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Keighley Cougars v Workington Town Live Match Blog by Joshua Chapman (@Chapalar) in association with A1 Stairlifts.

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Doncaster RL 24-16 Leigh Centurions
Keighley Cougars 12-16 Workington Town
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Whitehaven 40-34 Dewsbury Rams

FULL TIME – Keighley Cougars 12-16 Workington Town.

79 min – It’s all over barring something along the lines of a miracle.

78 min – Josh Lynam very unlucky not to win the race for the ball there.

78 min – Town in no rush for obvious reasons. Cougars looking to break to find the score to level or even possibly win.

77 min – COUGARS CONVERSION – Another quick one by Tiger. Cougars 12-16 Town.

77 min – COUGARS TRY – Marchy is in for a try on his return. Cougars 10-16 Town.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (10/10) – Judge replaces Paddy.

16:33 – Attendance – 823; Sponsors MOTM – Olly Pursglove; Yorkshire Times MOTM – Olly Pursglove.

TOWN INTERCHANGE (10/10) – Kris Coward replaced by Callum Rowlandson.

75 min – Shocking kick by Buster. Game over now for me, hopefully we can hold on to the bonus point now.

74 min – Cougars could get another score in the next minute or two here and it will be a real grandstand finish.

73 min – Cougars looking for another score to get the game really going. Great tackling and defence now by the boys.

72 min – COUGARS CONVERSION – Quick conversion by Tiger. Cougars 6-16 Town.

72 min – COUGARS TRY – Rawlo finally gets the Cougars on the board! Cougars 4-16 Town.

TOWN INTERCHANGE (9/10) – Liam McAvoy replaces James Duerden.

71 min – Marchy tries to score from the free play but is knocked into touch. Cougars scrum.

71 min – Mess up there by Tiger and Lindsay give Workington the ball back.

70 min – Grubber by Marchy is knocked into touch behind goal. Dropout to come.

70 min – Tiger breaks and is brought down eight metres out from the line.

69 min – The best Cougars could hope for now is a bonus point, and even that isn’t lucking likely despite the intercept and break by Craven.

68 min – Shocking by Barnett, Lupton intercepts and breaks only to be halted twenty out by Marchy.

68 min – Town penalised for crossing. Tiger kicks to tocuh.

TOWN INTERCHANGE (8/10) – Callum Phillips is replaced by Graeme Mattinson.

66 min – This is so poor by the Cougars. Cravo forced to concede another dropout.

65 min – Well they start by giving away a penalty to Workington for crossing.

65 min – Be interesting to see how Cougars attack now with the first choice forward pack on the field.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (9/10) – Paddy replaces Chezza.

63 min – Cougars penalty for obstruction. Tiger kicks to touch.

TOWN INTERCHANGE (7/10) – Daniel Rooney replaced by Jarrad Stack.

62 min – What is going on Cougars? The shocker continues and Shick has to concede the dropout.

61 min – Cravo spills the ball. Town have possession back.

61 min – Tim Roby finally decides to level the penalty count. Chezza wins a penalty after being the victim of a high tackle.

60 min – Ball goes out behind the sticks from a Town hand. Dropout to the Cougars.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (8/10) – Buster returns in place of Jack Lee.

59 min – Shick’s legs are taken post held. This time Tiger’s kick reaches touch.

58 min – Tiger kicks to touch and ends up giving Workington the ball back. Shocking stuff.

57 min – Sarcastic applause as Tim Roby FINALLY awards the Cougars a penalty.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (7/10) – Scott Law replaced by Ash Lindsay.

56 min – Cougars scrum ten out from there own line.

TOWN INTERCHANGE (6/10) – Liam McAvoy replaced by James Duerden.

56 min – Cougars spill and Town take the free play on the zero tackle.

55 min – Paul White collects in goal and races to the twenty for the quick restart.

54 min – Workington being held out on the line. If they were to extend there lead, it would be well deserved. Been on top since the opening quarter.

54 min – Cougars penalised for inteference. Town opt to kick to touch.

53 min – Workington win the ball back on the turnover.

52 min – Since conceding the first try against the run of play, Cougars have looked very poor.

51 min – Suspiciously forward pass there but it goes to touch. Cougars ball.

