COUGARS 36-14 Whitehaven – Live Match Blog

Dewsbury Rams 11-10 Featherstone Rovers
Halifax RL 28-18 Swinton Lions
Keighley Cougars 36-14 Whitehaven
Leigh Centurions 52-12 Batley Bulldogs
North Wales Crusaders 34-16 Barrow Raiders
Sheffield Eagles P-P Rochdale Hornets (Due to Waterlogged Pitch)
Workington Town 12-22 Doncaster RL

FULL TIME – Keighley Cougars 36-14 Whitehaven.

Attendance – 1061
Sponsors MOTM – Josh Lynam
Yorkshire Times MOTM – Elliot Cosgrove
Napoleon’s Champagne Moment – Elliot Cosgrove’s TRY.

77 min – COUGARS TRY – Paul White touches an accidental Cosgrove kick under pressure down in the corner. Handforth with his hardest kick of the game… CONVERTS. Cougars 36-14 Whitehaven

74 min – Cougars are on the attack but the clock

72 min – Ade Gardner knocks the ball on. Scrum to Cougars.

COUGARS SUB (8/10) – Peltier returns in place of Hesketh. HAVEN SUB (9/10) – Larsen Marabe is on for Samir Tarahoui.

COUGARS SUB (7/10) – Brendon Rawlins replaces Ben Sagar. HAVEN SUB (8/10) – Culnean is on for Jackson

68 min – COUGARS TRY – The Birthday boy to Josh Lynam is over for a try! Handforth adds the extras. Cougars 30-14 Haven.


66 min – Samir Tarahoui is left for dead by the Cougars attack and is made to look a fool in the process.

HAVEN SUB (7/10) – Thorman departs to be replaced by Newton

64 min – Paul White tackles Ade Gardner out of play. Possession Cougars.

61 min – HAVEN TRY – Jessie Joe Parker is over for the visitors second try of the afternoon. Southernwood adds the extras. Cougars 24-14 Haven.

HAVEN SUB (6/10) – Tarahoui returns in place of Stephen Fox.

60 min – Moment of comedy as the referee falls over whilst chasing play.

COUGARS SUB (6/10) – Neil Cherryholme is on in place of Brendon Rawlins.

59 min – Penalty to Cougars as Paul March is held down.

COUGARS SUB (5/10) – Sean Hesketh replaces Scott Law.

58 min – Fantastic stuff by both sides but neither can find their way over the line.

56 mins – Handforth knocks on following a fantastic steal and play by Cosgrove.

COUGARS SUB (4/10) – Ross Peltier departs to be replaced by Andy Shickell.

53 min – COUGAR TRY – Elliot Cosgrove crosses following a fantastic offloading play by the Cougars. Tiger adds the extras. Cougars 24-8 Haven.

53 min – Daley Williams chases down a Haven kick and breaks only to be halted by Tom Carr.

HAVEN SUB (5/10) – Paul Jackson returns to take the place of Samir Tarahoui

51 min – Fantastic break by Paul White is halted by Jessie Joe Parker.

HAVEN SUB (4/10) – Jessie Joe Parker is on in place of Larsen Marabe.

50 min – Fantastic defense on the line by Cougars keep Haven at bay.

48 min – Brendon Rawlins intercepts the ball but Jack Lee is penalised.

46 min – Craig Calvert does well to avoid being trapped in goal by the Cougars defenders.

44 min – Haven kick goes into touch. Scrum to the Cougars.

42 min – Good opening sets to the half by both outfits.

KICK OFF – Tom Carr gets the second half underway.

HALF TIME – Keighley Cougars 18-8 Whitehaven.

39 min – Fantastic defence by Cougars forces a error by Tarahoui followed by a Thorman knock on.

39 min – Sarcastic cheers from the Haven support as the referee awards them a penalty.

COUGARS SUB (3/10) – Jack Lee comes on for debut in the place of Buster.

37 min – Fantastic play by James Craven to avoid being trapped in goal by Chris Taylor.

HAVEN SUB (3/10) – Neil Thorman comes on to replace James Newton.

34 min – Paul Handforth loses the ball on the line to give the visitors possession.

34 min – Some lovely offloading by the Cougars keeps the attack alive on the Haven line.

33 min – Penalty Cougars.

33 min – Lovely break by Daley Williams makes up some vaulable metres for the hosts.

29 min – HAVEN TRY – Ade Gardner shuffles his way through the Cougars defensive line to cross for the visitors. Southernwood converts. Cougars 18-8 Haven.

