COUGARS 24-42 Sheffield Eagles – Live Match Blog

Live Match Blog by Joshua Chapman (@Chapalar) in association with A1 Stairlifts.

Dewsbury Rams 38-16 Workington Town
Featherstone Rovers 36-22 Swinton Lions
Halifax RL 48-6 Doncaster RL
Keighley Cougars 24-42 Sheffield Eagles
Leigh Centurions 34-22 Rochdale Hornets
North Wales Crusaders 14-26 Batley Bulldogs
Whitehaven 37-12 Barrow Raiders

FULL TIME – Keighley Cougars 24-42 Sheffield Eagles.

78 min – COUGARS CONVERSION – DJ converts. Cougars 24-42 Eagles.

78 min – COUGARS TRY – Scott Law his his second of the afternoon. Cougars 22-42 Eagles.

77 min – Richie Barnett does well to stop QLT breaking for the Eagles.

76 min – Paul White knocks on from a DJ kick when he should have scored, Eagles break and are now in the Cougars half.

Attendance – 927
Sponsors MOTM – Richie Barnett
YT MOTM – Ross Peltier
Napoleons Champagne Moment – Josh Lynam’s try.

EAGLES INTERCHANGE (8/10) – Tagaloa relaces Will Hope.

72 min – EAGLES CONVERSION – Brambani converts. Cougars 18-42 Eagles.

72 min – EAGLES TRY – Matt Garside is over following a Jordan Burke break. Cougars 18-40 Eagles.

EAGLES INTERCHANGE (7/10) – Gareth Owen is back in place of James Davey.

66 min – COUGARS CONVERSION – Danny Jones converts with ease. Cougars 18-36 Eagles.

66 min – COUGARS TRY – The Shicky Monster, Andy Shickell, powers over the line. Cougars 16-36 Eagles.

65 min – Paul White puts too much on his chip over the top and it reaches touch.

64 min – This game is over and dying out. The referee has done his best to ruin it, he’s succeded.

61 min – Knock on by Brendon Rawlins. Eagles scrum.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (8/10) – Jack Lee is replaced by Luke Haigh.

60 min – Referee with a shocker as the Eagles escape a knock on.

59 min – Jesse Sheriffe does well to stop a Brambani kick going out for a 40/20.

58 min – Paul White has a try ruled out for a knock on.

56 min – Richie Barnett collects from a Brambani cross field kick. Cougars have the ball back.

EAGLES INTERCHANGE (6/10) – Straugheir replaces Knowles for the visitors.

55 min – Kick and chase by the Eagles but the Cougars hold out well.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (7/10) – Sean Hesketh replaces Neil Cherryholme.

53 min – EAGLES CONVERSION – Brambani kicks the two. Cougars 12-36 Eagles.

53 min – EAGLES TRY – Pat Walker scores from a lovely Yere flick. Cougars 12-34 Eagles.

COUGARS INTERCHANGES (6/10) – Scott Law and Andy Shickell return, Jode Sheriffe and Ross Peltier depart.

50 min – EAGLES CONVERSION – Brambani converts with ease. Cougars 12-30 Eagles.

50 min – EAGLES TRY – QLT breaks the line and is in under the posts. Cougars 12-28 Eagles.

49 min – Knock on, very sloppy. Eagles scrum.

48 min – COUGARS CONVERSION – DJ adds the two. Cougars 12-24 Eagles.

48 min – COUGARS TRY – Wonderful kick by Jack Lee is split by Turner and touched down by Lynam. Cougars 10-24 Eagles.

46 min – Cougars finally have a set of six this half and are looking good for the try with Peltier and Lee both being held out.

45 min – EAGLES CONVERSION – Brambani converts for the Eagles. Cougars 6-24 Eagles.

45 min – EAGLES TRY – Forward by a sodding mile but Yere is in. Cougars 6-22 Eagles.

42 min – EAGLES TRY – Scott Turner avoids a Whitey tackle to get over in the corner. Brambani unsuccessful. Cougars 6-18 Eagles.

KICK OFF – The Eagles and Cougars are back for the second half. And we’re underway! Eagles lead 14-6.

HALF TIME – Keighley Cougars 6-14 Sheffield Eagles.

39 min – How the ref hasn’t given us a penalty shocks me.

37 min – The big man Ross Peltier is held up over the line. Eagles turnover.

EAGLES INTERCHANGE (5/10) – Tagaloa is off, replaced by Lillycrop

35 min – What a break by Jordan Burke! But from the resulting passage of play, QLT knocks on yet again. Cougars scrum.

34 min – Great kick and chase from the Cougars prevents QLT from breaking away and the full back knocks on from the following tackle.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (4/10) – Neil Cherryholme and Jack Lee is on in place of Andy Shickell and Luke Haigh.

32 min – And Tigers kick on the last is well caught and returned by Scott Turner.

