COUGARS v Rams – Live Match Blog

FULL TIME – Keighley Cougars 12-20 Dewsbury Rams.

79 min – Penalty to the Rams as the hooter sounds.

21:35 – MOTM is James ‘Buster’ Feather, Josh Lynam takes the Champagne Moment with an attendance of 357.

77 min – COUGARS TRY – Josh Lynam gets over the line. Handforth adds the extras. Cougars 12-20 Rams.

76 min – Scrum to the Cougars from a penalty, wasted, now a scrum to the Rams.

74 min – Joel Farrell throws some elbows to Sean Kelly in the tackle. Missed by the referee.

73 min – Who would be a linesman eh? Some more sloppy officiating sees the Rams keep the ball alive from a knock on.

69 min – RAMS TRY – Jason Maranka goes in from a Shaun Robinson pass. Kieran Hyde adds the extras. Cougars 6-20 Rams.

64 min – Offside, Forward Passes, Knock ons and the referee misses the lot. Luckily the crowd gave him a reminder and now it’s a Cougars scrum.

61 min – Ashley Lindsay is down injured in back play.

60 min – Knock on by Josh Lynam. Scrum to the Rams.

58 min – Cougars penalty for a wreckless high shot on Paul Handforth.

56 min – Penalty to the Cougars is wasted as Dewsbury retiliate with some aggressive defending.

55 min – Jordan Aitchison comes on to much ribbing from Dave in the Press Box.

52 min – RAMS TRY – Shaun Robinson takes advantage of some sloppy Cougars defending to get over once again. Hyde adds the extras. Cougars 6-14 Rams.

49 min – RAMS TRY – Matthew Haggarty plays in Greg Scott. The conversion is unsuccessfuly kicked by Kieran Hyde. Cougars 6-8 Rams.

48 min – Knock-on-a-thon in the attack leads to a Dewsbury scrum.

46 min – Buster is held up over the line.

44 min – The fuse has finally blown after a half of tension. Tommy Gallagher and we believe, James Craven come to blows in the tackle. Penalty to the Cougars.

42 min – James Craven has been taken on in back play by Tonm Lillycrop. Referee misses it.

41 min – Scrum to the Cougars from a Rams knock on.

KICK OFF – The Second Half is underway here at Cougar Park.

HALF TIME – Keighley Cougars 6-4 Dewsbury Rams

39 min – COUGARS TRY – Paul Handforth’s esquisite pass to Sean Hekseth sees the big Irishman power over for the try. Ben Stead adds the extras. Cougars 6-4 Rams

37 min – Goal line dropout to come from the Rams as Gavin Duffy forces Scott Hale to knock the ball out into touch.

35 min – Penalty to the Cougars as Tommy Gallagher is penalised for holding down in the tackle.

33 min – Kick & Chase by Dewsbury Rams is halted by a fantastic mid air catch by Ben Stead.

31 min – Disallowed try against Kieran Hyde for an Aaron Brown knock on earlier in the move.

30 min – The Referee continues his hoor show with another poor decision against the Cougars.

28 min – COUGARS SUB – Josh Lynam replaces Jack Lee.

26 min – Bizzare penalty against Neil Cherryholme given by the referee.

24 min – COUGARS SUBS – Jode Sheriffe & Andy Shickell depart to be replaced by Neil Cherryholme & Ryan Patchett.

22 min – The referee penalises Buster for interference when it was clearly a knock on from Gavin Duffy.

19 min – Richie Barnett goes into touch as he goes over in the corner. Possession back to Dewsbury.

18 min – Penalty to the Cougars following a late challenge by Joel Farrell.

18 min – Callan Beckett goes off the field with an injury.

17 min – Jack Lee knocks on as he makes a run for the tryline. Rams Scrum.

15 min – Richie Barnett knocks on as he makes a break for the tryline. Referee rules a steal. Cougars Scrum.

13 min – Scrum to the Cougars following a knock on by Joel Farrell.

10 min – Controversial knock on given by the match official. Scrum to the Rams.

8 min – RAMS TRY – Rams attack from a penalty against Daley Williams. Jordan Grayshon powers over. Conversion by Elliot. Cougars 0-4 Rams.

6 min – Kick & Chase by the Rams pressures James Craven into knocking the ball out for a goal line dropout.

4 min – Kick & Chase by the Cougars proves unsuccessful and Dewsbury are on the attack.

4 min – Andy Shickell and Jason Maranka share exchanges in back play.

3 min – Knock on Elliot Cosgrove. Scrum to the Rams.

2 min – Knock on by Tom Lillycrop. Scrum Cougars.

1 min – Ash Lindsay knocks on from the kick off. Scrum to the Rams.

KICK OFF – We’re underway here at Cougar Park.

20:00 – The Rams & Cougars arrive onto the field… IT’S COUGARTIME!

19:59 – Tonight’s Match Official is Mr C Kendall. His Assitants are Mr R Dolan & J Lowery

19:57 – TEAM NEWS

1 – James Craven
2 – Richie Barnett
22 – Daley Williams
3 – Elliot Cosgrove
2 – Gavin Duffy
28 – Ben Stead
7 – Paul Handforth
8 – Andy Shickell
9 – James ‘Buster’ Feather
16 – Jode Sheriffe
17 – Ben Sagar
27 – Jack Lee
13 – Ash Lindsay

5 – Paul White
10 – Sean Hesketh
11 – Josh Lynam
18 – Neil Cherryholme
19 – Danny Lawton
24 – Matthew Bailey
26 – Ryan Patchett
30 – Jordan Aitchison
31 – Chris Watson

BLANK – Jordan Grayshon
18 – Shaun Robinson
19 – Callan Beckett
12 – Scott Hale
5 – Greg Scott
31 – Kieran Hyde
BLANK – Marcus Elliot
24 – Tom Lillycrop
16 – Josh Tonks
26 – Connor Nolan
BLANK – Jason Maranka
25 – Joel Farrell
15 – Tommy Gallagher

4 – Shane Grady
8 – Stephen Nash
10 – Ryan Hepworth
13 – Aaron Brown
14 – Ryan Wright
17 – Matthew Haggarty
32 – Makali Aizue

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