27 min – COUGAR TRY – Elliot Cosgrove intercepts and breaks before offloading to Paul March who crosses the line. Handforth convers. Cougars 18-2 Haven.

26 min – Haven scrum as Handforth’s kick goes out into touch.

COUGARS SUB (2/10) – Ross Peltier replaces Andy Shickell. HAVEN SUB (2/10) – Larsen Marabe on for Paul Jackson.

24 min – COUGAR TRY – Scott Law touches down a Handforth grubber. Tiger adds the extras. Cougars 12-2 Haven.

23 min – Haven doing fantastically well to hold out the Cougars attack.

23 min – Cougars penalty following another uneccessary defensive mistake.

22 min – Scrum to Cougars following a needless knock on by the visitors.

COUGARS SUB (1/10) – Scott Law is on for tryscorer Sean Hesketh.

20 min – Cougars awarded a penalty for inteference in the tackle.

20 min – Fantastic kick and chase by Haven traps Richie Barnett inside his own ten.

HAVEN SUB (1/10) – Jordan Hand replaces Paul Culnean.

17 min – COUGAR TRY – Sean Hesketh powers over the Haven line. Handforth adds the extras. Cougars 6-2 Haven.

17 min – Haven are absorbing a lot of Cougar pressure, holding out as Josh Lynam is just kept from crossing the line.

16 min – Samir Tarahoui lucky to escape punishment following a late shoulder charge on Paul March.

15 min – Lee Doran comes off the field to change shirts.

14 min – Lee Mitchell knocks on just two metres from the Cougars line. Scrum to Keighley.

12 min – Stephen Fox powers through a Richie Barnett tackle before Daley Williams kicks into touch for a goal line dropout.

11 min – Paul March wastefully kicks the ball into touch.

11 min – Handforth breaks the Haven line, Cougars now camped on the Haven tryline.

10 min – Fantastic ball steal by Josh Lynam. Cougars have possession and are awarded a penalty for offside.

9 min – Goal line dropout as Paul White is trapped in goal by Ade Gardner.

7 min – Good catch under pressure by Paul White from a bombing kick courtesy of Southernwood.

5 min – Solid first full set from the Cougars. Haven now have possession.

3 min – Handforth restarts the game from kick off.

2 min – PENALTY – Cain Southernwood opts for two and converts. Cougars 0-2 Haven.

2 min – Penalty to Haven as Brendon Rawlins takes Cain Southernwood out late from a kick on the last.

KICK OFF – Paul Handforth gets the 2014 season under way here at Cougar Park!


14:58 – The Sides enter the field prior to kick off this afternoon at Cougar Park, there will be a minutes silence.

14:57 – Today’s Sponsors:
Main Match – G Moore & Company
Man of the Match – Theakston Legendary Ales
Champagne Moment – Napoleons Casino & Restaurant
Community Match – University Academy Keighley
Teamsheet – Shipley College

14:55 – Five minutes until kick off at Cougar Park and the ground is starting to fill up nicely.

14:45 – Today’s Match officials are as follows: Referee: Mr G Stokes, Touch Judges: Mr S Kilpatrick & Mr I Scott, Match Commissioner: Mr G Kershaw

14:44 – TEAM NEWS:

1 – James Craven (D)
2 – Richie Barnett
22 – Daley Williams
3 – Elliot Cosgrove
5 – Paul White
14 – Paul March
7 – Paul Handforth (D)
8 – Andy Shickell
9 – James Feather (C)
10 – Sean Hesketh
11 – Josh Lynam
12 – Brendon Rawlins
17 – Ben Sagar

15 – Scott Law
18 – Neil Cherryholme
27 – Jack Lee (D)
32 – Ross Peltier (D)

1 – Tom Carr (D)
2 – Craig Calvert
4 – Scott McAvoy
16 – Stephen Fox
29 – Ade Gardner (DR)
6 – Chris Taylor (D)
7 – Cain Southernwood
19 – Paul Culnean
9 – James Newton
10 – Paul Jackson
8 – Samir Tarahoui (D)
12 – Lee Mitchell (D)
11 – Lee Doran (C)

3 – Jessie Joe Parker
14 – Neil Thorman
20 – Jordan Hand (DR)
21 – Larsen Marabe (D)

DENOTES: (C) – Captain, (D) – Debut, (DR) – Dual Registration

14:43 – Welcome to Cougar Park as Keighley Cougars take on Whitehaven in the opener of the Kingstone Press Championship campaign.

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