A Message From The Coach

This Sunday we will be looking to bounce back to winning ways after last week’s disappointing result against Whitehaven and it’s obvious that we need to start the first 10 minutes a lot better that we did last week.

I would like to concentrate on the news that Gary Fawcett has decided that he is stepping down as Chairman.

This announcement came as a bit of a shock to everyone this morning when the news came out and I am still processing the news myself.

Gary has his reasons for the timing of this decision and no doubt there will be some things to sort out behind the scenes as to the new structure of the board but as far as myself and the coaching staff are concerned it is business as usual regarding preparing for games.

Running a rugby club is a thankless task and you aren’t going to please everyone. I know Gary had his critics but he also had his supporters and I judge people based on my dealings with them and not by rumour or hearsay.

In my dealings with Gary he was very passionate about Keighley Cougars and had been extremely supporting of myself since I arrived at the club and I thank him for this.

Anyone who has been in charge of a rugby club deserves enormous credit because if they didn’t do it who would?

I think that in the last 12 months or so we have created some momentum back at the club and with the introduction of Garry Schofield attracting new sponsors there is some real potential for the club to progress and some innovative ideas behind the scenes to try and generate that all important income to not only retain but also bring quality players to Cougar Park.

I would personally like to wish Gary Fawcett all the best for the future in whatever he decides to do, thank him for his support and the opportunity to coach this great club.

Whoever takes over as Chairman is probably doing so in a better position than when Gary took over.

I hope to see you in your numbers at Cougar Park this Sunday and thank you as always for your support.

3 thoughts on “A Message From The Coach

  1. You have my full support Craig and I believe that what the club has in place at the moment will be sufficient to propel the Cougars to an upper level with yourself at the realm; I believe your own imput paramount and have thoroughly enjoyed the progress made on the field since your arrival. I am sad to see GF step down and we have him to thank for the degree of stability the club now enjoys, due entirely to his own hard work and perceptions as to what has been needed.

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