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Keighley Cougars v Barrow Raiders Live Match Blog in Association with A1 Stairlifts

Tetley’s Challenge Cup Fourth Round Results:
Batley Bulldogs 10-48 Castleford Tigers
Bradford Bulls 60-6 Oldham Roughyeds
Doncaster RL 68-18 Hemel Stags
Featherstone Rovers 66-0 North Wales Crusaders
Halifax RL 10-34 Widnes Vikings
Huddersfield Giants 16-17 St Helens
Hull Kingston Rovers 24-28 Warrington Wolves
Hunslet Hawks 27-10 Workington Town
Keighley Cougars 54-28 Barrow Raiders
Rochdale Hornets 22-28 Leigh Centurions
Swinton Lions 31-28 York City Knights
Wakefield Trinity Wildcats 6-60 Leeds Rhinos

FULL TIME – Keighley Cougars 54-28 Barrow Raiders.

79 min – Dalton Grant is over for the Raiders. Conversion missed by Shaw. Cougars 54-28 Raiders.

77 min – COUGARS CONVERSION – DJ converts. Cougars 54-24 Raiders.

77 min – COUGARS TRY – Richie Barnett is over in the corner. Cougars 52-24 Raiders.

15:33 – AWARDS:
Attendance – 823
Sponsors Man of the Match – Paul Handforth
Yorkshire Times Man of the Match – Paul Handforth
Napoleon’s Champagne Moment – Ross Peltier’s three drives.

74 min – Barrow try a short kick off, well collected by Shick though.

74 min – COUGARS CONVERSION – Two added by DJ. Cougars 48-24 Raiders.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (8/10) – Josh Lynam is replaced by Scott Law.

74 min – COUGARS TRY – Sean Hesketh powers in under the posts. Cougars 46-24 Raiders.

71 min – Game starting to die out here at Cougar Park. Seems both sides have settled for the final outcome.

70 min – RAIDERS TRY – Liam Campbell is over for the Raiders. Shaw fails to add the two. Cougars 42-24 Raiders.

RAIDERS INTERCHANGE (8/10) – Jack Morrison replaces Joe Burke.

65 min – Things could turn ugly here, both on and off the field.

63 min – COUGARS CONVERSION – Danny Jones converts. Cougars 42-20 Raiders.

63 min – COUGARS TRY – Ross Peltier powers over. Cougars 40-20 Raiders.

63 min – Great play by the Cougars to get up the field here.

61 min – COUGARS CONVERSION – DJ adds the two following the restart. Cougars 36-20 Raiders.

RAIDERS INTERCHANGE (6/10) – Scott Turner is replaced by Dan Toal.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (7/10) – Rolo and Jode Sheriffe depart. Replaced by Jack Lee and Sean Hesketh.

61 min – Play is stopped as Scott Turner is down injured and in need of medical attention.

61 min – COUGARS TRY – Brendon Rawlins takes on seven Raiders defenders to score, knocking one out in the process. Cougars 34-20 Raiders.

60 min – Penalty for a ball steal on Ross Peltier.

59 min – Penalty for a high shot on Ross Peltier.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (6/10) – Marchy departs post try to be replaced by the freight train that is Ross Peltier.

58 min – COUGARS TRY – And as I write that, Paul March scores. DJ hits the post. Cougars 30-20 Raiders.

57 min – Great play by the Cougars here, could see a try coming.

COUGARS INTERCHANGES (5/10) – Shick and Haigh return in place of Scott Law and Jack Lee.

56 min – Raiders trying to make there way up field but some great tackling earns Cougars the ball back.

55 min – Should have been a penalty for the tackle on Scott Law there. No surprise Merrick doesn’t give it.

54 min – Penalty to the Cougars, Raiders holding strong on half way.

52 min – RAIDERS CONVERSION – Ryan Shaw adds the two. Cougars 26-20 Raiders.

51 min – RAIDERS TRY – Great offload allows Andrew Dawson to score by the posts. Cougars 26-18 Raiders.

49 min – Another sloppy penalty given away by the Cougars allows Raiders some metres.

47 min – Great kick and chase by the Cougars but some silly play by Danny Jones gives Barrow a penalty.

RAIDERS INTERCHANGE (6/10) – Dan Toal departs bloodied, replaced by Mick Govin.

46 min – COUGARS CONVERSION – Jones adds the extras. Cougars 26-14 Raiders.

46 min – COUGARS TRY – Lovely offload by Rolo sends Tiger through who sends Scott Law over. Cougars 24-14 Raiders.

RAIDERS INTERCHANGE (5/10) – Michael Dengate & Dan Toal come on to replace Ian Mort & Liam Harrison.

44 min – Jack Lee ruled to have knocked on, looked like a ball steal from here.

42 min – Slow start to the half at Cougar Park.

KICK OFF – Tigers gets us underway for the second half. Cougars 20-14 Raiders.

HALF TIME – Keighley Cougars 20-14 Barrow Raiders.

40 min – RAIDERS PENALTY – Ian Mort converts the penalty given by Merrick. Cougars 20-14 Raiders.

39 min – James Craven is in only for Merrick to continue his poor form of last Sunday to pull it back.

