Barrow Raiders v Keighley Cougars – Live Match Blog

Barrow Raiders 24-14 Keighley Cougars
Doncaster RL 34-20 Sheffield Eagles
Halifax RL 40-12 Workington Town
Hunslet Hawks 4-34 Featherstone Rovers
Leigh Centurions 22-24 Dewsbury Rams
Whitehaven 20-32 Swinton Lions
York City Knights 16-34 Batley Bulldogs

10 – Swinton Lions
11 – Keighley Cougars
12 – Barrow Raiders
R – Hunslet Hawks
R – York City Knights

FULL TIME – Barrow Raiders 24-14 Keighley Cougars

79 min – Scrum to the Raiders after Richie Barnett knocks on, twenty from the line.

78 min – Daley Williams is caught from a fantastic kick and chase by the Raiders.

77 min – Paul March crosses underneath the sticks but the touch judge rules it out for a forward pass.

75 min – Buster gets away with a suspect knock on in the tackle to keep possession to the Cougars.

Yorkshire Times Man of the Match – Brendon Rawlins

16:31 – ATTENDANCE: 1375

73 min – Scott Leatherbarrow is closer to Tesco to the side off the stand than the posts with that conversion. Raiders 24-14 Cougars.

73 min – COUGARS TRY – Oliver Pursglove races over from a well worked move by Ben Sagar and Craig Moss. Raiders 24-14 Cougars.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (9/10) – Brendon Rawlins returns to replace Josh Lynam.

72 min – A Scott Leatherbarrow kick is well chased by both Craig Moss and Paul March.

71 min – Play has been slow and sloppy from both sides since the Mossop try. Cougars trail 24-10.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (8/10) – James Feather is on to replace Danny Jones.

67 min – RAIDERS CONVERSION – Kurt Haggerty converts from bang in front off the posts. Raiders 24-10 Cougars.

66 min – RAIDERS TRY – Nathan Mossop is in underneath the sticks after breaking the Cougars line. Raiders 22-10 Cougars.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (7/10) – Sean Hesketh is on to replace Brendon Rawlins.

64 min – A wild pass from the tackle is collected on the ground by Paul March.

64 min – The Cougars are under tremendous pressure. Doing well to hold out the Barrow attack on the line.

63 min – A great kick by Sean Casey lands in play but once again, Richie Barnett allows it to go into touch. Scrum Raiders.

62 min – Liam Harrison is halted by Andy Shickell, who connects with a huge hit.

62 min – A very quiet past three minutes here at Craven Park. Cougars still trail 18-10.

59 min – Turnover to Barrow Raiders after Joe Chandler knocks on, on the last.

59 min – Scrum Barrow after Richie Barnett unusually decides to let the ball role into touch.

58 min – Penalties galore in the last five minutes with dodgy tackles joining alongside with the knockonathon.

56 min – Knock on by Danny Jones. Raiders scrum.

55 min – Liam Harrison escapes unpunished for a high shot on Ben Sagar.

55 min – The Cougars are getting closer to the Barrow line. Being stopped by the Raiders defence though.

54 min – Raiders knock on from a scrum, scrum to the Cougars.

52 min – RAIDERS PENALTY – Kurt Haggerty kicks the two. Raiders 18-10 Cougars.

51 min – Andy Shickell is penalised for a high tackle on Jack Spencer. Raiders opt to take the two pointer.

50 min – Oliver Pursglove leaves us temporarily to change shirts due to a blood injury.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (6/10) – Andy Shickell returns to replace Sean Hesketh.

47 min – Kurt Haggerty penalised for showing Danny Jones a little too much attention.

45 min – Campbell kick well collected and ran by Richie Barnett.

44 min – A kick by Sean Casey deflects off Oliver Pursglove but Liam Campbell beats Josh Lynam to the ball.

43 min – Sean Hesketh loses the ball following a big hit by Brad Brennan. Scrum to the Raiders.

41 min – Failed 40/20 attempt by Danny Jones. Scrum to the Raiders.

KICK OFF – The Second Half is underway here at Craven Park. Raiders 16-10 Cougars.

15:53 – The teams are back out for the second half.

HALF TIME – Barrow Raiders 16-10 Keighley Cougars.

38 min – Danny Jones kick is well collected by Aaron Low on the Barrow line.

37 min – Penalty to the Cougars with the referee moving play forward ten metres due to dissent.

36 min – Scott Leatherbarrow fails to add the extras. Raiders 16-10 Cougars.

35 min – COUGARS TRY – A passing move is finished with Danny Jones sending the ball over to Elliott Cosgrove who crosses in the corner. Raiders 16-10 Cougars.

35 min – Raiders are doing well to keep out the Cougars.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (5/10): Ryan Patchett departs injured to be replaced by Oliver Pursglove.