TOWN INTERCHANGE (5/10) – Rowlandson replaced by Coward.

49 min – Don’t know what’s really happening here, self destruction in attack by Keighley presents Workington with a scrum.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (6/10) – Shick replaces Paddy.

TOWN INTERCHANGE (4/10) – Jarrad Stack replaced by Karl Olstrum.

47 min – Great stuff by Tiger there, James Haley tackled short and from the pass out the tackle Tiger knocks on. Workington scrum.

45 min – Paddy with another one to Marchy, and Pursglove’s fantastic chase off Tiger’s kick traps Carter in goal. Town to dropout under the posts.

45 min – Where did that come from Paddy? Hesketh with a worldy of an offload out the tackle to Scott Law.

44 min – Cougars allowing Town to dictate the game. Has proved costly so far and no doubt will as the game continues.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (5/10) – Daley Williams departs with an arm or shoulder injury. Rawlo returns to the field.

42 min – Richie Barnett trapped in goal. Dropout by the Cougars.

KICK OFF – Tiger restarts the game here at Cougar Park.

15:53 – Workington Town and the Cougars return to the field. IT’S COUGARTIME!… PART TWO!

HALF TIME – Keighley Cougars 0-16 Workington Town.

39 min – Cravo manages to escape, Richie doesn’t. Cougars to finish the half with a dropout.

38 min – Unsuccessful conversion by Forber. Remains 16-0 to the visitors.

37 min – TOWN TRY – Cougars are in self destruct mode here. Tierney turns the Cougars inside out to grab his second. Cougars 0-16 Town.

36 min – Lupton’s kick over the top is spilled by McAvoy when it looked easier to grab the try!

36 min – Clever pass out the tackle by Liam McAvoy sends Callums Phillips.

34 min – TOWN CONVERSION – Forber adds the extras. Cougars 0-12 Town.

33 min – TOWN TRY – Jack Murphy in similar fashion to Tierney manages to score. Cougars 0-10 Town.

32 min – Shocker of a kick by Tiger. Straight out on the full and takes Jesse Sheriffe out in the process. Workington scrum.

31 min – Workington making some great metres here. Kick to Whitey on the last is well taken.

TOWN INTERCHANGE (4/10) – Callum Phillips replaces Graeme Mattinson.

30 min – Town restart on the twenty with a tap.

30 min – This long awaited set by the Cougars has seen them make a good sixty metres prior to the Tiger kick on last which reaches touch.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (4/10) – Jack Lee and Chezza replace Buster and Ash Lindsay.

29 min – Ball spilled, Cougars in possession with James Haley.

29 min – Workington held out short on two occassions now by the Cougars, surely only a matter of time before they score again?

28 min – And ANOTHER one. This time Scott Law and Sean Hesketh attempt the steal in a two on one.

27 min – Sloppy play here by the Cougars. Use of the elbow by Pursglove gives Town yet ANOTHER penalty on the line.

TOWN INTERCHANGE (2/10) – Callum Rowlandson replaces Kris Coward.

27 min – Cougars give away a silly penalty on the line. Another Workington set on the line.

26 min – James Haly with a great tackle there on Brett Carter.

26 min – Tierney breaks again for Town and his offload to Jason Mossop falls short and Cravo kicks into touch. Workington scrum.

24 min – Great take under pressure by James Haley there.

24 min – Brett Phillips is nearly away to score for Workington, luckily Scott Law is on hand to make the tackle.

23 min – Cougars look a little shocked by the opening score and Town make it to half way after only three tackles from the restart.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (2/10) – Paddy and Judge replace Shick and Rawlo.

22 min – TOWN CONVERSION – Easy as they come for Forber. Cougars 0-6 Town.

21 min – TOWN TRY – Great break and step round Cravo to score under the posts by Lewis Tierney. Cougars 0-4 Town.

TOWN INTERCHANGE (1/10) – Daniel Rooney replaces Karl Olstrum.

21 min – Town restart on the twenty.

20 min – Buster held up on the line. Last tackle, Tiger grubbers and Daley is oh so near to scoring but just misses.

20 min – Cougars penalty. Another set on the Town line.

19 min – Great ball steal there by Barnett! Cougars have the ball ten out from the line.