38 min – Great tackle by Tiger to halt Dalton Grant.


35 min – Dalton Grant just manages to escape goal but the referee rules a knock on. Cougars scrum.

33 min – Cougars really applying the pressure now to the Raiders defence.

31 min – COUGARS CONVERSION – Jones adds the two. Cougars 16-12 Raiders.

31 min – COUGARS TRY – Paul White collects a lovely Handforth kick and shows up three Raiders defenders to score. Cougars 14-12 Raiders.

RAIDERS INTERCHANGE (3/10) – Brad Marwood replaces Mick Govin.

RAIDERS INTERCHANGE (2/10) – Andrew Dawson replaces Dan Toal.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (3/10) – Jack Lee replaces Luke Haigh, Shick is replaced by Jode Sheriffe.

28 min – COUGARS TRY – Lovely stuff by Tigers sees Danny Lawton go over. DJ fails to converts. Cougars 10-12 Raiders.

27 min – Liam Campbell’s kick goes out on the full, Cougars scrum.

26 min – Silly knock on by Danny Lawton from a Marchy kick. Scrum to Barrow.

23 min – Silly knock on by Richie Barnett. Luckily a forward pass kills the Raiders attack.

22 min – RAIDERS CONVERSION – Mort converts. Cougars 6-12 Raiders.

22 min – RAIDERS TRY – Liam Campbell scores after James Craven drops a bombing kick. Cougars 6-10 Raiders.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (1/10) – Scott Law replaces Sean Hesketh.

20 min – Great tackle on Danny Lawton by three Raiders defenders takes the centre into touch.

20 min – Great break by Richie Barnett and James Craven takes the Cougars to the Raiders line. The visitors are holding out though.

18 min – RAIDERS CONVERSION – Another great conversion from the wing, this time by Ian Mort. Cougars 6-6 Raiders.

17 min – RAIDERS TRY – Barrow’s first real attack of the half sees a Liam Campbell kick pushed back by Joe Burke and touched down by Dalton Grant. Cougars 6-4 Raiders.

BARROW RAIDERS INTERCHANGES (1/10) – Joe Burke replaces Jack Morrison.

15 min – COUGARS CONVERSION – Danny Jones converts with an excellent kick. Cougars 6-0 Raiders.

14 min – COUGARS TRY – Richie Barnett collects a Paul March pass and touches down in the corner. Cougars 4-0 Raiders.

13 min – Barrow under immense defensive pressure.

11 min – Tiger held out on the line, Marchy chip forces a goalline dropout.

11 min – Penalty for Luke Haigh after he has the ball stolen from his grasp.

10 min – Great defensive play by the Cougars earns back possession.

8 min – Sean Hesketh is over the line but knocks on. Turnover to the Raiders.

7 min – Great stuff by the Cougars forces a Barrow error and a penalty for a ball steal on Luke Haigh.

5 min – James Craven with a fantastic break from the kick return. Cougars now thirty out.

4 min – Penalty for obstruction. Great kick by the Raiders gives them a set of six forty metres out.

3 min – Good defence by the Raiders keeps out Luke Haigh.

3 min – The Cougars are awarded a penalty for a grapple tackle on Sean Hesketh.

2 min – Time is stopped as Mick Govin is injured in the tackle.

2 min – Great kick and chase by the Cougars. Dalton Grant trapped in goal, goalline dropout from the Raiders.

KICK OFF – Barrow full back Ian Mort has us underway at Cougar Park.

13:59 – Here come the Cougars! IT’S COUGARTIME!

13:58 – The Barrow Raiders are out for the game here at Cougar Park.

13:50 – MATCH OFFICIALS: Referee – D Merrick; Touch Judges – Mr P Grundill & Mr I Scott; Reserve Official – Mr C Etchelles; Match Commissioner – Mr C Hodgson.

13:50 – TEAM NEWS:

Cougars make three changes from last week. James Craven & James Haley replaces Jesse Sheriffe & Elliot Cosgrove. Scott Law drops to the bench for the returning Paul March. Neil Cherryholme drops out of the seventeen.

1 – James Craven
2 – Richie Barnett
19 – Danny Lawton
4 – James Haley
5 – Paul White
6 – Danny Jones
7 – Paul Handforth (C)
8 – Andy Shickell
BLANK – Luke Haigh
10 – Sean Hesketh
11 – Josh Lynam
12 – Brendon Rawlins
14 – Paul March

15 – Scott Law
16 – Jode Sheriffe
27 – Jack Lee
32 – Ross Peltier

1 – Ian Mort
2 – Scott Turner
26 – Ryan Shaw (L)
4 – Max Wiper
5 – Dalton Grant
6 – Dominic Speakman
7 – Liam Campbell
15 – Danny Jones
BLANK – Mick Govin (L)
18 – Jack Morrison
11 – Liam Harrison (C)
24 – Joe Bullock (L)
13 – Dan Toal

8 – Joe Burke
17 – Andrew Dawson
18 – Brad Marwood
BLANK – Michael Dengate

DENOTES: (C) Captain, (L) Loan.

13:50 – Welcome to Cougar Park for this afternoon’s Tetley’s Challenge Cup Fourth Round tie between the Keighley Cougars and Barrow Raiders.

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