Craven joins Batley

The Keighley Cougars can confirm that James Craven, whos departure was announced a fortnight ago, has today signed with the Batley Bulldogs.

Craven joined the Cougars in December of last year from the Dewsbury Rams, and despite being troubled by a groin injury for most of the season still managed to make 23 appearances and scored 12 tries in that period.

The club would like to wish James all the best in his future endeavours.



4 thoughts on “Craven joins Batley

  1. Further proof that the Bulldogs will certainly be in the Championship for the 2015 season.

    I fear for the worst,!!

  2. I still think Gavin Duffy would have been a far better full back than James Craven , if he wants to come back we should grab him with both hands !
    I agree with the previous response , it would be highly unlikely for Batley to go to all this expense if they were not certain of staying in the Championship , it is almost as if they have had some promises from the RFL which makes our situation look pretty bad despite having a waterproof case for our staying in the Championship.

  3. Regarding Bryan Hanson’s reply.
    I entirely agree with the contents of his second paragraph ,the longer this situation drags on the more obvious it becomes,the RFL must think we are stupid.

  4. I agree with Danny jones in the keighley news what the rfl is doing is laughable, but at the start of the season we new the bottom 5 would go down, therefore don’t finish in the bottom five simple as that. If you lose 3 games in the last seconds another in the last few minutes, fail to turn up for the first 40 minutes on several occasions you expect to be the bottom five, you can’t blame the RFL for our failings.

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