COUGARS 26-28 Leigh Centurions – Live Match Blog

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FULL TIME – Keighley Cougars 26-28 Leigh Centurions. Heartbreaking, Truly Heartbreaking.

79 min – Sloppy kick off by the Cougars gives Leigh a penalty on half way, surely it’s all over despite the lads best efforts.

78 min – LEIGH TRY – Adam Higson is in the corner to surely win it for the Centurions. Ridyard misses the conversion. Cougars 26-28 Leigh.

78 min – WHAT ARE YOU DOING MAN!? Referee awards Leigh a farce of a penalty. Leigh’s possession.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (9/10) – Neil Cherryholme replaces the bloodied Andy Shickell.

76 min – Danny Lawton knocks on trying to intercept, Scrum to Leigh and another set of six on the line.

75 min – Penalty to Leigh for a late challenge on Adam Higson by Daley Williams.

Sponsors Man of the Match – Paul Handforth
Yorkshire Times Man of the Match – Daley Williams
Champagne Moment – Neil Cherryholme pass for Jack Lee’s try

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (8/10) – Jode Sheriffe is on for Sean Hesketh.

16:32 – Today’s Match Attendance is 1309.

72 min – Bob Beswick knocks on, on the line. Cougars scrum, fantastic defence!

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (7/10) – Josh Lynam is back to replace Brendon Rawlins.

71 min – Paul Handforth kick reaches touch. Leigh have a tap on the twenty.

69 min – COUGARS PENALTY – Danny Jones converts the penalty! Cougars 26-24 Leigh.

68 min – Cougar Park holds it breath…

68 min – Back to Back penalties for the Cougars, both for inteferences in the tackle. Danny Jones opts to take the two.

66 min – Danny Jones fantastically collects and returns a Ridyard chip over the top. Leigh are being tested for the first time this campaign, and they don’t like it.

CENTURIONS INTERCHANGE (8/10) – Martin Aspinwall replaces Oliver Wilkes.

64 min – Keighley are penalised for a knock on, Scrum to Leigh.

CENTURIONS INTERCHANGE (7/10) – Sam Barlow is back, replacing Matt Sarsfield.

COUGARS INTERCHNAGE (6/10) – Shick and Paddy are back for Jode and Chezza.

61 min – COUGARS CONVERSION – Danny Jones adds the two! Cougars 24-24 Leigh.

60 min – COUGARS TRY! Jack Lee evades three Leigh challenges to touch down next to the post! Cougars 22-24 Leigh.

59 min – Cougars are awarded a penalty for a ball steal in the tackle ten metres from the Centurions line.

59 min – SO CLOSE! James Craven held out a metre from the Centurions line.

58 min – Knock on by the Centurions despite the appeals of a ball steal from Kurt Haggerty. Scrum to the Cougars.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (4/10) – Lewis Graham takes to the field to replace Josh Lynam.

57 min – LEIGH TRY – Despite the best efforts of Daley Williams, Adam Higson touches down in the corner. Ridyard slices the conversion. Cougars 18-24 Leigh.

56 min – Daley Williams is judged to have knocked on. Leigh scrum ten metres from the Cougars line.

55 min – Jack Lee’s grubber on the last is too hard and reaches touch. Leigh to tap on the twenty.

54 min – James Craven threatens to break but is stopped in his tracks by a fantastic Adam Higson tackle.

52 min – Gregg McNally and Ash Lindsay collide. McNally is just able to get back up, Lindsay picked up a hip injury but is okay to carry on.

50 min – COUGARS CONVERSION – Danny Jones adds the two for the Cougars! GAME ON! Cougars 18-20 Leigh.

49 min – COUGARS TRY – Daley Williams collects the pass, dodges one, dodges two and goes over for the Cougars! Cougars 16-20 Leigh.

47 min – Error forced in the tackle by Paul White, scrum to the Cougars.

LEIGH SUBS (6/10) – Tom Spencer and Bob Beswick return to replace Sean Penkywicz and Jacob Emmitt.

44 min – Daley Williams breaks the Leigh line but has the ball ripped from his graps in a two on one challenge. Cougars penalty.

42 min – Leigh start the half well but are well held out by the Cougars defence.

KICK OFF – Danny Jones gets the second half underway here at Cougar Park.

HALF TIME – Keighley Cougars 12-20 Leigh Centurions.

38 min – CENTURIONS PENALTY – Martyn Ridyard converts from bang in front of the posts. Cougars 12-20 Leigh.

COUGARS SUB (3/10) – Andy Shickell departs to be replaced by Neil Cherryholme.

35 min – COUGARS CONVERSION – Danny Jones converts with comfortable ease. Cougars 12-18 Leigh.

35 min – COUGARS TRY – James Craven collects a Jack Lee offload to touch down under the posts. Cougars 10-18 Leigh.

CENTURIONS SUB (4/10) – Kurt Haggerty enters play to take the place of Sam Barlow.

28 min – LEIGH CONVERSION – Ridyard adds the extras. Cougars 6-18 Leigh.

