Announcement from the ex-Chairman

Dear Cougar fans and supporters,

Ahead of Thursday’s meeting I want to ensure that the fans have the facts.

Unfortunately the statement put out on Friday was untrue.  I haven’t been reluctant to sell my shares at all.  I have told a few people what the actual position is already, so I will now tell everyone where we are:

  • on 14th May 2018, in plenty of time for my impending resignation, I sent what I viewed (after discussion with Simon and Neil) what was the final version of the deal to pass the club onto them.  Simon came back to me with a requested change, to which I said fine please send me your proposed words for review, and, despite chasing them on many occasions since then, there was no communication back from them regarding the deal. 7 weeks later we are in July and nothing happened until yesterday.  Yesterday morning I had a discussion with Gareth Harrison, a proposed incoming shareholder, to try and resolve the situation we were in and we discussed the deal from 14th May.  It appears it’s now with the lawyers so I await a copy for review
  • on 24th May 2018, in time for my impending resignation on 26th May, I sent Simon and Neil the Companies House verification code so that they had the capability to appoint themselves as directors of the club.  Despite me pointing out to them a couple of times over June that they hadn’t appointed themselves, they have not to done so

I hope the meeting on Thursday goes well and the club moves forward soon.  I want to club to move forward.


2 thoughts on “Announcement from the ex-Chairman

  1. Enough is enough of ‘shareholders’! I used to be one (albeit my holding was relatively small) but I believed in Keighley RLFC and not what has happened since I organised a ‘bucket collection’ at the London Broncos’ game in 1995 to attempt to fund our case to gain Super League status.
    If we are now deemed to be a ‘Community Club’ then that’s what we need to be. Less of the back-biting and, if our former Chairman has lost money then ‘tough s**t’. He knew what he was getting into when he invested but, and it is a BIG BUT, I would still like to know the actual financial figures about who was paid what and when. Has our former Chairman taken any income, by whatever means, from the Club or has his involvement been on a totally voluntary basis as those who have gone before?
    Like many of my contemporaries, Keighley RLFC and the Cougars have been part of my, and my children’s lives for over 50 years, far more than our erstwhile former Chairman, so why does he think that he can call the shots?
    Standing on the terraces, we have always said that we need to breed new supporters as attendances diminished over the years.
    But who has most to lose?
    I look forward to any responses in case I have misunderstood the current situation when ACTUAL FACTS AND FIGURES are unavailable and have been hidden in the accounts at Companies House, as they have been for several years.
    So what has happened to ‘reschedule Thursday’s meeting’?
    ‘You’re right, Kemosabe – white man speak with forked tongue’ – Lone Ranger by Tonto

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