31 min – Great stuff by the Cougars. The Eagles hold strong though.

EAGLES INTERCHANGE (4/10) – Matt Garside is on in place of Duane Straugheir.

30 min – Pathetic knock on by Luke Haigh. Eagles have the ball back.

29 min – Wild offload is caught by Jesse Sheriffe. Referee waves back to one.

29 min – Ross Peltier is nearly over. Great defence by the Eagles.

28 min – Jesse Sheriffe wins a penalty. Cougars with a set of six on the Eagels line.

27 min – Going to take more than three from the Eagles to get the big man Peltier down.

EAGLES INTERCHANGE (3/10) – Ex-Cougar James Davey replaces Salford loanee Gareth Owen.

25 min – Sloppy knock on by Elliot Cosgrove. Eagles scrum.

25 min – Knock on by Jordan Burke. Cougars scrum.

EAGLES INTERCHANGE (2/10) – Tagaloa is on for captain Mitchell Stringer.

24 min – Great attacking kick by the Cougars, Eagles do well to return.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (2/10) – Jode Sheriffe replaces the tryscorer Scott Law.

23 min – Ironic Cheers fill Cougar Park as the official FINALLY spots a forward pass.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (1/10) – Ross Peltier is on for Sean Hesketh.

21 min – EAGLES TRY – Michael Knowles nearly knocks on the offload but keeps it and touches it down. Brambani misses the conversion. Cougars 6-14 Eagles.

19 min – Eagles on the break but Cougars do well to hold out.

EAGLES INTERCHANGE (1/10) – Jordan Burke is on from Tom Lillycrop.

17 min – EAGLES CONVERSION – Brambani converts. Cougars 6-10 Eagles.

17 min – EAGLES TRY – Rolo misses a tackle on Straugheir and the centre sends QLT in for the Eagles. Cougars 6-8 Eagles.

14 min – Tiger knocks on from the restart, Eagles nearly over from the free play but Josh Lynam collects and keeps out of touch. Great stuff by the young second rower!

14 min – COUGARS CONVERSION – Danny Jones adds the two. Cougars 6-4 Eagles.

13 min – COUGARS TRY – Bomb by Danny Jones lands in goal and Scott Law somehow touches the ball down. Cougars 4-4 Eagles.

12 min – Another knock on by Gareth Owen, Cougars scrum.

10 min – After a shocker of a scrum, Gareth Owen spills the ball in the ruck. Cougars scrum.

8 min – The referee misses ANOTHER FORWARD PASS. The Specsavers sponsorship is irony at it’s finest.

7 min – Marchy must have just blown a fuse as the ball is thrown away on the line. Eagles ball.

6 min – The referee finally gives something Cougars way. Twice. Cougars now in the Eagles half.

5 min – Shocker by the referee gives the Eagles a penalty twenty metres from the Cougars line.

4 min – Dominic Brambani is unsuccesful with the conversion. 0-4.

4 min – EAGLES TRY – Duane Straugheir is over from the play the ball. Cougars 0-4 Eagles.

3 min – Fantastic stuff by Scott Law to prevent Will Hope going over for the Eagles.

2 min – Paul White collects a Tiger kick and would have been in, if he hadn’t of knocked on.

1 min – Fantastic hit by Sean Hesketh forces an Eagles error, possession to the Cougars.

15:02 – IT’S COUGARTIME! The teams are out for this afternoon’s fixture.

14:57 – TEAM NEWS:

James Craven (Groin Strain), Ash Lindsay (Broken Leg) and Lewis Graham drop out, replaced by Jesse Sheriffe, Scott Law and Ross Peltier.

21 – Jesse Sheriffe
2 – Richie Barnett
3 – Elliot Cosgrove
19 – Danny Lawton
5 – Paul White
6 – Danny Jones
7 – Paul Handforth (C)
8 – Andy Shickell
BLANK – Luke Haigh
10 – Sean Hesketh
11 – Josh Lynam
12 – Brendan Rawlins
15 – Scott Law

16 – Jode Sheriffe
18 – Neil Cherryholme
27 – Jack Lee
32 – Ross Peltier

1 – Quentin Laulu-Togagae
2 – Scott Turner
3 – Menzie Yere
16 – Duane Straugheir
5 – Misi Taulapapa
6 – Pat Walker
7 – Dominic Brambani
18 – Tom Lillycrop
24 – Gareth Owen (L)
10 – Mitchell Stringer (C)
11 – Michael Knowles
12 – Peter Green
22 – Will Hope (L)

4 – Lelauloto Tagaloa
14 – James Davey
15 – Matt Garside
26 – Jordan Burke (L)

DENOTES – (C) Captain, (L) Loan.

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  1. Why was Keith Senior allowed so much time on the field of play ? Twice he was Guilty of obstruction. one wag said He spent more time on the field than when he was playing.

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