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Keighley Cougars has the stated objective of giving as many people as possible the opportunity to play or watch the game of rugby league.

We need an infrastructure of committed people in our region to help us achieve this objective. So, we’ve created the Ambassador Scheme which is focused on the objective and will also make money for the club and the Cougars Ambassador.

What are we looking for
We are looking for people that are, or want to be, committed to the objective and the club. Ideally, we would like them to be either employed or associated with organisations such as schools, medium to large sized companies, community groups or are simply well networked in our region. We see our region as encompassing Halifax, across to the borders of Frizinghall in Bradford, through Baildon to embrace Ilkley and Otley and then moving all the way up to Settle and back down to cover Colne, Nelson and Burnley through Cowling to Oakworth, Haworth and Oxenhope. That’s a big area and a lot of people (over 250,000), so there’s almost unlimited opportunity.

What do we want the Cougars Ambassadors to do?
We want them to promote Keighley Cougars and the services it offers to the community and its objective, in particular:

– Promotion of the objective to give as many people as possible the opportunity to play or watch the game of rugby league
– Promotion of our FREE junior season ticket programme. ANY Under 17 is FREE to all home league games at Cougar Park forever. The free junior season ticket is available normally from one month before the start of the league season and then throughout the season until the final league game (it doesn’t apply to Cup games or play offs)
– Promote and pre-sell match day tickets to Adults, Concessions and Families tickets for ALL home games. These tickets will normally be at a discount to prices on the match day itself (season tickets are exempt from this)
– Promote the availability of playing rugby league in both amateur and semi-professional level within your local area
– Get people to visit our website, Follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook. The more people, the easier your promotion and selling becomes
– Promote and sell any of the services available from the Cougars including sponsorship, function suite hire, community rugby and the work the Community Cougars Foundation does

What’s in it for you?
If you sign up to be a Cougars Ambassador you will receive the following benefits:

– £2 for every match day ticket pre-sold (i.e. before match day) to any adult, concession or family (so if you sell 100 you make £200 every match)
– 20% commission on the net worth of the sponsorship sold (once the money has been received). The net worth is the total sponsorship monies received less any costs of sponsorship such as pitchside boards. These sponsorships must be new sponsorships to the club as at 1st April 2015 and 20% commission can be earned on renewals thereafter
– 20% commission for any other Cougars services sold
– A free replica top
– A heavily discounted season ticket
– Named on our website
– An End of Season Dinner hosted by the Cougars in thanks for everyone’s efforts (food free, drinks not!)
– Access to the personnel at the club (including Freddie!) for their events
– Free room hire at the Cougars for their parties/events

What do you do if you’re interested?
Contact Gary on 07817 707472 or email him at We’ll then fully brief you and get you signed up!

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