28 min – LEIGH TRY – Danny Jones pass is kicked eighty metres by Stuart Littler to be touched down by Ryan Brierley. Cougars 6-16 Leigh.

CENTURIONS SUB (3/10) – Sean Penkywicz replaces Bob Beswick.

24 min – Matt Sarsfield is over for the Centurions but the try is ruled out for a forward pass in the build up.

21 min – The referee restarts the game from the Leigh tackle and Adam Higson is a bit too small for the wild pass. Cougars scrum.

COUGARS SUBS (2/10) – Jode Sheriffe enters the field to replace Sean Hesketh. Jack Lee is on in place of injured Luke Haigh.

21 min – Luke Haigh goes down apparently unconcious, Ash Lindsay is in all guns blazing and fisticuffs begin. The ref stops the clock as the hooker recieves treatment.

20 min – Cougars trapped in goal through some fericous Leigh defending. Cougars to drop out from under the sticks.

CENTURIONS SUBS (2/10) – Former Cougars Oliver Wilkes and Jacob Emmitt enter the field to replace Tom Spencer and Martin Aspinwall.

19 min – Cougars are penalised for inteference in the ruck after a fantastic kick and chase led by Richie Barnett and Danny Lawton.

17 min – LEIGH CONVERSION – Martyn Ridyard adds the extras. Cougars 6-12 Leigh.

16 min – LEIGH TRY – Some quick offloading from the Centurions results in Tom Armstrong finding space and crossing. Cougars 6-10 Leigh.

15 min – Andy Shickell is penalised for inteference in the ruck.

13 min – Confusion is in the air but the referee rules it is a penalty to the Cougars.

11 min – COUGARS CONVERSION – Danny Jones converts from the line fantastically. Cougars 6-6 Leigh

10 min – COUGARS TRY – The rocketman Richie Barnett is over in the corner! Cougars 4-6 Leigh.

8 min – Paul White forces a knock on in the tackle. Scrum to Cougars.

6 min – Leigh lucky not to be penalised for a high shot on Ash Lindsay.

6 min – Gregg McNally offloads to Adam Higson but the ball reaches touch.

5 min – James Craven does well to escape the in goal area but a poor offload sees Lindsay trapped. Cougars to dropout from under the posts.

3 min – LEIGH CONVERSION – Martyn Ridyard converts. Cougars 0-6 Leigh.

2 min – LEIGH TRY – Bob Beswick is the beneficary of a Tom Spencer break and offload to break the deadlock. Cougars 0-4 Leigh.

2 min – Ash Lindsay is met by the hard hitting Tom Spencer, Danny Jones kicks on the last.

KICK OFF – Martyn Ridyard gets us underway here at Cougar Park.

14:59 – And they’re followed by the Cougars… IT’S COUGARTIME! PART ONE!

14:58 – The Leigh Centurions are at onto the field of play.

14:56 – The teams are heading back into the sheds, it’s nearly go time down at Cougar Park!

14:48 – Big Thank You to the Yorkshire Martyrs Cheerleading Squad who have provided this afternoon’s pre-match entertainment.

Main Match Sponsor – Friends of Phil Lund
Champagne Moment Sponsor – Napoleons Casino & Restaurant
Community Match Sponsor – University Academy Keighley
Teamsheet Sponsor – Shipley College

Referee – Mr C Leatherbarrow
Touch Judges – Mr T Owen & Mr J Ashton
Reserve Official – Mr J Woodman
Match Commissioner – Mr P Hewitt

14:39 – TEAM NEWS:

Player-Coach Paul March serves the first of his four match ban for questioning the integrity of a match official, his place on the interchanges is taken by Jack Lee, Daley Williams returns in place of the injured Elliot Cosgrove and Luke Haigh makes his home debut.

1 – James Craven
2 – Richie Barnett
19 – Danny Lawton
22 – Daley Williams
5 – Paul White
6 – Danny Jones (C)
7 – Paul Handforth
8 – Andy Shickell
BLANK – Luke Haigh
10 – Sean Hesketh
11 – Josh Lynam
12 – Brendon Rawlins
13 – Ash Lindsay

16 – Jode Sheriffe
18 – Neil Cherryholme
25 – Lewis Graham
27 – Jack Lee

1 – Gregg McNally
22 – Adam Higson
3 – Stuart Littler
4 – Tom Armstrong
15 – Liam Kay
6 – Martyn Ridyard
7 – Ryan Brierley
8 – Tom Spencer
9 – Bob Beswick
16 – Martin Aspinwall
11 – Matt Sarsfield
12 – Tommy Goulden
13 – Sam Barlow

10 – Oliver Wilkes
14 – Sean Penkywicz
29 – Jacob Emmitt
30 – Kurt Haggerty

14:35 – Good Afternoon, we’re live from Cougar Park as Keighley Cougars welcome the all conquering league leaders Leigh Centurions for this Kingstone Press Championship Round Four Fixture.