18 min – Workington awarded the penalty, not sure for what tough. Town scrum nethertheless.

17 min – Three men needed to take down Brett Phillips. Town kick lands at the feet of the Rocketman.

15 min – Marchy breaks and offloads to Whitey who’s tackled just short off the Town line. Tiger’s kick out wide to Barnett goes into touch. Workington scrum.

14 min – Good catch of the bomb under pressure there by Cravo. Nearly spills the ball though.

14 min – Tight affair so far, neither side giving much away.

13 min – Great collection in goal by Whitey from the kick. Cougars restart on the twenty.

13 min – Workington threatening to cross for the first score and are held short twice.

11 min – Ash Lindsay penalised for crossing. Workington opt for the kick to touch.

10 min – Buster’s grubbers is kicked out by a Workington foot. Dropout under the posts.

10 min – Cougars luckily escape a forward pass call.

10 min – James Craven looks for a way through and is halted by two Town defenders.

9 min – Penalty to the Cougars. Tiger kicks to touch.

9 min – Kick goes to touch behind the try line. Whitey restarts on the twenty.

8 min – Tiger kicks to touch. Workington scrum ten out from there own line.

7 min – Big hit up as Szostak attempts to tackle Shick. Cougars look to break down the left hand side.

6 min – Suspicious dump tackle there on Josh Lynam. Tiger kicks on the last.

5 min – Kick on the last is collected and Whitey threatens a breakaway.

4 min – Forber kicks to touch for the visitors. Now thirty metres out from the line.

4 min – Penalty to Workington for a high tackle by Tiger. Daley Williams receiving treatment in backplay.

3 min – Tiger grubber is collected by Jack Murphy.

3 min – Town try a kick cross field and it is well collected by Richie Barnett.

2 min – Jarrad Stack looks to break and is met by Rawlo and Olly.

1 min – Good first set by the Cougars, they make half way and Tiger kicks downfield.

KICK OFF – Carl Forber gets us underway at Cougar Park.

14:59 – Here come the two sides! IT’S COUGARTIME… PART ONE!

14:56 – EARLIER THIS SEASON: A last minute Josh Lynam try secured the Cougars a 24-22 victory despite trailing 22-4 with half an hour remaining.

14:50 – SPONSORS:
Main Match Sponsor – Datacable & Exa Networks
Man of the Match – NAC Building Services
Champagane Moment Sponsor – Napoleons Casino & Restaurant
Community Match Sponsor – University Academy Keighley
Teamsheet – Shipley College

14:48 – MATCH OFFICIALS: Referee – Mr T Roby; Touch Judges – Mr J Lowery & Mr N Walker; Reserve Official – Mr M McDonagh; Match Commissioner – Mr D Milburn.

14:46 – TEAM NEWS:

Danny Lawton, Ben Sagar, Jode Sheriffe & Luke Haigh drop out following the heavy defeat at Halifax last week. This sees Paul March, Scott Law & Jack Lee come into the side. Andy Shickell and Sean Hesketh swap places in the thirteen and interchanges.

1 – James Craven
2 – Richie Barnett
22 – Daley Williams
4 – James Haley
5 – Paul White
14 – Paul March
7 – Paul Handforth (C)
8 – Andy Shickell
9 – James Feather
12 – Brendon Rawlins
11 – Josh Lynam
33 – Olly Pursglove
13 – Ash Lindsay

10 – Sean Hesketh
15 – Scott Law
18 – Neil Cherryholme
27 – Jack Lee

24 – Lewis Tierney (DR)
3 – Jason Mossop
30 – Jack Murphy (DR)
12 – Jarrad Stack (C)
1 – Brett Carter
6 – Peter Lupton
16 – Carl Forber
8 – Kris Coward
9 – Graeme Mattinson
17 – Liam McAvoy
11 – Brett Phillips
BLANK – Alex Szostak
13 – Karl Olstrum

7 – Callum Phillips
15 – Daniel Rooney
18 – James Duerden
20 – Callum Rowlandson

DENOTES: (C) – Captain; (DR) – Dual Registration

14:45 – Good Afternoon, and welcome to Cougar Park for this afternoon’s crunch Championship clash between the Cougars, and Workington Town.

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