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Busters Testimonial Live Match Blog with Joshua Chapman (@Chapalar)

15:35 – Buster shows his appreciation to the fans with a few words following the final whistle. Thank you for the Last Decade James!

FULL TIME – Keighley Cougars 28-32 Busters All Stars. Great Game and a real enjoymnet to watch.

77 min – COUGARS TRY – Andy Gabriel, not even on the teamsheet is in under the posts. Ben Stead conversion. Cougars 28-32 All Stars.

15:29 – Dave throughs in the mention off the customary free try for Buster to the Cougars defence.

76 min – Wild offload by Ross Peltier collected by Karl Smith.

75 min – Cougars Penalty as Tim Bibby comes in high.

75 min – Ross Peltier now has five tacklers on him, still not going down.

74 min – A round of applause as James Haythornthwaite departs for the All Stars. Buster’s boys are on the attack.

72 min – Play has slowed down since Baz departed the field.

70 min – Cougars Scrum. Neil Cherryholme forces a knock on by Buster.

69 min – The Whole of Cougar Park gives Barry Eaton a standing ovation as he leaves the field.

68 min – ALL STARS TRY – Craig Moss completes his hat trick. Barry Eaton goes wide off the posts. Cougars 22-32 All Stars.

67 min – Scrum to the All Stars. Ethan Ryan knocks on the tackle.

66 min – Ben Stead races twenty metres to cross for the Cougars… Mr Merrick pulls it back for a forward pass. All Stars Scrum.

64 min – COUGARS TRY – Young Ethan Ryan worms his way through the gap created by three All Stars defenders to score. Conversion by Ben Stead. Cougars 22-28 All Stars.

61 min – The Big Unit Ross Peltier is halted by four All Stars defenders.

60 min – Knock on by the All Stars James Haythornthwaite. Scrum to the Cougars.

60 min – Great break at Snails Pace by Tim Bibby, stopped by a Luke Moorby ankle tap.

58 min – Great work by the reigning Cougars Player of the Year Oliver Pursglove to keep himself in touch.

57 min – Craig Fawcett breaks the Cougars line only for we believe, Joe Copperwaite to lose possession.

56 min – Scrum to the Cougars following an All Stars knock on. The sides haven’t switch ends this half which adds to the ever growing confusion here in the Press Box.

15:09 – 45 Players. 5 Different Shirts. 3 Different Clubs being Represented. Very Few players wearing the right number. Pandamonium.

53 min – ALL STARS TRY – Craig Moss is in for his second try off the afternoon. Cougars 18-28 All Stars.

49 min – Buster is through again, this time to be ankle tapped by Ethan Ryan.

48 min – Buster is through for a try on his testi… Only to lose the ball through a Ben Stead tackle.

45 min – Some good kick and chase going on in the last few minutes. Danger of becoming a Union game at this rate though.

43 min – COUGARS TRY – Sean Kelly powers over for the Cougars. Ben Stead adds the extras. Cougars 18-22 All Stars.

41 min – ALL STARS TRY – Ryan Smith scores from a lovely grubber kick. Eaton adds the two. 12-22.

KICK OFF – The Second Half is underway here at Cougar Park. Busters All Stars lead the Cougars 16-12.

14:53 – We’re lacking a ball, then we get three. Quality stuff from the Ballboys!

14:52- The Sides are back out for the Second Half.

HALF TIME – Keighley Cougars 12-16 Busters All Stars.

38 min – All Stars Penalty as Karl Smith is denied on the line by a High Tackle.

35 min – Cougars win the ball back as Chris Hannah loses possession to Josh Lynam.

34 min – Richie Barnett is left flat on his backside as he attempts to tackle Craig Moss. Great stuff by the little Welshman to fight off the Rocketman.

33 min – Luke Moorby goes into touch as he collects the kick from Barry Eaton. Scrum to the All Stars.

32 min – Cougars kick on last by Ben Stead, ball collected by Craig Moss.

31 min – Richie Barnett with a fantastic offload to Ash Lindsay to keep the ball alive.

30 min – Confusion reigns throughout who scored the last try. For now, we’ll stick with Craig Moss.

