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Clarification Regarding Presentation Night

There has been some commentary about the presentation night due to the dining option upstairs prior to the presentations themselves.

The club decided to offer dining as the players requested it to improve the event.

Taking this into account we decided to charge only £20 for a 3 course meal so that it would allow the maximum number of people to attend.  However, being aware that some people may not wish to dine the club decided to open the Hall of Fame bar at 8.30pm to allow people to arrive in readiness for going upstairs just prior to the presentations starting.  This is in order that the diners can dine upstairs without the room being too full.

The decisions above were made to genuinely try and accommodate the maximum number of people and their individual needs.  Having discussed it further we will now run the Q&A from 9.30pm to enable everyone to participate in this.

So the revised running order for the presentation night is:

– Diners arrival at 19:30
– Three Course Meal from 19:45 in the Executive Bar
– Clever Energy Boilers Hall of Fame bar to be open from 20:30 for those not wishing to dine
– From 9.30pm Q&A with coaching staff and senior players in the Executive Suite.  Non diners will be welcome to the Executive Suite from this point
– Presentation to commence from 21:50
– Entertainment from 22:50 in the Executive Suite

To book your place for the meal, follow this link:

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