off by the Cougars forces an error. Scrum Cougars.

DONCASTER INTERCHANGE (3/10) – Mark Castle and Scott Spaven come onto the field to replace Jay Pitts and Kyle Kesik.

28 min – DONCASTER TRY – Paul White taps Dave Scott into touch before he crosses yet the Referee awards the try. Sanderson fails to convert.

28 min – Doncaster awarded a penalty as they steal a ball in a two on one challenge. Doncaster have a repeat set on the Cougars line.

27 min – Daley Williams is penalised for offside. Doncaster now attacking on the Cougars line.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (3/10) – Jack Lee replaces Ben Sagar, who is carrying an apparent shoulder injury.

26 min – HUGE HIT by Elliot Cosgrove results in a knock on. Cougars take the advantage.

25 min – It’s a right knock-on-a-thon developing at the Keepmoat and it ends up with a Doncaster scrum.

DONCASTER INTERCHANGE (1/10) – Matthew Carbutt replaces Russ Spiers.

25 min – Right idea by Rolo, but a poor kick is too much to chase for Elliot Cosgrove. Tap on the twenty for the hosts.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (2/10) – Jode Sheriffe is on in place of Andy Shickell.

22 min – A wonderful chase down by Ashley Lindsay results in regain of possession by Cougars.

20 min – The Cougars are awarded a penalty, however from the set that follows Shick knocks on. Donny scrum.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (1/10) – Sean Hesketh is replaced by Ross Peltier.

18 min – Wonderful chase from Keighley forces an error from the Dons, the Cougars now have possession of the ball.

18 min – The restart from Danny Nicklas bounces over the head of Paul White and into touch. Cougars to dropout from under the sticks.

16 min – COUGARS TRY – A kick on the last is touched down by Daley Williams. Paul Handforth is unsuccessful with the conversion. Doncaster RL 10-4 Cougars.

15 min – Must say, I belive the Cougars should have had a penalty there as Andy Shickell is punched in the tackle by Mike Emmett.

15 min – Finally a little bit of luck for the Cougars as Mick Butterfield knocks on from the restart. Scrum to the Cougars.

13 min – DONCASTER TRY – The Cougars line leaves a gap open from which Mick Kelly crosses the line. Sanderson converts this time. Doncaster 10-0 Cougars.

11 min – The touch judge awards Doncaster RL a penalty on their own ten metre line, I belive the Cougars have been penalised in the build up.

11 min – Richie Barnett nearly touches down in the corner but the Dons force him into touch.

10 min – James Craven does well in the swirling winds to catch a bombing kick from the boot of Danny Nicklas.

8 min – Paul Handforth dummies his way through the Dons defence but is tackled short of the line but from a wild offload Josh Lynam knocks on. Doncaster scrum.

7 min – Paul White is ankle tipped as he closes down on the line, a scramble for the ball follows and results in a Cougars scrum.

7 min – The ball is spilled in the tackle, Brendon Rawlins is the lucky recipitent of the ball for the Cougars.

6 min – Sean Hesketh and Josh Lynam both chase down a Dons kick resulting in a repeat set for the home side.

5 min – The Cougars now have their first set off the afternoon and Ben Sagar is greeted by a monsterous hit from Russ Spiers.

2 min – DONCASTER TRY – Stewart Sanderson touches down from a cross field play. He then fails to convert his own try.

1 min – Some fantastic goalline defence by the Cougars in this first set off the game.

1 min – Not the best of starts in the wind as Paul March knocks on from kick off. Dons scrum.

KICK OFF – Danny Nicklas gets us underway. Cougars are attacking left to right for the first half.

14:58 – The Cougars and Dons are out onto the pitch here at the Keepmoat Stadium. IT’S COUGARTIME!

14:54 – The teams are back into the changing rooms. Kick off is moments away here at the Keepmoat Stadium!

14:46 – MATCH OFFICIALS – Today’s officials are as follows: Referee – Mr G Hewer, Touch Judges – Mr C Dean & Mr P Parker, Reserve – Mr R Thompson, Comissioner – Mr J Holdsworth

14:43 – KIT NEWS – Doncaster RL are in their traditional home colours of Blue & Yellow with the Cougars sporting the new Castleford Tigers-esque away strip for the first time.

14:39 – TEAM NEWS

The Cougars make one change to the starting XIII as Ashley Lindsay is in for his debut in place of the injured James ‘Buster’ Feather. Jode Sheriffe is in on the interchanges in place off the injured Scott Law with Neil Cherryholme losing his place in the seventeen to debutant Lewis Graham.

1 – James Craven
2 – Richie Barnett
3 – Elliot Cosgrove
22 – Daley Williams
5 – Paul White
14 – Paul March
7 – Paul Handforth (C)
8 – Andy Shickell
13 – Ashley Lindsay (D)
10 – Sean Hesketh
11 – Josh Lynam
12 – Brendon Rawlins
17 – Ben Sagar

16 – Jode Sheriffe
25 – Lewis Graham (D)
27 – Jack Lee
32 – Ross Peltier

1 – Mick Butterfield
2 – Stewart Sanderson
3 – Liam Welham
4 – Nev Morrison
5 – Dave Scott
6 – Paul Cooke
7 – Danny Nicklas
14 – Russ Spiers
9 – Kyle Kesik (C)
28 – Jay Pitts (DR)
16 – Craig Robinson
12 – Mick Kelly
13 – Mike Emmett

8 – Mark Castle
15 – Scott Spaven
21 – Matthew Carbutt
29 – Dean Hadley (DR)

NOTES – (C) Captain, (DR) Dual Registration, (D) Debutant.

14:35 – Good Afternoon from the Keepmoat Stadium as the Cougars take on Doncaster RL in Round Two of this seasons Kingstone Press Championship.

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