27 min – ALL STARS TRY – Solid Cougars defence on the line to hold out James Haythornthwatie but Barry Eaton’s crossfield kick is touched down by we believe, Craig Moss. Barry Eaton fails to adds the two. Cougars 12-16 All Stars.

26 min – Nathan Antonick breaks and is nearly through for his hat-trick but is halted by a Sean Kelly high tackle. All Stars Penalty.

25 min – Brendon Rawlins has a free run to the line but the referee pulls play back for a knock on. Cougars Scrum.

23 min – All Stars trap the Cougars in their own half, Ben Stead kicks downfield. Ball collected by Gavin Duffy.

22 min – All Stars Scrum as Karl Smith knocks Chris Watson into touch.

21 min – Scrum played by Ben Stead following a knock on by Will Cartledge.

18 min – Karl Smith misses the offload. Cougars Scrum, ball played by Neil Cherryholme.

14:23 – Myself and most probably Dave as well would like to thank Dean Muir for actually knowing which player is which to stop us looking like fools.

17 min – Barry Eaton kicks on the last, ball collected a played by Lewis Graham.

16 min – Neil Cherryholme very lucky to escape following a Shoulder Charge on Karl Smith.

15 min – Ben Stead restarts the game.

14 min – ALL STARS TRY – Nathan Antonick crosses for his and the All Stars second try from Barry Eaton’s crossfield kick. Eaton adds the extras. Cougars 12-12 All Stars.

13 min – Steady upfield play by the Cougars with Ben Stead kicking on the last. All Stars break with Gavin Duffy.

12 min – Penalty to the Cougars as Chris Watson is stripped off the ball in a 3 on 1 challenge.

9 min – ALL STARS TRY – From a Craig Moss break, Nathan Antonick powers over. Eaton with the extras. 12-6.

7 min – Game restarted from the kick off by Barry Eaton.

6 min – COUGARS TRY – Jordan Aitchison breaks the All Stars line to cross. Stead with the extras. 12-0.

5 min – Knock on from Brendon Rawlins on the line. Advantage to the Cougars.

4 min – Ross Peltier knocks on. Scrum to the All Stars.

3 min – COUGARS TRY – Jack Lee scores from a Lewis Graham offload. Stead Converts. 6-0.

2 min – From the scrum, Cougars are making steady pace forward. Neil Cherryholme with a poor kick on the last but Cougars regain possession.

1 Min – Gavin Duffy breaks the line before Matt Bramald knocks on twenty from the line.

14:04 – Well observed minutes silence in memory of Phil Lund. And Ben Stead get’s underway.

14:01 – And here at the Cougars… IT’S COUGARTIME!

14:01 – Leader of the Pack is fittingly played as Buster and his ALl Stars make there way onto the field.

13:58 – Your Referee this afternoon is Mr David Merrick.

1 – Craig Moss
2 – Matt Bramald
3 – James Haythornthwaite
4 – Karl Smith
5 – Gavin Duffy
6 – Nathan Antonick
7 – Barry Eaton
8 – Phil Stephenson
9 – James ‘Buster’ Feather
10 – Chris Hannah
11 – Oliver Pursglove
12 – Will Cartledge
13 – Brendon Rawlins

14 – Joe Copperwaite
15 – Danny Barrett
16 – Ryan Benjafield
17 – Mark Smith
18 – Chris Baines
19 – Jamie Stephenson
20 – Tim Bibby
21 – Chris Redfearn
22 – Craig Fawcett
23 – Ryan Smith

COACH – Paul Moses

1 – Jordan Aitchison
5 – Richie Barnett
4 – Lewis Graham
3 – Danny Lawton
2 – Dan Connell
6 – Neil Cherryholme
7 – Ben Stead
8 – Ryan Patchett
9 – Sean Kelly
10 – Ross Peltier
11 – Chris Watson
17 – Ben Sagar
12 – Jack Lee

13 – Ash Lindsay
15 – Scott Law
24 – Matthew Bailey
16 – Josh Lynam
N/A – Luke Moorby
N/A – Jak Adams
N/A – Kyle Akrigg
N/A – Tom Courtney
N/A – Ethan Ryan

COACH – Paul March

13:49 – Welcome to Buster’s Testimonial Live Match Blog, here are your squads for the afternoon.

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