Cougars Collapse Through The Trap Door

Keighley Cougars 24-26 Featherstone Rovers Match Review by Joshua Chapman (@JRCSport) in association with A1 Stairlifts.

A last gasp defeat at the hands of Featherstone Rovers condemned Keighley Cougars to not only a bonus point defeat but relegation into Championship League One.

At one point, Andy Shickell marked his final game in the red & green with a try underneath the posts to give Keighley a ten point advantage over the visitors to Cougar Park.

However, a sensational collapse followed when Shaun Pick from close range and two tries in the corner from wingers Jason Crookes & Ben Blackmore gave Rovers a 26-24 victory to send Keighley down from the division.

Cougars took the first points of the afternoon from the boot of Danny Jones when the Welshman successfully converted a penalty following an offside call by referee Joe Cobb.

A Shickell knock on immediately from the restart was taken advantage off, as from the resulting scrum, Gareth Moore worked the ball across the field before sending Ian Hardman walking into the corner.

The chop and change rhythm of the game’s lead continued when just minutes later James Craven somehow managed to power over to get the ball down despite being in the midst of a four man tackle from the opposition defence.

The frantic opening quarter to the game ended with Will Sharp earning the lead back for the side in purple as he took the ball and weaved his way round three of the Cougars backline to touchdown near to the uprights.

But, in similar fashion to Craven’s try, Elliot Cosgrove powered through to get the ball down despite being at the bottom of a man mountain with his first touch of the ball from the interchanges bench.

The first points of the second half came in the same vain as the previous half as Moore kicked Fev into a two point lead after Josh Lynam was penalised for taken a man out without the ball following a grubber by the visiting half back.

A Danny Jones grubber less than ten minutes later was fantastically touched down by Paul White in the far corner after he beat Crookes and Greg Worthington in a foot race from the ten metre line.

Then following Shick’s try two minutes later, the collapse ensued resulting in a defeat which ends Paul March’s charges three year stint in the game’s second tier.

Yorkshire Times Man of the Match – James Haley – The centre was like a man possessed from the first whistle to the last. The first man on the scene from every Danny Jones kick and chase, giving the Rovers backs very little room to breathe as well as making a number of crunching tackles when Cougars found themselves on the back foot.

COUGARS: Craven, Williams, Lawton, Haley, White, Jones, Handforth, Shickell, Feather, Hesketh, Lynam, Lindsay, Jode Sheriffe. Interchanges (All Used): Cosgrove, March, Law, Cherryholme.

ROVERS: Sharp, Blackmore, Worthington, Hardman, Crookes, Kain, Moore, Crossley, Ellis, Trout, Pick, Spears, Lockwood. Interchanges (All Used): Bussey, Hirst, James, Teasdale.

7 thoughts on “Cougars Collapse Through The Trap Door

  1. Should have won games like the North Wales match. Going into games to complacent not good enough. Every game should have been raised like the final match was. Ultimately, once again, history will show that Keighley were shit on by the RFL. What’s the point in playing to the rules if cheats, like Batley, prosper? Storm Red Hall because the powers that run the game have not a clue.

  2. Spot on, Graham Scaife. Should have been safe weeks ago but the fact that the greatest game is run by incompetent village idiots who constantly surprise us with the extent of their utter cluelessness is a real sickener. Kicked in the teeth again.

  3. I have also hopefully shown some support and ordered our tickets and a shirt , I fully understand and sympathise with the comments about Batley and the RFL but much as it hurts to admit it we were relegated months ago when we lost to far worse teams than ours , I think pursuing a legal challenge is a complete waste of money as there is no way, particularly this year, that plans will be changed ! I do think as an “old head” March should have been on in the closing stages to close the game down which is something we seem to struggle with. I do believe that Buster , Adam Mitchell and Matt Bramald would be a good coaching team . We’ll be back !!!!!!!

  4. Bryan, we were not relegated months ago at all. I acknowledge there were teams we should have beaten that we didn’t. However, we were relegated on Sunday and had the RFL had the balls to uphold Batley’s punishment we would not have been relegated at all. Batley won a game fielding an illegible player, not only that he scored the winning try. There are three points there gained by cheating. The legal challenge must be mounted because we are relegated whereas the cheats are safe….by a single point! You uphold the rules and the punishments for those that break them, irrespective of rule breakers not being punished in the past, otherwise we might as well all go home or all become cheats. The RFL have there favourites. Their patience with Bradford finally ran out, not before time. Keighley, Sheffield, Halifax are three clubs I can think of straight away that have been shit upon by the fools at Red Hall. It’s time certain clubs told RFL where to go and formed a break away competitive league. Otherwise all I can see is cheats continuing to prosper whilst those who play within the rules are the ones being punished.

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