33 min – RAIDERS CONVERSION – Kurt Haggerty adds the two. Raiders 16-6 Cougars.

33 min – RAIDERS TRY – Max Wiper collects from a Aaron Low flick back to cross just to the left off the sticks. Raiders 14-6 Cougars.

32 min – The Cougars just manage to hold out Brad Brennan on the line.

32 min – Penalty to the Raiders after Joe Chandler steals in the tackle from Nathan Mossop.

31 min – The referee pulls the play back from a free play. Scrum to the Raiders.

30 min – The Raiders are held out with Liam Harrison and Max Wiper held up short by the Cougars defence.

29 min – Penalty Barrow after holding down in the tackle by Paul March.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (4/10) – Paul March replaces James Feather.

28 min – The Cougars are having to absorb a lot of Barrow pressure on their own line here.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (3/10) – The Shicky Monster departs to be replaced by Sean Hesketh.

25 min – COUGARS CONVERSION – Scott Leatherbarrow adds the extras. Raiders 10-6 Cougars.

24 min – COUGARS TRY – Brendon Rawlins powers over from the penalty. Raiders 10-4 Cougars.

22 min – The referee is beginning to anger the home support with constant penalties in the Cougars favour.

20 min – Sloppy play by the Cougars is punished as Andy Shickell knocks on.

COUGARS INTERCHANGE (2/10) – Oliver Pursglove and Scott Law depart to be replaced by Ryan Patchett and Ben Sagar.

18 min – Danny Jones takes a well weighted kick from Sean Casey before kicking into touch and winning a scrum.

17 min – Bizzare scenes at Craven Park as a Seagull nearly collects kick off.

16 min – Conversion missed by Kurt Haggerty. Raiders 10-0 Cougars.

15 min – RAIDERS TRY – Wild kick on the Cougars line by Scott Leatherbarrow is punished with Adam Clay completing a full length off the pitch move to score the hosts second. Raiders 10-0 Cougars.

13 min – Collection in goal by Aaron Low and a quick tap on the twenty but the referee halts play to bring it back.

11 min – Joe Chandler loses possession from a Scott Leatherbarrow pass. Liam Harrison pounces on the ball to play advantage.

10 min – Penalty to the Cougars following a forward pass by Dean McGilvray.

8 min – Jack Spencer is stopped on the line before Sean Casey kicks into touch. Possession Cougars on the twenty.

7 min – With the scores as they currently stand. Hunslet Hawks will be joining York City Knights in Championship One.

6 min – The sides are exchanging possession on a regular bases with Anthony Nicholson and Scott Leatherbarrow kicking for fun in the strong Cumbrian wind.

5 min – RAIDERS CONVERSION – Kurt Haggerty adds the two. Raiders 6-0 Cougars.

4 min – RAIDERS TRY – Dan Toal breaks the Cougars line before offloading to Nathan Mossop who crosses underneath the sticks. Raiders 4-0 Cougars.

2 min – Play temporarily halted as Anthony Nicholson is down injured on the Barrow thirty.

2 min – Scott Leatherbarrow’s kick is well collected by Adam Clay.

1 min – Craig Moss is halted by a fantastic last ditch tackle by Aaron Low.

1 min – 40/20 by Danny Jones. Scrum to the Cougars.

KICK OFF – We are Underway here at Craven Park!

14:59 – The Raiders and Cougars enter the field. It’s Survival Sunday and It’s COUGARTIME!

14:56 – Your referee this afternoon here at Craven Park is Mr J Cobb.

14:50 – TEAM NEWS:

Following the defeat at home to Halifax RL last Thursday evening, Paul March has made changes for this Survival Sunday fixture. Jesse Sheriffe departs the seventeen to be replaced by Elliott Cosgrove with his brother Jode also dropping out to be replaced by Scott
Law. Judge’s place on the interchanges is taken by Ryan Patchett with Paul March dropping from Scrum Half to take the place of Sean Kelly on the interchanges.

1 – Craig Moss
22 – Daley Williams
30 – Elliott Cosgrove
25 – Joe Chandler
3 – Richie Barnett
6 – Danny Jones (C)
7 – Scott Leatherbarrow
8 – Andy Shickell
9 – James Feather
15 – Scott Law
11 – Oliver Pursglove
28 – Josh Lynam
12 – Brendon Rawlins

10 – Sean Hesketh
13 – Paul March
17 – Ben Sagar
29 – Ryan Patchett

7 – Liam Campbell
4 – Aaron Low
23 – Max Wiper
1 – Dean McGilvray
22 – Adam Clay
30 – Anthony Nicholson
21 – Sean Casey
27 – Jack Spencer
18 – Nathan Mossop
16 – Danny Jones
11 – Liam Harrison
12 – Kurt Haggerty
13 – Dan Toal

8 – Brad Brennan
9 – James Dandy
16 – Andrew Dawson
25 – Mike Whitehead

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