Batley Bulldogs – Northern Rail Cup Play Off Round – Live Match Blog

APOLOGY: We have been experiencing technical issues here at Cougar Park since just after Half Time. These are being resolved as and when they can.

FULL TIME – Keighley Cougars 18-38 Batley Bulldogs.

16:37 – BATLEY BULLDOGS CONVERSION. Tom Hemingway converts his own try to end the game. Cougars 18-38 Bulldogs.

16:36 – BATLEY BULLDOGS TRY. Tom Hemingway crosses another fantastic Bulldogs play. Cougars 18-36 Bulldogs.

16:30 – BATLEY BULLDOGS TRY. Gareth Moore completes a full length of the field play. Cougars 18-32 Bulldogs.

16:27 – BATLEY BULLDOGS CONVERSION. Gareth Moore converts. Cougars 18-28 Bulldogs.

16:27 – BATLEY BULLDOGS TRY. Jason Walton goes through a gap to score. Cougars 18-26 Bulldogs.

16:23 – BATLEY BULLDOGS CONVERSION. Gareth Moore converts. Cougars 18-22 Bulldogs.

16:22 – BATLEY BULLDOGS TRY. George Flanagan barges his way over the line. Cougars 18-20 Bulldogs.

16:17 – Gareth Moore Conversion Unsuccessful. Cougars 18-16 Bulldogs.

16:17 – BATLEY BULLDOGS TRY. Ben Blackmore goes over in the corner. Cougars 18-16 Bulldogs.

16:12 – KEIGHLEY COUGARS CONVERSION. Danny Jones converts. Cougars 18-12 Bulldogs.

16:11 – KEIGHLEY COUGARS TRY. Jode Sheriffe takes advantage of the Bulldogs error to barge over. Cougars 16-12 Bulldogs.

16:08 – BATLEY BULLDOGS CONVERSION. Gareth Moore converts following a high shot by Buster. Cougars 12-12 Bulldogs.

16:00 – Gareth Moore Conversion Unsuccessful. Cougars 12-10 Bulldogs.

16:00 – BATLEY BULLDOGS TRY. Aydeen Faal finds his way over in the corner. Cougars 12-10 Bulldogs.

15:54 – Second Half Under Way.

HALF TIME – Keighley Cougars 12-6 Batley Bulldogs.

15:40 – Scott Leatherbarrow goes for the drop goal but is unsuccessful as Alex Bretherton charges the ball down.

15:38 – Ben Blackmore crosses in the corner for the Bulldogs but the try is disallowed following back to back forward passes.

15:37 – Wild pass by Paul March intercepted by the Bulldogs defence.

15:37 – Paul March held up over the line as he looks to extend the Cougars lead.

15:36 – Tom Hemingway stamps on Jode Sheriffe but escapes on punishment.

15:35 – Danny Jones comes away unpunished following a high shot on Ben Black.

15:33 – Joe Parkinson replaces James ‘Buster’ Feather.

15:32 – Danny Jones Conversion Unsuccessful. Cougars 12-6 Bulldogs.

15:31 – KEIGHLEY COUGARS TRY. Two quick offloads by Paul March and then James Haley send Paul White over in the corner. Cougars 12-8 Bulldogs.

15:30 – BULLDOGS SIN BIN. Jason Walton put in the Sin Bin for a reckless high shot on Sean Hesketh.

15:30 – Sean Hesketh returns to replace Joe Chandler.

15:26 – A poor pass by Danny Lawton is spilled by James Haley, Bulldogs regain possession.

15:25 – Andy Shickell and Jode Sheriffe come on to replace Sean Hesketh and Ryan Patchett.

15:23 – Danny Jones pass intercepted on the line, Ben Black races seventy metres down the field and offloads to Ben Blackmore who is halted by the Cougars defence.

15:22 – Batley Bulldogs dropout from underneath the sticks after a fantastic challenge by James Haley.

15:22 – Lewis Reed replaces Ben Sagar.

15:19 – Danny Jones Conversion Unsuccessful. Cougars 8-6 Bulldogs.

15:18 – KEIGHLEY COUGARS TRY. James Haley barges his way over from the play following the tackle on White. Cougars 8-6 Bulldogs.

15:18 – Paul White held short of the line.

15:16 – Danny Jones Conversion Unsuccessful. Cougars 4-6 Bulldogs.

15:15 – KEIGHLEY COUGARS TRY. Paul White crosses in the corner under heavy Bulldogs pressure. Cougars 4-6 Bulldogs.

15:13 – Incident between Paul March and two Bulldogs defenders is placed on report by Mr D Merrick.

15:12 – Cougars awarded a penalty after the ball is stripped from James Haley in the tackle.

15:10 – Paul White knocks on ingoal, Cougars dropout from behind the posts.

15:08 – Danny Jones kick off goes out onto the full.

15:07 – BATLEY BULLDOGS CONVERSION. Gareth Moore converts with ease. Cougars 0-6 Bulldogs.

15:07 – BATLEY BULLDOGS TRY. Ben Black finds a gap in the defensive line to cross. Cougars 0-4 Bulldogs.

15:05 – Scott Leatherbarrow dropout from behind the posts.

15:03 – Danny Jones knocks on in the tackle. Scrum to the Bulldogs.

15:02 – Bulldogs knock on following a big hit from Paul March.

15:00 – KICK OFF.

14:59 – Cougars Team News:

Danny Jones moves to Full Back with Paul White moving onto Left Wing. Scott Leatherbarrow returns from injury to take his place in Scrum Half. Jesse Sheriffe drops from the thirteen. Ryan Patchett steps into start along with Ben Sagar, an interchange at Dewsbury.

Lewis Reed steps up onto the interchanges. Andy Shickell drops from the thirteen to join Lewis Reed on the interchanges. Olly Pursglove and Scott Law both miss out through injury.

14:35 – Today’s Team News:

Cougars: Jones, Lawton, Haley, Williams, White, March, Leatherbarrow, Hesketh, Feather, Patchett, Sagar, Chandler, Rawlins. Interchanges: Shickell, Jode Sheriffe, Reed, Parkinson.

Bulldogs: Potts, Blackmore, Walton, Faal, Johnson, Black, Moore, Smith, Flanagan, Fleming, Bretherton, Walmsley, Lindsay. Interchanges: Applegarth, Hirst, Hemingway, Mullally.

Referee: Mr D Merrick

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  1. Couldn’t make the match today , too ill, fantastic to follow the game on the new Keighley website. Everything crossed for second half. come on COUGARRRRS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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