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I spoke to the RFL yesterday straight after the match expressing that we are feeling very hard done to.  Simply put, our Head Coach was found guilty of transgressing one of the rules of the game (although I looked at and analysed the video footage from one of the allegations against Marchy and could find no evidence that he was guilty) and he was punished with a 4 match ban followed by a 2 month stadium ban.  On the other side it is agreed that Doncaster and Batley broke the rules and fielded ineligible players one of which, Jacob Fairbank, scored the winning try for Batley during the game in which he was ineligible.

For breaching this rule Batley and Doncaster were found guilty and deducted 3 points by a disciplinary panel which were somehow, miraculously, reinstated the following week and, as far as we know, neither club has been punished at all.  There is no publicly available information informing us why the points were re-instated.  May I remind the reader that, when the same thing happened in football earlier this year, the team in question were thrown out of the competition!
Currently, we are seeking legal advice regarding this problem.
Gary Fawcett

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  1. Gary, please don’t let this lie. How can it be deemed fair that Batley, who broke the rules, reap all the benefits of staying up whilst Keighley, who played by the rules, are ‘punished’ with relegation to the league of oblivion?

  2. Go for it Gary, show the RFL for what they are. Once a cheat always a cheat always a cheat, wonder what the RFL would have said if you had borrowed Wigans first Team

  3. Yes Batley broke the rules, but so did sheffield and nothing got said to them, batley got their points back because other teams broke the rule last year and not one word was said to them! Maybe your gripe should be with the rfl and not batley we only did what any other team would do in their situation. (as you are now). Would you have been this sour if you had survived relegation…. I highly doubt it!!!

    1. please try and get your facts right. I assume you are referring to our signing of Uaisele from Featherstone. If you had looked in any rugby league publication you would see that Sheffield eagles were fully cleared by the RFL.
      In future please check before before making libelous statements.
      I suggest that Keighley also check before allowing messages containing incorrect information to be shown on a website that is open to anyone to see

  4. Indeed. Can’t let it Lie. We have been shafted many times by the RFL and it is now getting annoying. Marchy gets banned for two months for something someone else admitted to doing and Batley and Donny get away Scott fee for braking the rules and Keighley get punished.

    If it was Whitehaven in our position, I would still say the same. The RFL are indeed unfit for purpose, in fact they couldn’t organise a pre up in a brewery!! Keep the faith folkes.

  5. It’s not just Legia Warsaw in the champions league, its just about every competition in every sport sport that gets this right. FC Sion Swiss league deducted 36 points in 2011, Cape Verde World cup Qualifiers 2013 3-0 losses awarded against them. Alfreton Town last season in the conference premier deducted 3 points. Rugby union london welsh deducted 5 points 2013, leicester tigers 2007 deducted 1 point.
    Even Hampshire Youth Rugby League competition can get this right with rule 18.6 If a team plays an unregistered/ineligible player, then it will forfeit that fixture to the opposing team with a score of 18 – 0 against and the offending club shall be fined £50 and disciplined.

    If a youth league from outside the heartlands and get this right how can the RFL get this so wrong!!!!!!

  6. Gary ,
    Although I have publicly slated both yourself and Paul March
    I wish you and the club the best result from this issue ,
    Relegation is bad enough but for Batley to stay up when they have
    Broken the rules so openly is an absolute disgrace.

    Please keep the fans up to date via the forum.


  7. I wrote to the RFL two weeks ago regarding this and they replied that Batley appealed and subsequently appeared before and independent panel and there presented new information / evidence. The RFL told me that the decision therefore to overturn the points deduction was not theirs but that of an independent panel.

  8. I would have thought that the least thing that the RFL can do is to offer to let the club have some form of recompense by way of compensation for loss of revenue, due to not receiving Championship money ,certain reduction of gate receipts etc.,the total of monetary losses will be considerable. There is also the fact that we will be losing players,because of the situation the club will be in, it will be harder to attract quality players ,it just goes on and on. Anybody got any ideas?

  9. Didn’t doncaster play an ineligible player v use and he scored a try and they won the game by 2 i think might be wrong but. also to the point above the championship basically becomes part of the super league next year so they get even more money.

  10. The legal advice sought will clearly highlight the need for a JUDICIAL REVIEW of that second decision and this will need to be pursued through the Courts as evidently the RFL will otherwise just let matters lie. There is no publicly available information because the RFL are covering up the fact that this second decision was seriously flawed; in particular the so called ‘new evidence’ ostensibly presented at the second Hearing was not evidence in the accepted way at all and also other ‘Interested Parties’ (i.e. clubs such as the Cougars adversely affected by the reversal of the original decision) were not afforded representation at that Hearing or allowed the opportunity to present their own cases. Our club must not let this matter lie and on receipt of the obvious legal advice must pursue the issue to the fullest possible extent.

  11. I have not forgotten that Batley caused this problem. However, they exercised their right of appeal with the governing body whose incompetence has led to a huge mess.

    The only solution I can see is to allow both teams to compete in next years competition; even if this means increasing the league by one team.

    The decisive factor is that the final round of games was played in the knowledge that points had been restored to a team that had broken competition rules. The weekend cannot be replayed and a retrospective points deduction would not be feasible.

    This might seem like a simplistic view and one that might be convenient to the RFL. However, both clubs have got legitimate cause for complaint if it insisted that one team be relegated.

  12. I agree with all the points made above , I fear the RFL have made such a dreadful mess of this issue (as they always do with us) to save face they will delay any decision until the play offs are well underway , doing the right thing to Batley and Doncaster will then be impossible , the best we can unfortunately hope for is some meaningful compensation but I am not holding my breath !! Compensation will still not put right one of the most appalling episodes I have witnessed in supporting my team for over 57 years .

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